Earth's Core: A Moon-Sized Crystal Ball
2011年6月30日 上午 02:44:58
Translation by Autumnson Blog

Seismologists discover that the inner core rotates
Researchers are now probing what may turn out to be the most curious small body the solar system has yet presented for scrutiny: a globe the size of the moon that appears to be a well ordered crystalline entity. This body is poised little more than 5,000 kilometers away, yet it is completely invisible. Located at the center of the earth, it is known simply as the inner core. Two seismologists have just shown that this strange crystal sphere is turning slowly within the rocky and liquid metal enclosure that keeps it all but hidden from scientific investigation.
Geophysicists realised decades ago that a solid inner core exists, but they knew precious little else about it. They believed the inner core and the liquid shell surrounding it were made largely of iron, yet other features of the heart of the planet remained enigmatic.
But during the 1980s, seismologists examining earthquake waves that pierce the inner core made a startling find. Rather than being "isotropic" (the same in all directions) in its physical properties, the inner core proved to be somewhat like a piece of wood, with a definite grain running through it. Waves traveling along the planet's north-south axis go 3 to 4 percent faster through the inner core than those that follow paths close to the equatorial plane.
但在20世紀 80年代,地震學家研究穿透內核的地震波,得出驚人的發現。在物理特性方面與其它是“等向的”(在各個方向同樣),內核被證明是有點像一塊木頭,具有一定的紋理運行通過它。波沿地球的南北軸線走,3至4%穿過內核快於那些跟隨近赤道平面的路徑。
Geophysicists have struggled to explain why this grain (or "seismic anisotropy") should exist. The leading theory is that at the immense pressures of the inner core, iron takes on a hexagonal crystal form that has inherently directional physical properties. Some force apparently keeps the hexagonal iron crystals all in close alignment.
Lars Stixrude of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Ronald E. Cohen of the Carnegie Institution of Washington note that whatever texturing mechanism operates to form the anisotropic grain of the inner core, it must be almost 100 percent efficient. Otherwise the seismic anisotropy would not be as large as measured. "The very strong texturing indicated by our results suggests the possibility that the inner core is a very large single crystal," they boldly stated in an article published last year in Science.
喬治亞理工學院的拉爾斯 Stixrude和華盛頓卡內基研究所的羅納德 E.科恩指出,無論是什麼的紋理機制去運作形成內在核心的各向異性紋理,它必須是幾乎100%有效率的。否則,地震各向異性將不會是如量度般那樣大。“我們的結果所顯出的非常強勁紋理提出一可能性,內在核心是一非常大的單一水晶體”,他們大膽地在去年的科學的一篇文章中發表。
The seemingly absurd notion - that a body the size of the moon could be just one big crystal - is less ridiculous than it sounds. The central core may have grown gradually to its present size as liquid iron at the bottom of the outer core solidified and attached itself to the inner core. That process would occur exceedingly slowly, with few outside disturbances - just like the conditions that favor the growth of large crystals in a lab. Slow solidification of iron might have allowed the inner core to grow quietly for billions of years, becoming in the end a gargantuan single crystal, more than 2,400 kilometers across.

But slow crystal growth does not explain the alignment of the inner core's axis of anisotropy with the earth's rotation axis. The process also fails to account for the seismological evidence that the anisotropic grain is not uniform. Xiaodong Song, a seismologist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, says that the anisotropy at the top of the inner core "is likely to be very weak - less than 1 percent." So it would seem that some other physical mechanism must keep the deeper hexagonal iron crystals in line.

Although several explanations have been proposed, the most reasonable theory calls on internal stress (generated by the earth's rotation), which is strongest along the north-south axis. Thus, the hexagonal iron that constitutes the inner core could crystalise (or recrystalise) in parallel with the spin axis - as do the mica flakes that form in rocks squeezed by tectonic forces. Internal stress could thus keep the inner core's grain well aligned with the spin axis - perhaps too well aligned. It turns out that the grain of the inner core is not exactly parallel to the earth's rotation axis: in 1994 Wei-jia Su and Adam M. Dziewonski of Harvard University reported that the axis of anisotropy is in fact tilted by about 10 degrees.

At about the same time, Gary A. Glatzmaier of Los Alamos National Laboratory and Paul H. Roberts of the University of California at Los Angeles were working on a computer simulation of how the earth's magnetic field operates. Although the tumultuous churning of the outer core's liquid iron creates this magnetic field, Glatzmaier and Roberts found that the influence of the solid inner core was needed for proper stability. Their modeling also indicated that the inner core may be shifting slowly eastward with respect to the earth's surface, impelled by persistent fluid motions at the base of the outer core.

Reading that result and realizing that the seismic grain of the inner core was not wholly aligned with the spin axis, Song and his colleague Paul G. Richards decided to look for seismic evidence that the canted grain of the inner core was indeed swiveling around relative to the rest of the earth. Their idea was to examine seismic recordings of waves that traveled through the inner core decades ago and to compare them with more recent signals. If the core rotates, the time it takes these waves to traverse the inner core should change systematically. The challenge was to find recordings of seismic waves that passed close to the north-south axis and to devise a way to compare them precisely enough to detect the slight differences that result from less than 30 years of change (the span of seismic records). But they solved both problems and found evidence of rotation quite quickly. "Everything happened in three weeks," Richards notes.

The team started by looking at seismic traces recorded in Antarctica caused by nuclear tests made at Novaya Zemlya in the Soviet Arctic. Traveling from one pole to another, these seismic waves penetrated the core. Examining data that had been collected over the course of a decade, Song and Richards observed what appeared to be a change of two tenths of a second in the travel time of the waves that passed through the inner core as compared with those that just skirted it. They then scrutinized a set of seismic recordings made in Alaska of earthquakes that occurred between the tip of South America and Antarctica and found similar results to confirm that the inner core was in fact moving. They presented their discovery in the July 18 issue of Nature.

Although the detection of inner core movement was itself a remarkable experimental achievement, the correspondence in direction and speed of this motion (eastward at a degree or two a year) with the predictions of Glatzmaier and Roberts was more remarkable still. But geophysicists are far from having figured out the workings of the inner core. No one yet understands for sure what causes its anisotropic grain. Nor can scientists explain why the anisotropy should be tilted. According to Glatzmaier, "It's anybody's guess at this point."


大數目的TSA 人體掃描儀操作人員死於癌症、心髒病、中風

TSA Cover Up Body Scanner Cancer Risk


A Large Amount of TSA Workers Dying of CANCER, Heart Attacks, Strokes
大數目的TSA 工人死於癌症、心髒病、中風

TSA Body Scanner Radiation Risks Spark Debate 










1. 上面一張牌是ELIZA,伊利莎,半個腦袋是藍色液體的女性,很多人搞不清楚倒底是什麼。
同樣,這個也可以解釋其他一些牌,比如有張牌是一個人的頭被很多電線附上,有電磁洗腦的含義,其實講的也是通過機器作用於人腦改造思想。伊利莎系統到了80年代,已經達到可以直接跟頭上插有腦電波反應器的人直接進行腦內對話的地步。大家不要懷疑,美國軍方的人工智能技術在上世紀80年代就已經達這種地步 。

2. 一張牌是clone,牌面是個黑髮部分綠皮膚的女性,牌面含義很清楚了,她是個克隆人。

3.再有一張牛肢解的牌面,讓很多人疑惑不解.樓主翻遍了華文網站也沒看到正確解釋,在此公佈正確答案。牛肢解圖講的是美國某個州的多名牧場農民親眼目睹了在巨大的環型光亮下數千頭牛被吸上天空,他們被嚇得目瞪口呆,後來在周圍地上發現了很多牛被肢解後的腸腸肚肚之類的內臟。 FBI的解密文件中還煞有介事地記錄了這次事件,並且很多人深信不疑這是又一起外星人事件。但樓主很肯定地告訴你們:這全是假的!

4. 一張外星人綁架牌,讓很多同學迷惑不已,紛紛猜測共濟會已經神通廣大到跟邪惡外星人狼狽為奸的地步了.樓主在此告訴你們,外星人綁架事件都是dream war!
樓主在上一回帖提到過,dream war是上一世紀70年代美國軍方搞出來的全息影像成像投影計術,在漫長的三四十年的研究過程中,軍方和CIA多次運用這項技術對毫不知情的平民進行了慘無人道的人體試驗,包括虛擬出外星飛碟,外星人,和各種各樣的靈仙鬼怪讓人目睹,或者虛擬出人類影像,然後突然消失(消失其實就是關掉電源),故意讓人看到.70年代後世界上目睹到靈異事件的人數大增,很多就是軍方在各地做的實驗,目的是測試人類對dream war技術的反應如何,實驗結果是令軍方滿意的,幾乎100%參與實驗或者看到實驗的人都深信不疑他們遭遇了靈異事件,很多人對眼前發生的事情無法理解,從此成為虔誠的神秘學或者邪教信徒
後來隨著技術更加先進,Dream War威力愈發強大,在製造出全息幻象的同時還能釋放出精神干擾電子波,對人體進行生理干擾.很多人都有這樣的體驗,當人處在高壓線附近或者高壓變電房裡的時候,強烈的電磁輻射會讓人產生精神紊亂,心悸頭暈,無法思考等等不良反應,這些就是電磁波能干擾人體生理功能的實證。美國軍方經過長年研究,已經能製造出讓人昏迷或者產生幻覺幻聽的精神干擾電磁波武器。 CIA運用這種武器和全息幻象技術配合特工人員行動,多次對無知平民進行了綁架,姦! ·#殺,虐打,暗殺,解剖等等慘絕人寰的人體實驗,實驗對象幾乎100%地毫無懷疑他們遭遇到了外星人綁架或者解剖之類的事件而不是CIA人員幹的。


Dream War夢戰系統,配合精神電子乾擾武器,能讓一個正常人分不清現實世界和虛擬世界,心甘情願地作出錯誤判斷,這正是它的可怕之處.





It should be noted that virtually all of the lurid reports being palmed off on the public as examples of “alien misbehavior” are actually secret psychological warfare operations by human rogue military-intelligence units.

These renegade military-intelligence units kidnap civilians without legal authorization or justification.These units drug those they kidnap, (often experiencers).These renegades deliberately intimidate, interrogate, physically abuse, and even gang-rape the civilians they kidnap.These covert-operations military-intelligence units then use brainwashing techniques to make the civilians they kidnap forget about the military kidnapping, while the renegades hypnotically implant a false memory about the horrific experience as an alien abduction .

...... has passed on the information that the Cabal have appropriated advanced false-image technology, and applied it to their vile MILABS (Military Mind Control And Alien Abduction - faked alien abductions) purposes.


And in other operations Cabal operatives use this technology, plus hand-held lasers, to lift up livestock, core out the livestock's organs, and drop them back on the pasture to create the negative propaganda impression that “heartless aliens” had been engaged in “ cattle mutilations”.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

There is yet another Cabal purpose.還有一個驚天動地的目的。

From revelations by the late rocket scientist Werner Von Braun, it appears that the Cabal wish to create 3-D holographic fake images of alien spacecraft which are solid enough to actually show up on radar and appear convincingly solid. Von Braun indicated that the Cabal plan to stage a fake alien invasion. This would undoubtedly involve myriad fake UFOs in the skies, potentially coupled with destructive energy rays hitting Earth targets. These energy blasts would actually originate from offensive weapons systems emplaced in orbit, and which the Cabal would control or commandeer .

It appears that the Cabal may be trying to imitate, and misuse, Star Visitor technology. The Councilor For the Watchers said that some of the Star Nations' starcraft utilize a much more advanced form of such technology to create false UFO images, which throw off missiles fired at them by the military or Cabal rogue units. While the missile is headed for the holographic UFO , the real starcraft can go to invisibility and escape. Once the real starcraft has made its exit, the illusory UFO is turned off and disappears from sight or radar screen.


5. 記得這套牌有一張牌面叫plan B,意思是備用B計劃。

共濟會公開發布他們制定的策略Plan A,就是為了測試大眾的反應,大眾不以為然麻木不仁的話,那麼就照plan A實施,反正也不會遇到什麼阻力;如果計劃A一公佈就被大眾強烈關注並且大力抵制的話,他們就會棄用A計劃,啟用備用B計劃。由此這麼多年來,共濟會通過大眾反應的反饋來不斷完善他們的整個戰略,在大眾的眼皮子底下完成了種種邪惡的計劃。 。












6. 共濟會有張牌叫虛假的歷史。樓主多次說過,關於共濟會的華文資料塞有大量虛假信息。包括什麼字幕組的視頻,包括什麼百科之類的。末日預言2012吧里天天都有,有什麼好驚奇的。恐懼本身才是災難源頭。



啓發性舊視頻 Inspiring Old Video:
Illuminati Card Game Released in 1995 Predicted 9/11 and Future, " Bath Salts" Zombie Attack in Miami..



Is the Massive Puerto Rico Trench Awakening?
by Zen Gardner
2011年6月28日 下午 07:58:53
Translation by Autumnson Blog
"What Puerto Rico Trench?" Exactly.

The arrows in the map above show the direction the underlying Caribbean tectonic plates are moving, with the resultant build-up of pressure releasing into a myrid of earthquakes in the region over the years. Puerto Rico is the smaller green island in the middle, with the Dominican Republic the larger island to the left. The string of other Caribbean islands is buried under the earthquake markers that flow down the page to the lower right.
You can see the Puerto Rico Trench wraps around the entire zone.
A few little known facts came to the fore as I was researching this area after spotting the recent increase in seismic activity in the Caribbean region.
1. The Puerto Rico Trench is the biggest and deepest such trench in the entire Atlantic ocean.
1. 波多黎各海溝是整個大西洋中最大和最深的海溝。
2. This trench is capable of producing 8.0 earthquakes and above.
2. 這溝能產生 8.0級及以上地震。
3. The risk of a major quake, underwater landslide and mega tsunami are as great as that of the Seattle area. In fact, one recent risk assessment put it at 35 to 55%!
3. 一次大地震的風險,海底滑坡和特大海嘯都是一樣大如西雅圖地區的。事實上,最近的一次風險評估把它放在35至55%!
4. The zone hasn't ruptured in over 200 years and that has geologists seriously concerned.
4。該區域超過 200年還沒有破裂,而有地質學家已嚴重關注。

In other words, something major will happen. No one knows when, but it will happen, as it has in the past there.
Add that to the fact that 35 million people live in surrounding low lying areas and you have a monumental disaster just waiting to happen.

But Why No Warning?
What struck is that in everything I'm reading, it's admitted this risk is huge but it's hardly known in the area. Even  Wikipedia admits:
Knowledge of the earthquake and tsunami risks has not been widespread among the general public of the islands located near the trench.
Why? Would it negatively impact the local economy, much like the idiot mayor's development worries in the movie Jaws? Are there really such people in charge?

Well, look at the Gulf oil disaster and Fukushima for starters. I don't think the concern is anyone's health or well being - it's preserving the status quo while the disasters take their toll as quietly as possible.

Remember--it's not crisis prevention, it's crisis management.
記住 - 這不是預防危機,是危機管理。

Here's the Recent Activity In the Area
Here's where it first caught my eye--what was that all about in the Caribbean down there? See that faultline between the massive North and South American continents?
這是首先引起我眼睛所注意的 - 加勒比下面那裡究竟有什麼事呢?看看南北美大陸之間的大型斷層?

Now here's a close-up:
There are 25 earthquakes in the past week. The blue dots are in the past 24 hours.
The Big Picture
Now consider a few factors and you'll want to warn everyone you can in the region.

1. Seismic activity worldwide is up 6 times what it was last year and we're only half way into the year.

2. The current solar maximum cycle will continue to escalate until 2013 so we have some serious bombardment ahead.

3. Comet, asteroid, planetoid and/or dwarf star arrivals and other celestial events and alignments are in the very near future.

4. Extremely powerful technology is now in the hands of mad scientists and manipulators who are making war on the planet. HAARP and other similar atmospheric heater arrays are capable of creating and/or exasperating already "poised" situations at any time to suit their purposes.

5. The Ring of Fire as well as the New Madrid Fault are active and poised for much greater movement which will cause a domino effect.

6. The Puerto Rico Trench is a unique geological formation due to major plate subduction.

Oceanic crust is formed at an oceanic ridge, while the lithosphere is subducted back into the asthenosphere at trenches.

7. The Caribbean plate joins the North and South American plates, both of which are moving. Something will eventually give.
7. 加勒比板塊加進北美和南美板塊,這兩者都在移動中,最終將放出一些東西。
All That To Say...
We live in wild times and we cannot be ignorant of the world around us and the potential for disaster. We must not live in fear, but we must be awake and aware.
In light of this information, I would suggest anyone knowing anyone or even any news outlets in the Caribbean region to send them this article, or your own personal warning and concern. They've obviously not been warned.

This goes for anyone in seismically active areas. Many people, including myself, have moved to "higher ground" and take these things seriously. At the least have emergency supplies and plans always ready. We're in for a bumpy ride no matter where we are.

"Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

We Need To Stay Tuned and Continue to Inform
The Powers That Be are not about informing or empowering the people, as you have probably learned. There are wonderful groups trying to help people take real threats like these seriously, but it's in spite of the government, not because of them.

If people realize they need to stay conscious and informed on their own and not expect the media to tell you what to do, they can stay a step ahead, or at least know how to read the signs of the times and react in a conscious way.

Whatever you do, don't follow Hollywood's pre-programmed panic conditioning. Keep fear out of the equation in whatever you do, think or plan. The Universe, God or whatever you want to call it, is in control - we just need to be attuned to where It wants us to be and do our part to keep the awakening happening. Love will always find a way.

Love, Zen

For more on current current crises see: Ft. Calhoun: A Nightmare Scenario



Greek PM says backing austerity plan is 'patriotic duty'

"He steals from the poor and gives to the rich, stupid bitch"

希臘示威者對防暴警察擲燃燒彈 抗議IMF的銀行救市貸款




彗星ELENIN 的奇怪軌跡

COMET ELENIN 26TH JUNE 2011 Strange orbit (MIRRORED)
彗星ELENIN 2011年6月26日的奇怪軌跡(轉載)
查看小行星2011 MD、彗星Honda和彗星Levy,都有不錯的楕圓形軌跡動畫。但查看彗星Elenin,動畫軌道線的彎曲是不像其它所有噴氣推進實驗室的軌跡動畫。
2011 MD 軌跡圖



Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth
Dr. Mark Sircus, Contributing Writer
Activist Post
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Dees Illustration

小行星預警 - 新發現的小行星2011 MD 6月27日在0.0010AU 至 0.0027AU 掠...



626麥田圈: 威爾特郡蜜糖街和烏克蘭Kordyshevka

Crop circles 2011: Honeystreet near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK 26 June 2011

Crop Circle in Kordyshevka, Ukraine, June 2011
麥田圈在烏克蘭Kordyshevka 2011年6月



(中鏈) 國際先驅導報:轉基因比有意創造的武器更爲危險

作者:金微 陳一文


《國際先驅導報》記者金微 特約撰稿陳一文發自北京 這是一個極具迷惑性的殺手,它披着大腸杆菌的“無害”外衣,卻在德國使3000多人染病,因它死亡者接近40人。









By: Devvy
June 27, 2011
Translation by Autumnson Blog

Warning: Explicit language

A man sent me an email after my last column on the queering of America's churches saying I shouldn't be so explicit in my use of words. Wrong. This country needs some reality and not just more propaganda wrapped up in fuzzy, politically correct words like "gay." Oh, John and Bill are wonderful gays. Sam and Tom are gay. Well, exactly what does that mean? That the sum total of their sexual preferences are kissing and holding hands? Do people understand how they are being manipulated by words, images and repeated lies?
Is describing what homosexuals do offensive? I have yet to hear one single person say that having sex in someone else's rectum and feces is normal and healthy. Criticizing the filthy practice of sodomy is called "hate speech." How else should one describe sodomy practiced by "gays"? Perhaps I should call it buggery, but it doesn't change the act.
Late Friday night, June 24, 2011, New York became the sixth state of the Union to "legalize" marriage for sexual deviants. The world was immediately flooded with live media feeds of debauchery in several major cities. New York City saw "lots of celebrations." Men who have sex in each other's feces were kissing and groping. Females who slobber in each other's vaginas and other perversions, kissing and hugging. I find that highly offensive. Oh, I know the old argument on this issue about "tolerance" - especially from Libertarians. My personal opinion, which always gets me in trouble with libertarians, is that they confuse licentiousness with liberty.
2011年6月24日上週五晚,紐約成為為性不正常者“合法化”婚姻的聯盟的第六個州。全世界立刻充斥著現場媒體提供在幾個主要城市縱情酒色的料,紐約市看到“很多的慶祝活動。”在對方的糞便中發生性關係的男人都在親吻和摸索,在對方的陰道和其它變態中流口水的女性也在親吻和擁抱,我覺得高度反感。哦,我知道在這個問題上的老說法“寬容忍耐” - 特別是從自由主義者。個人意見,自由主義者總是令我身處麻煩,他們混淆了放蕩與自由。
The cultural war regarding sexual deviants has been waged with increased fervor since AIDS came to the attention of the American people. THAT is when the push really began for "tolerance" and "social justice" regarding sexual deviants. A deadly disease that was infecting and killing thousands spread by men having dangerous sex. Of course, the spread of AIDS and HIV could have come to a near complete stop had men stopped the practice of sodomy. They didn't back in the 80s, and, sadly, the rest is history.
Four Republicans sold out to promote the death of Western civilization and a nation which used to adhere to Christian and moral standards. They need to be booted out of the NY State Senate in 2012: James Alesi, Roy McDonald, Stephen Saland, and Mark Grisanti.
四名共和黨人出盡法寶去促進西方文明、和一個習慣堅持基督教和道德標準的國家的死亡。他們需要在2012年被驅逐出紐約州參議院:詹姆斯阿萊西、羅伊麥當勞、斯蒂芬SALAND,和馬克 Grisanti。
"Sen. Mark Grisanti, a GOP freshman from Buffalo who also had been undecided, also voted for the bill. Grisanti said he could not deny anyone what he called basic rights. "I apologize to those I offend," said Grisanti, a Roman Catholic. "But I believe you can be wiser today than yesterday. I believe this state needs to provide equal rights and protections for all its residents," he said." Grisanti is a Catholic in name only because he spit in God's face with his vote. It was a no brainer morally bankrupt Gov. Andrew Cuomo would sign the bill calling it "social justice."

"Social justice" is just more communist propaganda. I know I'm repeating myself, but it is and has been for more than eight decades the goal of the communists and let me quote Jeri Lynn Ball from her book, Masters of Seduction:

"Communist masters who ran the “former” Soviet Union and East Bloc nations during the Cold War are still in control of these hapless countries today and that they are waging psychological warfare, using the same powerful secret weapon to subjugate Americans that they used to enslave their own people. The Russian totalitarians, Red Chinese, and their globalist American “partners” are using this secret ideological weapon, among other things, to achieve world domination....

"Nikolai Bukharin had previously written “that the revolution's principle task was to ‘alter people's actual psychology.’” In 1928 Bukharin stated that “one of the first priorities is the question of the systematic preparation of new men, the builders of [totalitarian] socialism.” In his book, Soviet Civilization, Andrei Sinyavsky states that the “idea of the new man is the cornerstone of Soviet civilization.”

The communists have never wavered from their goals:
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."
27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion.

Change the way people think and believe. Destroy the traditional family and marriage between only a man and woman. Replace with two daddys or two mommies. Promote and condone, as the United States government is doing at every level, the filth of sodomy and all the horrible diseases suffered by sodomites. Sell "gay" regarding lesbians to soften the abomination they commit in God's eyes. Remember: Communism can only flourish in a Godless country; take a good long look at China and North Korea. Next came allowing sexual deviants to adopt precious children and brain wash them with the big lie: Born that way. Sexual deviants adopting children is child abuse condoned by political animals in the state houses more worried about votes from a small minority with an agenda than the welfare of children.
改變人們思維的方式和相念,破壞傳統的家庭和只得一男和一女的婚姻,替以兩個爸爸或兩個 媽媽。正如美國政府在每一層面所做的,推廣和縱容雞姦的污穢和所有雞姦者患有的可怕疾病。向女同志販賣“同性戀”以軟化她們犯有在上帝眼中的憎惡。記住:共產主義只能在無神論的國家蓬勃發展,慢慢看看中國和朝鮮。接下來是讓性不正常者收養珍貴的兒童,和幫他們洗腦以彌天大話:天生如此。性不正常者收養兒童是虐待兒童,由州房子的政治動物所縱容,更擔心來自有議程的少數人選票多於兒童的福利。
Marriage for more than 5,000 years has always been between a man and woman, not sexual deviants. The psychological warfare that has been underway in this country for decades has been successful in distracting the American people from the core issue regarding sexual deviants and so called "social justice." Throughout history, men who have sex in each other's rectums and feces were identified as homosexuals or queers. They still are and the Internet is replete with web sites proclaiming "We're queer and we're here."
In order to take the stench away from what homosexuals do and the horrible number of preventable deaths from AIDS in the early 80s, clever marketing began in earnest. Homosexuals were now "gay" due to their "sexual orientation." The first really big battle came in 1992 when the voters passed Amendment Two out in Colorado that would would have prohibited "all legislative, executive, or judicial action at any level of state or local government designed to protect the status of persons based on their 'homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, practices or relationships'."

Of course, lawsuits followed and a preliminary injunction from the trial court prevented the will of the people from ever being law. That injunction was upheld by the Colorado Supreme Court, who along with the trial court, sided saying the rights of sexual deviants was violated regarding participation in the political process. All based on a lie: Born that way.

Next up in the judicial cesspool we had Lawrence v Texas. A total set up to test sodomy laws here in Texas. I read  Sex Appealed: Was the US Supreme Court Fooled? by Judge Janice Law. She accurately describes how sexual deviants staged a sodomy event so they would be arrested. Now, this is important: If you read no other book on this, read How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary by Dr. Edwin Vieira. It's not one of this 1,000 page tomes, but it is critical in understanding how the courts have driven a stake through the heart of traditional morals in this country. Oh, and that other "out dated" argument about God calling sodomy and women who defile their bodies with each other as an abomination.

READ that book to clearly and fully understand what that U.S. Supreme Court did to this country AND the subversion of our laws. Part I of Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary is: The Illegitimate Insinuation of Foreign Law and Amorialty Into America's Constitutional Jurisprudence. For those conservatives who think Sandra Day O'Connor was a "great" justice of the Supreme Court, I submit that you don't have a clue. Quoting from page 26: "On the other side, Justice O'Connor did not deny that homosexuality is a voluntarily chosen lifestyle..."

There you have it. It doesn't matter sodomites and lesbians are not "born that way" as screeched by the sluttish pop diva "Lady" Gaga. I guarantee you that once you are finished with Edwin's book, you will have a complete education on our rotten judicial system and why favorable decisions to promote sexual deviants is rampant. SHAME on the "conservative" Republicans in the Outlaw Congress (most still in office) who have done nothing to throw activist federal judges off the bench when they've had complete control of Congress over the Democrats.

Is the battle over just because New York has passed such a toxic "law"? Can it be challenged? Yes, but it won't be easy. First, there are religious exemptions.

But, how about business owners who refuse to recognize "same sex marriage"? Let's say Countryside Bank (fictional name) in Madison, NY refuses to open a bank account for Mr. and Mr. Sexual Deviants because the owners of the bank refuse to flush their moral code down the commode. Or, a family who owns a motel refuses to rent a room for the night for Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs. Sexual Deviant. The first thing that will happen is the America hating ACLU will jump in and sue. That is why you must read How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary.

Every member of every state legislature who is against the massive effort to normalize sodomy, lesbian sex and "same sex" marriage needs to read that book. If you're a state legislator, buy ten copies and give them to your colleagues because I guarantee you: that very small minority will not stop until they are stopped once and for all.

Legislators must understand how foreign law is being used to usurp the rights of the states and their citizens on this issue. If I had the money, I would send a copy to every Republican in all 50 state houses along with a copy of a factual scientific analysis proving "born that way" is a lie: "This is the Way God Made Me"- A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the "Gay Gene"

The whole argument for sexual deviants is "civil rights" and "born that way". In the article above, that propaganda is shredded by scientific truth, not politically correct propaganda and THAT is the hammer that must be used in fighting back the massive push to legalize marriage between sexual deviants. This isn't about "social justice" or "marriage equality" it's about lies promoting filthy and dangerous sexual preferences.

I refuse to use the word "gay" when writing about sexual deviants. I will never recognize "same sex" marriage and I don't care how many laws get passed by some legislature or the Outlaw Congress. If you play the game by the enemies rules, they win. If you don't understand past court rulings by activist judges, legislatures will not be able to defeat bills and the same applies for future lawsuits that will come from sexual deviants marrying in another state and then coming back to the one they reside in and demand New York's law be upheld. It goes without saying that NY will become a magnet for sexual deviants from other states getting "married". This is going to be a nightmare that needs to be fought with the right legal argument. The American people also need to stop electing the same damn "conservative" representatives to the Outlaw Congress who do nothing about impeaching activist judges who use foreign laws in our court system.

Starve the sponsors. Earlier this month, "Gay" Pride Week in Boston paraded in the streets; photos here. Think those types of parades will only stay in the big cities like SF and Boston? Think again. Where was Cardinal Seán O’Malley from the Archdiocese of Boston? The only response to the toxic "same sex" marriage "law" in New York from the Catholic Church was they found it "disturbing". By all that's holy, Cardinal O'Malley should have been out there on the street at that parade denouncing sin!

Starve the sponsors. This is a list of corporations that put big bucks into sponsoring sexual deviants and supporting their agenda. If you don't make your voice heard through your purchasing power, nothing will change. Add Home Depot to the list.

As for the issue of hating homosexuals and lesbians, that is not in my heart. I feel pity and great sadness for those who have been lured into a dangerous and immoral "alternative lifestyle." I hope you can read the uplifting story below about Michael Glatze and why he left the homosexual lifestyle.

Licentiousness: sexually unrestrained; lascivious; libertine; lewd. Unrestrained by law or general morality; lawless; immoral.

'Gay'-rights leader quits homosexuality同性戀權利領導人放棄同性戀
AIDS Rate 50 Times Higher in Homosexual Men: 同性戀男人愛滋病感染率高50倍:

Center for Disease Control疾控中心

1- The risks of sodomy and lesbian sex雞姦和女同性者性行為的風險
2- The Queering of America's Churches美國教會的男同性戀者
3- The Queering of our military and God's wrath我們軍隊的男同性戀者和上帝的憤怒
4- Disease-tainted Gay Blood Threatens Our Troops 疾病- 污染的同性戀者血液威脅我們的軍隊
5- An excellent read: The Pink Swastika - 4th Edition 一本優秀的讀物:粉紅卍 - 第4版





汞污染致雄白?有同性戀傾向 或影響人第二性征

英國基督教傳教士被捕 因為說同性戀是罪惡


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