NASA 地球天文台分享8月8日在華盛頓州三萬呎高空拍到由林火導致的罕見火雲

NASA 地球天文台分享8月8日在華盛頓州三萬呎高空拍到由林火導致的罕見火雲

It looks like a sci-fi vision of another world, but it's actually the blazing heart of a fire cloud floating above our own planet.

The image, shared online by NASA Earth Observatory (NEO), was snapped in skies over eastern Washington state at an altitude of about 30,000 feet (9 kilometers) as a NASA pilot flew into a so-called fire cloud. This phenomenon, also known as a pyrocumulonimbus or PyroCb cloud, occurs when heat and moisture from wildfires rise up into the atmosphere and form smoke-filled thunderclouds atop the fire's plumes, NEO reported.

In the photo, taken on Aug. 8 at 8 p.m. local time, puffy, white clouds hover in the right side of the picture in a horizontal strip of bluish light, while the top and bottom of the image glow orange. The sun glows in the upper left corner, transformed by an orange halo; particles from the fire far below reflect light and lend the sun its orange color, according to NEO.

Though they may be beautiful, fire clouds are also disruptive. When wildfires generate thunderstorms, those billowing clouds act like chimneys, funneling smoke and particles into the lower stratosphere, the atmospheric layer between 6.2 miles (10 km) and 31 miles (50 km) above Earth’s surface. These materials get funneled in quantities that are comparable to those of an erupting volcano, Live Science previously reported. A single fire season in western North America can generate up to 25 intense fire-cloud events.

Lightning strikes that hit on Aug. 2 ignited the wildfire at William Flats in the Colville Indian Reservation near Spokane, Washington, NASA reported. The fire spread quickly across more than 10,000 acres (40 square kilometers), feeding on dry brush, timber and short grass. As of Thursday (Aug. 15), the fire had burned more than 45,000 acres (182 square km) of William Flats, but the perimeter was about 81% contained, according to the fire information site InciWeb.

To better understand how wildfire smoke affects air quality and weather in the United States, researchers with the field campaign known as Fire Influence on Regional to Global Environments and Air Quality (FIREX-AQ) investigate events like the William Flats fire. In this case, the group sent NASA's flying laboratory, a Douglas DC-8 jetliner, around and into a towering fire cloud over the Washington inferno, NEO reported.

While instruments on the flying lab collected samples from the cloud, David Peterson, a FIREX-AQ forecaster who was on the plane, snapped the spectacular photos. Peterson captured another image while the plane was outside the fire cloud, showing smoke plumes extending upward from the ground, with a dollop of pillowy, white storm clouds piled on top of them.



Did ‘The Simpsons’ really predict Trump would try to buy Greenland?

Social media is rife with claims the writers of ‘The Simpsons’ have once again predicted the political future, this time with a suspiciously far-sighted storyline of Donald Trump attempting to buy Greenland. But, is it true?

Fans proudly boast about the program’s spooky ability to predict the future, notably forecasting Trump’s presidency, the Obama voting machine controversy, and the Syrian opposition flag. But as any Simpsons viewer (or regular human) will tell you, remembering every storyline in the show’s 662 episode history is nigh impossible.

So when rumors start swirling that Matt Groening and gang have done it again, this time with an astoundingly prescientstoryline of Trump postponing his state visit to Denmark after the prime minister refused to discuss selling Greenland to the United States, you pause for thought. 
The first port of call for anyone delving into the Simpsons' catalogue is the ‘dictionary’ dedicated to the show, Frinkiac, which reveals that on this occasion claims of the show accurately nailing the Greenland incident are simply #FakeNews. 
While Mr Burns has contemplated buying the entire island of Cuba and the Simpsons have themselves visited scores of countries, there has not (to date) been an episode linking Trump to an attempted purchase of Greenland.
The strange desire to somehow underpin Trump's latest diplomatic gaffe with a Simpsons storyline probably stems from the show's previous success stories, much lauded by Simpsons fans and the president’s critics alike – even Rachel Maddow was quick to get in on the act and fuel the rumor.



Will Martial Law Come to the US and Hong Kong?

軍法管治將會否跟著香港臨到美國? 謠言盛傳美國下年(14個月)將會可能內亂,民主黨左翼人仕正在被指責,但可能是男性精英繼續掌權的另一個理由。



布魯塞爾無限期停止5G部署: 當局説5G項目不符合輻射安全標準

布魯塞爾無限期停止5G部署: 當局説5G項目不符合輻射安全標準
Brussels halts 5G deployment indefinitely: 5G project, says authorities, not compatible with radiation safety standards


(Natural News) In the next year, preliminary 5G networks are set to roll out in China, the United States, South Korea, and Japan. In the next seven years, operators are projected to invest over $1 trillion to expand 5G wireless technology. With 5G, the telecom industry promises instant connectivity, paving the way for “smart cities.” 5G is a Big Tech dream come true – a data collection boon that will tie all internet-connected devices together and increase connectivity speeds up to 1000 times greater than existing 4G networks. As investors scramble to get a piece of the 5G pie, the technology is not projected for deployment in every first-world country, nor will it be accepted by every big city.

Brussels to halt 5G rollout over severe human health risks

In fact, the Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, Céline Fremault, has vowed to halt 5G deployment. “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit,” states Fremault in an interview with L’Echo. “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not.”
No exceptions will be made in Brussels. Fremault warns that 5G violates Belgian radiation safety standards. Fremault is heeding the warning of over 240 scientists and doctors from over 41 nations who have published research documenting the harmful effects of 5G radiation on all biological life. These scientists have appealed to the United Nations, calling for a moratorium on 5G. The adverse effects of radio-frequency and millimeter waves on human and environmental health are well documented. 5G radiation has been shown to cause changes in bacterial growth, neuropyshiatric effects, DNA damage, and even cancer. Permissive countries (that sacrifice the health of their population) only consider the thermal effects of 5G. There’s much more to 5G radiation than that.

Scientists warn about the dangers of 5G

Dr. Martin Pall, Washington State UniversityProfessor calls the 5G rollout the “stupidest idea in the history of the world.” In his studies, he warns about the very high energy outputs required to ensure efficient penetration of electromagnetic frequency waves. He also documents the extraordinarily high numbers of antennae that are planned, which will increase exposure to the deeply penetrating radiation. He also warns about the extremely high pulsation levels and the high level interactions of 5G frequency on charged groups, including the voltage sensor charged groups. This rapid influx of pulsed electromagnetic frequency fields has been shown to stress the calcium channels of cells (voltage gated calcium channels or VGCC). Two body systems most impacted by pulsed EMFs are the eyes and the kidneys. In preliminary studies, the downstream effects of VGCC activation include cataracts, detached retinas, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Moreover, the fluids in the kidneys allow regeneration of electrical fields. This impacts the glomerular filtration and reabsorption, adversely affecting two major functions of the kidneys.
The influx of 5G antennas will send out deeply penetrating magnetic fields that will disturb electrically charged groups that are dissolved in the aqueous phases of the body. When these charged groups are excited to action, they can regenerate electric fields that are essentially identical to the electric fields pulsing from the original EMFs. The amplification of electrical fields across plasma membranes produces EMF effects deep within the body because voltage sensors in the body are sensitive to outside electric forces and will reverberate the frequency. 5G will be the greatest assault of electric forces the body has ever had to endure. Once 5G is rolled out, the assault will be non-stop.
Because Brussels is calling out the dangers of 5G and blocking its rollout, they are currently a world leader for protecting human health. To learn more about the risks of 5G, check out Radiation.News.

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Offical documents showing China is spending 1.24 million to buy twitter accounts.

Plus RMB 1.20 million for Facebook accounts:


The contractor is called OneSight (Beijing)
i. 2020年2月29日在推特吸納580,000追蹤者
ii. 從北美,澳洲和紐西蘭增加8%追蹤者

The contractor is called TianYanCha (Beijing)


中新網 Twitter 原來這麼貴~ 粉絲數比淘寶假粉貴過百倍

從文件顯示,原來中國政府足足花了 124 萬人民幣為中新社及中新網 Twitter 帳號去購買 58 萬個 Twitter 粉絲,每個粉絲平均花約 2元人民幣。

這就難怪外交部如此氣憤了,原來這些假帳戶足足花了 124 萬人民幣。更重要的是,以往眾所週知一個假帳戶只需要5毛,但事實上政府卻願意付出2元一個,可見中間人的利潤有多高。








又嚇鬼- 環球總編警告:"中國正在作出交易不成場景的安排"

又嚇鬼- 環球總編警告:"中國正在作出交易不成場景的安排"

"China Is Making Arrangements On Scenario Of No Deal", Global Times Editor Warns


One day after China warned the US that it won't make trade concessions if the US "plays the Hong Kong card", the famous twitter troll Hu Xijin, editor in chief of the nationalist, state owned Chinese newspaper Global Times, amplified the sentiment tweeting moments ago that "China is making arrangements on scenario of no deal" as a result of Trump's recent shift in strategy that links trade talks with the situation in Hong Kong. "The deterrence of the US not signing the deal on China is close to zero."
As for Washington's threat to link trade talks with the situation in Hong Kong, what I heard on various occasions is scorn on this idea. China is making arrangements on scenario of no deal. The deterrence of the US not signing the deal on China is close to zero.

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As a reminder, yesterday we reported that in a short commentary published by Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily late on Monday, the author said that events in Hong Kong were the internal affairs of China, and linking them with trade negotiations was a "dirty" aim.

“Making a fuss about Hong Kong will not be helpful to economic and trade negotiations between China and the US,” the commentary said. “They would be naive in thinking China would make concessions if they played the Hong Kong card” the oped cautioned. Chinese diplomatic observers also said Beijing considered the worsening situation in Hong Kong a sovereignty issue and would be highly unlikely to cave to Washington’s pressure.
The remarks followed a statement by US Vice-President Mike Pence on Monday which reiterated President Donald Trump’s demand to tie the largely stalled trade talks with Hong Kong’s deepening crisis, a day after hundreds of thousands of people marched peacefully in defiance of repeated intimidation from Beijing. In an address at the Detroit Economic Club on Monday, Pence said the Trump administration would continue to urge Beijing to resolve differences with the protesters peacefully and warned that it would be harder for Washington to make a trade deal with Beijing if there was violence in the former British territory. Separately, Mike Pompeo said that China should allow Hong Kong protesters the freedom to express themselves, in what China saw as clear interference in its own internal matters.
The Chinese article countered by saying that the top priority for Hong Kong was to stop violence and restore order, adding that US politicians should not send the wrong message to people creating chaos in the city. “In the face of political intimidation, we not only dare to say no, but also take countermeasures,” it warned.
Hu Xijin's Global Times also warned in an editorial on Monday that American political and public opinion elites should not harbour the illusion they could influence China’s decisions on Hong Kong.
“Because of the trade war, the US has lost the ability to impose additional pressure on China,” it said. “The US should stop its meaningless threat of linking the China-US trade talks with the Hong Kong problem. Beijing did not expect to quickly reach a trade deal with Washington. More Chinese people are prepared that China and the US may not reach a deal for a long time.”
Chinese analysts noted Trump appeared to have hardened his stance on Hong Kong in the past week or so, under growing pressure from US lawmakers and extensive media coverage of the increasingly violent protests.  Indeed, it was only a month ago when we reported that "Trump Abandoned Support For Hong Kong Protests To Revive Trade Talks With Beijing." Now that trade war is once again front and center, with Trump using it as leverage for further Fed rate cuts, the US president is once again refocusing his attention on Hong Kong.
As the SCMP writes, Trump initially focused on making a deal with China ahead of his 2020 re-election bid and adopted a hands-off approach by characterizing the protests as “riots” which were a matter for China to handle. Over the past few days, he suggested Chinese President Xi Jinping should resolve the situation by meeting with protest leaders and warned that any violence in the handling of the Hong Kong crisis would exacerbate difficulties for attempts to bring an early end to the trade war.
“Trump’s about-face on Hong Kong, from being neutral to piling pressure on Beijing, is largely due to domestic political pressure ahead of the presidential elections,” said Shi Yinhong, an international relations expert at Renmin University and an adviser to the State Council which is China’s cabinet.
But the Hong Kong issue concerns China’s sovereignty and the government’s ability to maintain stability, which in Beijing’s view is of superior priority. China cannot afford to make much compromise and will do everything to fend off interventions from abroad, in spite of all the risks and ramifications,” he said.
Shi also said none of the flashpoints in the bilateral ties – from Hong Kong, Taiwan, to the South China Sea and the denuclearisation of North Korea – had any easy solution in sight, with both sides showing little willingness to cooperate and accommodate the other’s interests. He said the increasingly hardline, confrontational approach on China by Trump – who faced mounting pressure in his bid for re-election, especially amid signs of a looming global economic recession – would only make a trade deal increasingly unattainable.

“Even if there were no Hong Kong crisis, could the US and China reach a trade deal? Even if Beijing caved into Washington’s pressure on Hong Kong, would it make it easier for them to bridge their glaring differences in the trade talks and cut a deal?”
Of course not, and since Trump is far more interested in keeping trade war simmering and on the verge of a substantial escalation if only to keep the Fed on its toes and ready for far more aggressive rate cuts, and even "some quantitative easing", that's precisely what the US president wants.








根據英國國籍法(British Nationality Act 1981) s4B 2(c) ,一旦中共取消香港人的「中国國籍」,即是符合了不是「自願放棄」的條件,消除了 b)的限制。而成為無國籍人士的另外一個原因,也可以是政治剝奪。2014年環時的「應設渠道」,就是要你因為「自願放棄」而喪失條件。²


¹ http://bit.ly/2L0z6p7
² http://bit.ly/2KM2hgN
³ http://bit.ly/30pazk4



留學生法拉利車隊嚇到國內父母 視頻被急刪

留學生法拉利車隊嚇到國內父母 視頻被急刪

視頻出來後,推特上立刻出來不少帖子,呼籲查查這些人的家庭背景。「麻煩推友們,一人一車不要漏掉,把這些腐敗分子的家庭都找出來,大陸不是反腐倡廉嗎?」 「 這是天賜良機。將牌照拍照進而查到豪宅等等輕而易舉,打包發貨給你想給的人嘛。」
「2018年人均GDP大陸為9732美元,香港為46,076美元,是大陸的4倍多。拿著父母的錢開著法拉利在加拿大對著香港人喊窮逼,你讓國內老百姓情何以堪?香港人是窮逼,大陸人是啥? 」
隨後有網友發現「開法拉利愛國視頻」被刪除:「加拿大多倫多一群中國人,每人開著一輛法拉利,浩浩蕩蕩,罵香港人是『窮b』。看了視頻,我下巴都要掉了 。現在視頻全網刪除,其實吧,把這些人的資金來源查一查,看看他們在國內直系親屬的財產,有多少是不義之財。」






還有網民呼籲,「誰家有錢買得起千萬級的超跑,監察委都是給誰設立的?!不敢查一下這些垃圾跑車男財產來源嗎? 你千萬別說沒有線索啊!」「錢來路不正,貪官污吏的狗崽子」,「他們除了愛錢就是愛自己,他們愛國? 」






Pro-China individuals swarming the Sat Aug 17 Toronto, Canada Solidarity for Hong Kong rally were seen cheering when numerous luxury sports cars sped towards Old City Hall.  Participants of the rally witnessed large Five-starred Red Flags raised from the sunroofs of these vehicles as the vehicles approached.  During the rally, some HongKongers reported hearing extremely, unusually loud engine sounds emitting from the aforementioned sports cars and some saw that those vehicles blocked the west-bound lane of Queen Street West (major downtown thoroughfare) for a period of time.

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