(英鏈) 醫學雜誌:合法化“出生後流產”,“嬰幼兒並不是人”

Medical Journal: Legalize ‘After-Birth Abortions’, ‘Infants Are Not People’
The Intel Hub
By Alexander Higgins
February 28, 2012

A paper recently published in the Journal of Medical Ethics says that parents should have the right to kill their newborn infants because infants are not people.
A paper in the The Journal of Medical Ethics, an international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in medical ethics, argues that murdering newborn infants should be legalized.
The rational? “Infants are not people”.
理由嗎? “嬰兒並不是人”。

After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?

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Ted Turner 催促全球一孩化政策以拯救地球

Virginia Ironside 會願意扼殺一個有病的兒女


Tool Time:巴赫曼擔心一孩政策

我有發言權:約翰荷魯威爾神父 一孩政策

警告!觀看此視頻會降低你的智商 [生育控制]



International Raids Result in Arrests of 25 Suspected Anonymous Hackers
The Intel Hub
By Madison Ruppert
February 28, 2012
Twenty-five alleged members of Anonymous were arrested in a worldwide sweep Tuesday, according to Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization.

Anonymous, which The New York Times characterizes as a “loose-knit … hacker movement” cannot actually be defined with any degree of certainty due to the fact that anyone and everyone can call themselves a member of Anonymous.

However, the group has become infamous for organizing and/or taking credit for a series of “hacktivist” operations where entities were deliberately targeted for attack.

In a statement, Interpol said that arrests occurred in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain by national law enforcement personnel who were working with Interpol’s Latin American Working Group of Experts on Information Technology Crime.

The suspects are accused of planning coordinated cyber attacks on various institutions around the world including the Colombian defense ministry and president’s websites, the Endesa electric company of Chile and their national library, and the websites of Spanish political parites, among other targets.

According to the Associated Press, those arrested ranged widely in age from 17-years-old all the way up to 40 and were the result of an ongoing investigation which began in mid-February.

Interpol reports that the investigation has already resulted in searches in 40 locations across 15 cities and the seizure of 250 pieces of “information technology equipment” and cellular phones.

According to police in Spain, four of the 25 individuals arrested were suspected of hacking Spanish political party websites and two servers in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic used by the group have been blocked.

They claim that one of the four individuals arrested was actually the suspected manager of Anonymous computer operations in both Spain and Latin America.

This individual, identified solely by the aliases “Thunder” and “Pacotron” along with his initials, would be quite a high value target if he indeed is the “manager” of such operations.

However, the distributed nature of Anonymous makes me suspicious of any claims that they could catch a “manager” given the non-hierarchical nature of the group and the fact that they would likely avoid putting any inordinate amount of power or information in the hands of just one person.

The four suspects spoken of by the Spanish police are accused of carrying out denial of service (DOS) attacks, defacing websites and publishing data about the police who were assigned to the royal palace and the office of the premier on the internet.

The mainstream media’s coverage of Anonymous has been marked with abject ignorance, but it appears that they have begun to grasp what the group is about and how it is made up.

“Anonymous has no real membership structure. Hackers, activists, and supporters can claim allegiance to its freewheeling principles so it is not clear what impact the arrests will have,” the Associated Press wrote.

The Associated Press coverage mentions talk of a possible revenge attack on the Interpol website and at the time of writing they reported that “the police organization’s home page appeared to be operating normally late Tuesday.”

However, when I attempted to access the page at 8:17 PM Pacific Standard Time on February 28, it was in fact completely offline as confirmed by several services utilizing servers across the world.

Anonymous has been around for quite a while now, although their activities have become growingly political in nature over recent years.

What could be perceived as one of their greatest successes, and thus humiliations for law enforcement, was achieved earlier this month when members of Anonymous were able to listen in on a conference call between the American Federal Bureau of Investigations, Scotland Yard and other foreign police entities.

The call, which you can listen to below, was dealing with the agencies’ joint investigation into Anonymous and similar groups.

ANONYMOUS Intercept FBI & Scotland Yard Conference Call #FFF

Anonymous doesn’t seem to be phased by this latest attempt to cripple the group, with one Twitter account claiming to be associated with Anonymous in Brazil said, “Interpol, you can’t take Anonymous. It’s an idea,” according to the Associated Press (I was unable to locate the tweet myself).

Indeed this seems to be something that police agencies around the globe are missing. Arresting a handful of hacktivists isn’t going to do anything, in fact, it will likely just embolden them.

If they really want to stop Anonymous, they’ll have to stop giving Anonymous a reason to do what they are doing.

Previously I have been critical of Anonymous and the related Lulz Security, or LulzSec, group due to the fact that their activities can be used by politicians to fight internet freedom.

Similarly, I see the Anonymous attack on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to be similar in its pointlessness.

The attack, carried out earlier this month, achieved absolutely nothing and only served to give more support to people like Senator John McCain who are pushing to give the National Security Agency and military more control over the internet.

If Anonymous really wants to make a difference I believe that they shouldn’t be adding fuel to the anti-internet freedom fire by carrying out attacks which are best characterized as “skiddie” or “script kiddie” attacks.

星島日報 –




國際刑警突襲“匿名者”駭客組織 逮捕其25名成員
2012-02-29 10:48:42  





以色列毀滅了伊朗的核武器計劃 - 維基解密的 Stratfor郵件

2012匿名大報復 - 黑客活躍份子被捕後國際刑警網站倒下(匿名行動中)

NASA確定了新的小行星2011 AG5威脅,在30年時間'可擊中地球'

Nasa Identifies New Asteroid Threat Which 'Could Hit Earth' In 30 Years' Time

It is 460ft wide and soaring through space - on a possible collision course with Earth.
它是的​460英尺闊及穿過太空翱翔 - 在一可能與地球碰撞的航程。
Nasa has identified a new asteroid threat to our planet and calculated that it could potentially impact on February 5th 2040.
The 2011 AG5 has already attracted the concern of the UN Action Team on near-Earth objects, which has begun discussing ways to divert it.
2011 AG5已經吸引了聯合國近地天體行動小組的關注,它已經開始討論如何將它轉移。

Asteroid 2011AG5 could strike Earth in 2040
小行星2011 AG5可能在2040年襲擊地球

Scientists Talking About How To Deflect ASTEROID 2011 AG5
科學家們談論如何轉移小行星2011 AG5


WAR with IRAN? You Decide.

以色列毀滅了伊朗的核武器計劃 - 維基解密的 Stratfor郵件


Tornado warning joplin brandon feb 28 march 1 2012
喬普林布蘭登的龍捲風警告 2012年02月28日至3月1日



多於50龍捲風 - 整個市鎮不見了!


America: the best government the corporations can buy?

Congress: "The best government money can buy"


Thousands of jelly fish wash ashore in Texas - mass animal deaths continue
數千水母在德州沖上岸 - 大規模動物死亡繼續

美國樣樣也是非法的 (長片)

以利秋的葡萄園 Autumnson's Vineyard

John Stossel's Illegal Everything

This Stossel special will blow your mind! The government, especially the EPA is out of control as well as local prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves.


Thousands Of Dolphins Flee California Coast 2012
成千上萬海豚逃離加州海岸 2012年

Dolphin Mega-Pod Makes Waves Off California - 23rd February 2012.wmv
加州外海巨型海豚群做浪 - 2012年2月23日.wmv

Nibiru 警告2012年3月22日的視頻 (flashback)



Strange Sun Feb 26,2012
奇怪的太陽 2012年2月26日


伊朗可能批准進入軍事研究地點 - 特使往訪原子能機構

Iran may grant access to military research sites - envoy to IAEA
伊朗可能批准進入軍事研究地點 - 特使往訪原子能機構


Is Spain the next Greece?

Students and teachers in Spain have packed the streets of Valencia, angry at cuts to the education system by their government. They are also angry about harsh and brutal tactics used by police there at previous rallies when dozens were beaten and arrested. Spain is facing an out-of-control deficit and despite many across-the-board cuts, it slated for many more - in the realm of 40 billion Euros or 53 billion dollars.
西班牙的學生和教師已充斥華倫西亞街道,對他們政府削減教育系統生氣,他們亦生氣警方在過去集會時使用苛刻和殘酷的戰術,有數十人被毆打和拘捕。西班牙正面對著赤字失控,及儘管許多跨委員會的削減,它預定有更多 - 在40億歐元或53億美元的範圍中。


2/27/2012 -- Series of LARGE eruptions at Sakurajima Volcano - Japan
2012年2月27日 - 日本櫻島火山一系列的大爆發

New Eruptions at Rincon de la Vieja in Costa Rica
By Erik Klemetti
February 27, 2012 | 7:41 am
It has been almost exactly 14 years since the last eruptive period for Rincón de la Vieja in Costa Rica, but it looks like the volcano might be awakening from its break. Last Thursday (Feb. 22), the volcano experienced two small explosions in the early morning. Seismic records suggest the volcano also had small explosions on Feb. 19 and 20, according to the OVSICORI report for Feb. 25 (PDF).

None of the explosions caused any damage to anything near the volcano and there are no reports of ash fall other than in the crater itself. These explosions are very similar in style to the September 2011 explosions that were like phreatic in nature — that is, not new magma but superheated water generated the explosions. Of course, it is likely that new magma intruding the volcano is the heat source for the water, but these explosions could precede a new magmatic eruption by months or years (or lead to nothing at all). The volcano sits within a national park in Costa Rica and after these explosions, the National Emergency Commission has declared the crater area off-limits to visitors.

The last major eruption from Rincón de la Vieja was in 1966, when it produced at VEI 3 event that generated pyroclastic flows. All the way back in circa 1820 B.C., the volcano produced the Río Blanco tephra from a larger VEI 4 eruption. The summit of the volcano hosts a small crater lake (see above), which could potentially add to the initial explosivity of any eruption as the water interacts with erupting magma. There are also abundant mudpots and springs within the national park as well, attesting to the persistent geothermal activity in the area. This geothermal activity is the reason why the Costa Rican government is looking to build a 200 MW geothermal energy plant in the National Park as well.


日本櫻島火山 - 三年來最大的爆發

哥斯達黎加:圖里亞爾瓦火山爆發“黃色”警報 (聲爆來源證實)

工黨提示:英國是一文不名,祝好運 (Flashback 2010年5月17日)

Note from Labour: UK is broke, good luck (17May10)
工黨提示:英國是一文不名,祝好運 (2010年5月17日)


FEMA Puts Out Contract For Emergency Camps to House “Displaced Citizens”
Solicitation calls for camps to be ready for occupancy within 72 hours

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, February 27, 2012
Translation by Autumnson Blog

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is looking for contractors to construct temporary emergency camps inside the United States which can be ready for occupancy within a 72 hour time period and used to house emergency responders as well as “displaced citizens”.
The National Responder Support Camp contract, posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, calls on contractors to “provide all necessary supervision, professional staff, labor support, material, supplies and equipment as necessary to make a RSC within a disaster-impacted area anywhere within the CONUS (Continental United States) within 72 hours after notification.”
The camps are primarily designed to house emergency responders, but will also be utilized to shelter “displaced citizens,” who will be “given the first opportunities for employment within the camp,” according to the solicitation. The camps will be able to service up to 2,000 people at one time.
As well as natural disasters, the 72-hour camps are designed to deal with terrorist attacks, National Response Framework activities of federal agencies, National Special Security Events, “or any other situation where FEMA or an agency working through FEMA needs a RSC.”
The camps will be secured with fencing and barricades that will also serve to create areas that are “off limits” to certain occupants. Entry to the camp will be controlled through a photo ID system for all occupants and visitors.
Medical treatment facilities, dining facilities, mobile showers and “morale welfare and recreation” facilities are all required as part of the contract.

FEMA’s latest efforts to satisfy the demand for emergency camps represents a continuation of preparations on behalf of the federal government to prepare for civil emergencies and potential social disorder.

Last December, Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano directed ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to prepare for a mass influx of immigrants into the United States, calling for the plan to deal with the “shelter” and “processing” of large numbers of people.

In 2006, Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root was contracted by Homeland Security to build detention centers designed to deal with “an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S,” or the rapid development of unspecified “new programs” that would require large numbers of people to be interned.

Last year we received a leaked memo from a state government employee detailing KBR’s efforts to hire subcontractors to provide services required for temporary “emergency environment” camps located in five regions of the United States, indicating that many of the camps have now been constructed and are ready for use.

The construction of new detention camps inside the United States has provoked fears that the facilities could also be used to intern American citizens in the aftermath of a national emergency.

Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was established under the pretext of a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens crossing the Mexican/US border, the same pretense used in the language of the KBR request for services.

During the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987, however, it was revealed that the program was a secretive “scenario and drill” developed by the federal government to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, assign military commanders to take over state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens determined by the government to be “national security threats.”

A provision within the National Defense Authorization Act, signed into law by President Obama on New Years Eve, hands the government power to have American citizens arrested and detained without trial.


震驚視頻 - FEMA棺木、集中營、萬人坑




If You Take Oral Vitamin D You MUST Avoid Making This Serious Mistake
Dr. Mercola
February 23 2012
Translation by Autumnson Blog

Did you know there are two types of vitamin D, and they are NOT interchangeable?
In fact, taking the wrong one could do you more harm than good...
Drisdol is a synthetic form of vitamin D2—made by irradiating fungus and plant matter—and is the form of vitamin D typically prescribed by doctors.
Drisdol是一種合成形式的維他命D2 - 由輻照真菌和植物物質製造 - 及是一種典型地由醫生處方的維他命D形式。
This is not the type produced by your body in response to sun or safe tanning bed exposure, which is vitamin D3.
A recent meta-analysis by the Cochrane Databasei looked at mortality rates for people who supplemented their diets with D2 versus those who did so with D3, the form naturally produced by your body, highlighting the significant differences between the two.
最近一項由科克倫Databasei的表示變異分析,看看以D2補充他們的飲食對那些以D3 - 你身體自然產生的形式 - 這樣做的人們的死亡率,來突出兩者之間的重大差異。
The analysis of 50 randomized controlled trials, which included a total of 94,000 participants, showed:
•A six percent relative risk reduction among those who used vitamin D3, but
•A two percent relative risk increase among those who used D2

According to the Vitamin D Councilii:
據維他命D Councilii:
"You would think a paper that took a look at tens of thousands of subjects and analyzed the efficacy of prescription vitamin D (D2) and over-the-counter vitamin D (D3) would warrant a news story or two.

To my knowledge, these papers are the first to paint such a clear picture about the efficacy between D3 and D2.

While there may be explanations for D3's superiority other than improved efficacy, for the time being, these papers send doctors a message: use D3, not D2."

The Difference Between Supplemental Vitamin D2 and D3
The notion that vitamin D2 and D3 were equivalent was based on decades-old studies of rickets prevention in infants. Today, we know a lot more about vitamin D, and the featured study offers compelling support for the recommendation to take vitamin D3 if you need to take an oral supplement—which is the same type of D vitamin created in your body when you expose your skin to sunlight.

Supplemental vitamin D comes in two forms:

1.Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2)
2.Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)
I personally recommend getting your vitamin D from safe sun exposure (or a safe tanning bed), as there's compelling reason to believe the vitamin D created in your skin in response to sun exposure has some slight but important differences that make it even more beneficial than supplemental vitamin D3. I will address this more in just a moment, but first, let's review the differences between the two types of supplemental vitamin D. Aside from the featured findings that supplemental vitamin D3 reduced the relative mortality risk by six percent, while D2 actually INCREASED mortality risk by two percent, the two types differ in the following ways:

•According to the latest research, D3 is approximately 87 percent more potentiii in raising and maintaining vitamin D concentrations and produces 2- to 3-fold greater storage of vitamin D than does D2.

•Regardless of which form you use, your body must convert it into a more active form, and vitamin D3 is converted 500 percent faster than vitamin D2.

•Vitamin D2 also has a shorter shelf life, and its metabolites bind poorly with proteins, further hampering its effectiveness.

What about Dietary Sources? Animal-Based versus Plant-Based Vitamin D
Aside from taking an oral vitamin D supplement, you can also obtain small amounts of vitamin D from your diet. Here too, it's important to realize that not all food sources provide the same kind of vitamin D. Plant sources provide you with D2. The more beneficial D3 can only be had through animal-based sources such as:

•Fish, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines
•Egg yolk
•Raw milk

Dairy processors producing pasteurized milk have also been fortifying milk with vitamin D since 1933. Today, about 98 percent of the milk supply in the U.S. is fortified with approximately 400 International Units (IU) of vitamin D per quart. While dairies used to fortify their milk with vitamin D2, most have now switched over to D3. But, if you still drink pasteurized milk (which I don't recommend), check the label to see which form of vitamin D has been added. (If you drink raw milk, then you're getting the naturally-occurring vitamin D in the milk fat.) Keep in mind that although milk is fortified, other dairy products such as cheese and ice cream does typically not contain added vitamin D.

Vitamin D Can Make or Break Your Health, So Get the Right Kind!
There's overwhelming evidence that vitamin D is a key player in your overall health. This is understandable when you consider that it is not "just" a vitamin; it's actually a neuroregulatory steroidal hormone that influences nearly 3,000 different genes in your body. Receptors that respond to the vitamin have been found in almost every type of human cell, from your brain to your bones.
Just one example of an important gene that vitamin D up-regulates is your ability to fight infections, as well as chronic inflammation. It produces over 200 antimicrobial peptides, the most important of which is cathelicidin, a naturally occurring broad-spectrum antibiotic. This is one of the explanations for why it can be so effective against colds and influenza.
Optimizing your vitamin D levels should be at the top of the list for virtually everyone, regardless of your age, sex, color, or health status, as vitamin D deficiency has been linked to an astonishingly diverse array of common chronic diseases, such as:
The IDEAL Way to Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels
While this article is focused on the two types of oral vitamin D supplementation, it's important to realize that the IDEAL way to optimize your vitamin D levels is through appropriate sun or safe tanning bed exposure. While your skin does create vitamin D3 in response to sun light, which is theoretically the same as the D3 you get from an oral supplement, there's cause to believe that the vitamin D created from sun exposure may have additional health benefits, and here's why:

•When you expose your skin to the sun, your skin also synthesizes high amounts of cholesterol sulfate, which is very important for heart and cardiovascular health. In fact, according to research by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, high LDL and subsequent heart disease may in fact be a symptom of cholesterol sulfate deficiency. Sulfur deficiency also promotes obesity and related health problems like diabetes

•When exposed to sunshine, your skin also synthesizes vitamin D3 sulfate. This form of vitamin D is water soluble, unlike oral vitamin D3 supplements, which is unsulfated. The water-soluble form can travel freely in your bloodstream, whereas the unsulfated form needs LDL (the so-called "bad" cholesterol) as a vehicle of transport. According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, there's reason to believe that many of the profound benefits of vitamin D are actually due to the vitamin D sulfate. As a result, she suspects that the oral non-sulfated form of vitamin D might not provide all of the same benefits, because it cannot be converted to vitamin D sulfate

•You cannot overdose when getting your vitamin D from sun exposure, as your body has the ability to self-regulate and only make what it needs
So essentially, getting regular sun exposure has much greater health ramifications than "just" raising your vitamin D levels and preventing infections. Sun exposure also appears to play a role in heart and cardiovascular health, and much more!

If you cannot get your vitamin D requirements from sun exposure, I recommend using a safe tanning bed (one with electronic ballasts rather than magnetic ballasts, to avoid unnecessary exposure to EMF fields). Safe tanning beds also have less of the dangerous UVA than sunlight, while unsafe ones have more UVA than sunlight. If neither of these are feasible options, then you should take an oral vitamin D3 supplement. It will certainly be better than no vitamin D at all.

How Much Vitamin D Should You Take?
Some 40 leading vitamin D experts from around the world currently agree that there's no specific dosage level at which "magic" happens; rather the most important factor when it comes to vitamin D is your serum level (the level of vitamin D in your blood). So you really should be taking whatever dosage required to obtain a therapeutic level of vitamin D in your blood.

That said, based on the most recent research by GrassrootsHealth—an organization that has greatly contributed to the current knowledge on vitamin D through their D* Action Study—it appears as though most adults need about 8,000 IU's of vitamin D a day in order to raise their serum levels above 40 ng/ml.4 For children, many experts agree they need about 35 IU's of vitamin D per pound of body weight.

At the time GrassrootsHealth performed the studies that resulted in this dosage recommendation, the optimal serum level was believed to be between 40 to 60 ng/ml. Since then, the optimal vitamin D level has been raised to 50-70 ng/ml, and when treating cancer or heart disease, as high as 70-100 ng/ml, as illustrated in the chart above.

What this means is that even if you do not regularly monitor your vitamin D levels (which you should), your risk of overdosing is going to be fairly slim even if you take as much as 8,000 IU's a day. However, the only way to determine your optimal dose is to get your blood tested regularly, and adjust your dosage to maintain that goldilocks' zone.

For more information, including an in-depth explanation of everything you need to know before you get tested, please see Test Values and Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency.

i Vitamin D Supplementation for Prevention of Mortality in Adults, The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, July 6, 2011: (7); CD007470, G. Bjelakovic, et al.
ii Meta-analysis Looks at Efficacy of D2 vs D3, Vitamin D Council, November 16, 2011: Dr. John Cannell.
iii Vitamin D3 Is More Potent Than Vitamin D2 in Humans, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, March 1, 2011: 96 (3); E447-E452, Robert P. Heaney, et al.


以色列毀滅了伊朗的核武器計劃 - 維基解密的 Stratfor郵件

Israel ruined Iran's nuke plans - WikiLeaked Stratfor mails
以色列毀滅了伊朗的核武器計劃 - 維基解密的 Stratfor郵件
Earlier, it came to light that Israel might have already destroyed Iranian nuclear sites and that preparations for a military attack on Tehran are well under way. It's from millions of emails allegedly hacked from the US intelligence think-tank Stratfor, and revealed by WikiLeaks.

'CIA feeds us bad info on Iran nukes' - IAEA ex-head
“中情局就伊朗核武器方面以壞資訊餵飼我們” - 前國際原子能機構主管