Is Prince's Wedding Ring Refusal a Satanic Sign?
Satanists observe Christian rituals for one reason only, to tear them down. Everything a future king does is symbolic and an example to his people.
by Byron Molynieux
(for henrymakow.com)
April 3, 2011
Translation by Autumnson Blog
Prince William will not wear a wedding ring to symbolize his marriage to Kate Middleton April 29. Explaining William's decision, a royal source told the Daily Mail, 'It is quite common for men in that strata of society not to wear a traditional wedding band.'
A wedding ring symbolizes marriage, an institution that the Illuminati --"that strata of society" -- wish to destroy, along with the family.
一隻結婚戒指象徵婚姻,一項光明會 - “那社會的階層“- 想要破壞的習俗,沿著家庭。
In breaking the rules of a Christian marriage ceremony and in light of the Satanism practiced by the Illuminati, we ask; Is William signaling his Satanism? He has done it before, notably by having a logo of Baphomet's head on his RAF uniform. (see below)
在於破除基督教婚禮儀式的規則,和按照光明會實踐的撒旦主義,我們問:威廉是否在為他的撒旦崇拜發出信號?他之前已曾做過,特別是有Baphomet的頭的標誌在他的英國皇家空軍制服上。 (見底部)
It would support the arguments of those who believe Prince William is the antiChrist. Perhaps a ring less ring finger is an occult prerequisite.
Other public figures who don't wear wedding rings have revealed themselves to be Satanists. Tony Blair doesn't wear one.(The Sarkozy's and Obamas do.)
In a recent article in the Guardian entitled, 'Yours for £150: Tony Blair's memoirs as gospel' we see Blair blaspheming by releasing a version of his autobiography in the style of the Bible.

Neither Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper nor his wife, ostensible Christians, wear a wedding ring. Here is a photo of Harper and his family meeting Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican. His wife is dressed all in black with a hood, as if attending a black mass!

Despite refusing a ring, William has placed symbolic significance on the engagement ring given to Kate.
He has given her the same blue sapphire engagement ring his mother Diana had on her engagement. The blue sapphire is the gemstone of the planet Saturn. In The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, Fritz Springmeier writes of Saturn:
Saturn is an important key to understanding the long heritage this conspiracy has back to antiquity. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City of Saturn. The Roman Catholic Church retains much of the Saturn worship in its ritual. Saturn also relates to Lucifer. In various occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil.
土星是一條重要的龥匙去了解這個回到古代的陰謀論悠久傳統羅馬城原本被稱為 Saturnia土星的城市羅馬天主教會在它的儀式中保留大部分的土星崇拜土星亦涉及路西弗,在多種神秘學的字典中,土星是邪惡聯繫。
Sapphire is important in Satanic circles. 'Mauri' grew up in a Satanic family and suffered frequent sexual abuse as a child. She was conditioned with BETA Programming sex training and put to work in the child pornography industry. She notes that one Christmas, in between different sadistic tricks played on her, she received, 'a gold heart shaped necklace with a tiny blue sapphire stone. There was a matching bracelet.'

Grace Powers, of helpfreetheearth.com believes that the wedding date of April 29th also fits into the astrological clock of Saturn:

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married while the planet Saturn is in Libra, just as William's parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana did. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer wed on July 29, 1981. Thirty years later after one Saturn Return, their son, Prince William will marry Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011. This means that both royal couples will have the same Saturn/Venus influence in their marriage charts.
Unlike his parents, William's marriage chart has Saturn in retrograde. According to astrologers, this signifies a return to the past and explains the seemingly unending comparisons between the two couples and their weddings.
Given that Diana suffered a torturous marriage before being murdered by British Intelligence, Kate's being cosmologically aligned with her and presented her engagement ring is hardly a cause for celebration. Kate might worry. A wedding ring is a symbol of everlasting love and her fiancé won't wear one!

It is worth noting that the wedding date of 29th April is surrounded by Satanic holidays.
The 'Grand Climax' takes place between April 26-May 1 and is characterized by sexual interaction with female victims between the ages of 1-25. 'Walpurgisnacht Roodmas Day' takes place on April 30th and contains animal and/or human sacrifice of any age. 'Beltane Eve' also takes place on April 30th and is a fertility rite.
'大高潮'發生在四月26日至5月1日之間,和特點是與1-25歲女性受害者的性互動。 'Walpurgisnacht Roodmas日發生在4月30日,並包含動物和/或任何年齡人類的獻祭。'五朔節前夕亦發生在4月30日,及是一個生育儀式。
A Satanic holiday of special relevance to the Royal wedding is the 'Feast of the Beast'. According to Fritz Springmeier, it is a year-long event that occurs every 28 years and is attended by Illuminati leaders from around the world. It is a very high level ceremony, and would not be recognized at the anarchy ritual level of the Illuminati.
The last two Feast of the Beast ceremonies occurred in 1954 and 1982, the last one was supposed to start in 2009 or 2010 meaning that it could still be going on and coincide with the royal wedding. Springmeier's description of the event resonates somewhat with a Royal wedding:

At the Feast of the Beast, a beautiful bride is trained and presented to Satan, and she may well be a virgin. This ceremony is most likely held at a castle or palace, and is also likely to be held over in Europe for the principle ceremony. Lesser ceremonies may be held here in the states. Witnesses claim that Satan appears and interacts with his human leadership. He provides them with detailed instructions for what he wants done until the next Feast of the Beast. In other words, he provides the top Illuminati hierarchy with their future long-range plans.

Given that our leaders are practicing Satanists, is it a coincidence that the Royal wedding is in the middle of a host of Satanic holidays?

We know that Royal weddings are generally loveless affairs, the participants marrying to keep wealth and royal genealogy in the family (William and Kate are 'kissing cousins'), but for William not to wear a wedding ring is a brash statement. Millions will tune in worldwide to see the Royal wedding and all will see William's heartless decision  to refuse the universal symbol of marital commitment.
The Satanic connotations have to be considered. The Illuminati do not marry out of love, or the joy of creating a loving family. They are predators who do deliberate evil to honor their dirty deity.
The brutality of these arrangements can be found by researching the ritualistic murder of Princess Diana. The Illuminati exist in a cut-throat dog-eat-dog world.

William's refusal to wear a ring is a sign of more horror to come.

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