Open Season: Hunting Black People in Libya
Black Star News, Letter To The Editor
August 30, 2011
Translation by Autumnson Blog
A writer says rebels commit Ku Klux Klan type atrocities against Black people in Libya

Media habitually tells us that Libyan rebels are noble freedom fighters, struggling aganist a bloodthirsty tyrant. But after all the buckets of half-truths and blatant lies, that news poured on our heads, treating us
viewers like brainless sheep and feeding us half-baked reports that often got disproved the next day, some of us started to look further and investigate.
What they found out, is extremely disturbing. Say, from the very beginning of war we've been hearing reports about "Gaddafi's black mercenaries". We even saw photos and videos of several people that,
supposedly, were these mercenaries. But the whole truth is much more complicated - and scary.
他們所發現的,是十分令人不安的。例如,從戰爭的一開始,我們已經聽到報告有關“卡扎菲的黑人僱傭兵”,我們甚至看到幾個人的照片和錄像,據稱這些都是僱傭軍。但整個真相是要複雜得多 - 和嚇人的。
Yes, there indeed are several divisions of black Africans and citizens of Chad in the army of Libya, that is formed on the principle of territorial militia. But they can hardly be considered mercenaries - not more than French Foreign Legion or non-American citizens in US Army. In general, the status of black men of Libyan army's various units is civil servants.
是的,在利比亞軍中確有幾個師的非洲黑人和乍得的公民,在領土民兵的原則下組成,但他們難以被視為僱傭軍 - 不多於法國外籍軍團或在美國軍隊的非美國公民。一般情況下,利比亞軍中各單位的黑人男子地位是公務員。
In a country with 6 million inhabitants, one third are black (the most oppressed group in the country). Would not it be easier for the rebels to call for their solidarity and ask them join the rebel ranks? But not
only black Libyans do not join the rebellion - they flee in terror.
在一個有6百萬居民的國家,三分之一為黑人(國家中最受壓迫的組別)。那豈不是更容易給叛軍去呼籲團結,並要求他們加入叛軍行列?但不祇利比亞黑人不參加叛亂 - 他們在恐怖中逃亡。
The first wave of reports and evidence of beatings of black Africans began in February and March. The rebels, under the trademark of fighting with the mercenaries from Chad, were slaughtering all black people with no mercy. They even started to post various Youtube videos with their actions filmed
The victim was the Libyan citizen Hisham Mansour, born 22-02-1983. Back in early March, the Human Rights Watch even warned black migrant workers on the need to flee the revolutionary terrain.

"We left behind our friends from Chad. We left behind their bodies. We had 70 or 80 people from Chad working for our company. They cut them dead with pruning shears and axes, attacking them, saying you're providing troops for Gaddafi. The Sudanese, the Chadians were massacred. We saw it ourselves. I am a worker, not a fighter. They took me from my house and [raped] my wife", - a Turkish oilfield worker, who fled Libya, told BBC in February 25.

One of the editors of the Monthly Review, Yoshie Furuhashi, writes:

"The black African workers now live in fear in the territories held by the rebels in Libya. Some have been attacked by mobs, some have been imprisoned and some of their houses and shops have been torched. Many African workers say they felt safer under the regime of Gaddafi".

In March, a reporter from the Daily Mail was in Benghazi and reported:

"Africans I saw ranged from a 20 year old and a late forties, with a grizzled beard. Most wore casual clothes. When they realized that I spoke English erupted in protests. "We did nothing," one told me, before he was silenced. "We are all construction workers in Ghana. Do not harm anyone. "

Another accused, a man in green overalls, showed the paint on their sleeves and said: "This is my job. I do not know how to shoot a gun "

Abdul Nasser, 47, protested: "They lie about us. They took us out of our house at night when we were asleep. " While still complaining, they were taken.

International Business Times published an article on March 2 that says:

"According to reports, over 150 black Africans at least a dozen different countries escaped from Libya by plane and landed at the airport in Nairobi, Kenya, with horrific stories of violence."

"We were attacked by locals who said they were mercenaries who killed people. I mean blacks who refused to see "Julius told Reuters Kiluu, a construction supervisor for 60 years.

Michel Collon with a fact-finding delegation were in Libya in July and when he learned what had happened, he said:

"I met these people during my research in Tripoli. I could talk to some people. They were not "mercenaries," as the rebels and the media tell. Some were dark-skinned Libyans (much of the population is of African type, in fact), others were black civilians from African countries whostayed in Libya for a long time. All support Gaddafi precisely because he opposes to racism and treats them as Arabs and Africans on an equal footing. On the contrary, the rebels in Benghazi are known for their
racism, and blacks were victims of terrible systematic atrocities. The paradox is that NATO wants to bring democracy to a section of Al Qaeda and Libyan Ku Klux Klan-type racists".

Here's another footage, with English explanations given.

After the rebels entered Tripoli, numerous reports of black men being killed appeared again. Twitter explodes with rebels' messages about killing "African mercenaries". In the chaos of embattled Tripoli, black people are being simply seized from the streets and taken somewhere openly.

On the photo above we can see that the lying people's hands are tied with plastic handcuffs and their clothes are relatively clean. This means these people were captured not after a fight, but deliberately.

The Colonel was being building good relations with the south of Africa. NATO plan of destabilizing Libya might as well include having the black Africans turning away from this country forever, using contempt and xenophobia of the rebels as a driving force of the persecution. After all, lynching black people simply for being in Africa sounds ridiculous.

But results are pretty much of the same racist kind, and they are not funny at all.

Editor's Note: When the atrocities are finally documented, the corporate media that ignored ethnic cleansing of Black people will bear the stain of culpability. The Wall Street Journal reported on what amounts to ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans by the "Brigade for Purging Slaves, black skin," on June 21, 2011. The newspaper has not revisited that story, which was ignored by major media such as CNN and The New York Times at the time the Journal reported it, probably because they believed it would "tarnish" the NATO-rebels' reputation --small "sacrifice" to protect the corporate-media-favored side in the conflict. So what if the "liberators" had a little bit of KKK in them? The White House and State Department have yet to comment on the reported ethnic cleansing. The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor and publicity hound, Luis Moreno Ocampo, has yet to say a word; such is the devaluation of the lives of Black people globally.




Israel sends warships to Egypt border
Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:45AM GMT
Translation by Autumnson Blog
Israeli soldiers (file photo)

The Israeli Navy has sent two more warships to the Egypt border in the Red Sea, saying that southern Israel could be attacked from Egyptian soil, a claim denied by Cairo.

“Two naval craft have been sent to the Red Sea,” AP quoted an Israeli military official as saying on Tuesday.
Earlier on Monday, Israeli Defense Forces' (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Benny Gantz authorized bolstering deployment across the entire southern territories, specifically areas close to the Israeli-Egyptian border.

Meanwhile, areas next to the border have in recent weeks become the scene of increased military build-up described by some security observers as “unprecedented,” after several Israelis were killed in an attack on a number of vehicler near the Egypt border on Aug. 18.

Following the attacks, Israeli officials had claimed that Egypt's grip on Sinai was weakening.

Meanwhile, Egypt's South Sinai Governor Khaled Fouda denied reports that the attackers had opened fire on Israeli vehicles from Sinai.

"The South Sinai governor denied there was any gunfire from Taba towards Eilat port," state television said in reference to the Egyptian Red Sea resort across the border from Eilat.



Gordon Duff - 9/11時五角大樓不是由飛機而是被巡航導彈攻擊的!(聲頻)

Gordon Duff - Pentagon Attacked By A Cruise Missile On 9/11 2001 Not A Plane!
戈登達夫 - 2001年9/11時五角大樓不是由飛機而是被巡航導彈攻擊的!


Elenin 的奇怪射頻信號被射電望遠鏡截獲

ELENIN - August 2011.mp4
ELENIN - 八月 2011.mp4
Translation by Autumnson Blog

Strange RF signal is picked up by radio telescopes in California from Elenin.
從 Elenin來的奇怪射頻信號被加州的射電望遠鏡截獲。
For several days, has been analyzing radio signals picked up by the USC California Radio Telescope. The signal comes from the transit area of "Elenin" and coincides with the observation G pulse, which also are being analyzed by independent experts. The pulses are equally amazing. In various forums, experts are analyzing the signals...

Keiser 報告:赤背對綠背

Keiser Report: Redback vs Greenback (E177)
2011-08-30 上
This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss Anonymous joining #occupywallstreet while President Obama does dirty banker deal. In the second half of the show Max talks to fund manager, Dan Collins, about how the Chinese 'redback' may displace the ever devaluing American 'greenback' in world trade.


回顧 - 耀眼的天空 - 絕密武器的部署?

Part 1: Bright Skies - Harry Mason at Revelations
第1部分:耀眼的天空 - 哈里梅森在揭示

Part 2: Bright Skies - Harry Mason at Revelations
第2部分:耀眼的天空 - 哈里梅森在揭示

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第3部分:耀眼的天空 - 哈里梅森在揭示

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Part 5: Bright Skies - Harry Mason at Revelations
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Part 6: Bright Skies - Harry Mason at Revelations
第6部分:耀眼的天空 - 哈里梅森在揭示


NEXUS Magazine
Dec 97 - Jan 1998
PART 5 of 6
Translation by Autumnson Blog

[N.B. published version slightly re-written and re-edited]

Top-Secret Weapons Deployment ?

Were Tesla-style EM weapons used in the Kobe earthquake, the Oklahoma City bombing and the downing of TWA Flight 800, in a secret war between unidentified oligarchic factions?


On 17 January 1995, the Japanese city of Kobe was struck by a massive earthquake that devastated much of the city, killing over 5,500 people and injuring many thousands more. Shoko Asahara, the leader of the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth (Aum Shinrikyo) sect, had surprisingly predicted, in a Tokyo radio broadcast on 8 January 1995, that a major quake would soon occur at Kobe. Asahara went even further and stated that this quake would be initiated by a "a foreign power" utilising an electromagnetic (EM) weapons system.
在1995年1月17日,日本神戶市遭受大地震打擊破壞了城市的大部份,殺死超過 5,500人及傷害數千人。日本奧姆真理教(Aum Shinrikyo)教派領導人麻原彰晃,在1995年1月8日東京廣播電台作出驚人的預測,一場大地震即將在神戶發生。麻原彰晃更進一步及指出,這場地震將由“一個外國勢力”發動,使用一套電磁(EM)武器系統。
Aum's Science Minister Hideo Murai later stated at the Foreign Press Correspondents' Club in Tokyo on 7 April 1995 that, "There is a possibility that the great Hanshin [Kobe] earthquake was activated by electromagnetic power or some device that exerts energy into the ground."
奧姆真理教的科學部長秀雄村居之後於1995年4月7日在東京外國記者記者俱樂部指出,“有一可能性阪神[神戶]大地震是由電磁力量或某些設置激活,施加能量進入地面。 “
Although Asahara would undoubtedly have preferred his great predictive powers to be thought of as due to a highly developed and superior spiritual ability to examine the future time-track (thus attracting more gullible followers after this quake event), it is far more likely that he was fed warning intelligence re Kobe by Aum's Science Minister Murai, and/or Japanese Intelligence operatives who themselves were forewarned by Russian KGB officials.
In his pre-Aum days, Hideo Murai had worked on highly advanced microwave and gamma/cosmic-ray physics applications for cold moulding of steel at the Kobe Steel laboratories. This laboratory complex was located at the near-exact epicentre of the great Kobe earthquake. Japanese investigative journalists believe that this Kobe laboratory was one of several research facilities (located at Osaka, Tsukuba and Tokyo universities) engaged in top-secret research and development of EM weapons technology under the cover of Kobe Steel industrial research and/or environmental "desert-greening" studies.
The Aum's deputy leader, Kiyohide Hayakawa, in his pre-Aum days studied at Osaka University in the Landscape Engineering section of the Environmental Engineering department. His thesis is highly confidential and not available to the public, but allegedly contains only "landscape gardening" studies. There is some suggestion that his area of study included the use of advanced EM weapons technology in Weather Engineering. Japanese scientists from their EM weapon research university departments are today conducting extensive field observations of Eastern Goldfields weather patterns and the factors required to "green" our Australian deserts - on behalf of the Japanese Environmental Ministry and our Western Australian Government.
奧姆真理教的副領袖早川清秀在他的前奧姆真理教日子,是就讀於大阪大學的環境工程系景觀工程組。他的論文是高度機密及不向公眾提供,但據稱包含只有“園林景觀”的研究。有一些人提出他的研究領域包括,在氣象工程使用先進的電磁武器技術。來自大學部門電磁武器研究的日本科學家,今天在進行廣泛的東部金礦天氣模式,和令我們的澳大利亞沙漠成為“綠色” 的需要因素的實地觀察- 代表日本環境部和我們的西澳大利亞政府。
Certain public observations on exotic cloud formations, new weather patterns, and unusually wet weather suggest to this author that experiments in weather engineering involving EM weapons technology transmissions have been underway in Western Australia over the past 4-5 years, with the apparent aim to green our central semi-deserts and create a series of huge forests - for commercial gain and to act as a CO2 sink.
某些對奇特的雲結構、新天氣模式、和異常潮濕天氣的公眾觀察,對筆者提出氣象工程的實驗涉及電磁武器技術傳輸,已經在西澳大利亞過去進行了 4-5年來,用表面的目的去綠化我們中央的半沙漠,及創造一系列巨大的森林 - 為謀取商業利益及作為一個二氧化碳糟。
A large group of Japanese scientists including military personnel (some 50 people) were observed east of Perth last Easter 96 photographing with telescopic tripod mounted cameras and observing by telescope such exotic weather tests.
一大群包括軍事人員(約 50人)的日本科學家,去年96復活節在珀斯以東觀察,以伸縮三腳架安裝攝像機拍攝,和用望遠鏡觀察這些奇特的天氣測試。
Weather patterns observed on several occasions, including Easter 96, consisted of several perfectly symetrical and exactly similar circular cloud multi-ring complexes - each complex touching the next along the outer cloud ring - each complex consisting of one cloud ring inside the next - like a "Russian Doll" - creating five concentric "smoke rings" - each cloud ring being tube like in x-sectional form - each complex having a diameter of some 30km - the group of cloud ring complexes formed as a line over some 100km offshore of our western coast. Such totally symetrical cloud formations and the associated events have never been observed in previous W.A. history.
在幾種場合下觀察氣候模式,包括96年復活節 ,包含了幾種完美地對稱和完全類似的圓形雲多環複合物 - 每一個複合物沿著外雲環掂著另一個 - 每一個複合物由另一個內的雲環組成 - 就像“俄羅斯娃娃” - 創造了五個同心的“煙圈” - 每一個雲環在x截面形式是管狀 - 每一個複合物有直徑約30公里 - 雲環綜合體的小組形成一條線在我們西部海岸離岸約超過100公里。這些完全對稱的雲結構和相關的活動,從未在以前的西澳歷史中被觀察到。
The individual cloud ring complexes formed as one ring puff followed by another each expanding until the entire cloud system was established over a few hours in the late morning. Heavy weather formed up to seaward of these cloud complexes by late afternoon and then swept inland in the early evening. These events always involved evening power outages caused by overvoltage generation in our Darling Ranges power line system - just prior to the eastward movement of the previously static storm systems. Persons sensitive to EM fields were in physical agony all day as the cloud system and heavy weather formed up. Such weather events have been seen several times in the 1995/96 time period and correlated well with cyclonic storms turning south off of our northern shores and rushing inland to connect up with the eastwards moving heavy weather fronts - the combination of two enormous storm systems then proceeding to dump highly anomalous rainfall into central and south-eastern Western Australia.

Note the recent press (Washington Post/Asia Wall Street Journal/Malaysian Star 14/13-11-97 ) re Malaysia's intention to engage the services of a Russian State company and it's secret orbital satellite technology to create large cyclones (hurricanes to you Yanks) in order to blow away the smoke and haze from the recent massive environmental disaster created by the huge Indonesian and Borneo Jungle Fires. This Russian company now provides weather to order - anywhere on the planet - at a multi-million dollar price.

To say that they have not used this system in the bad old days of the "Cold War", or in the more recent past in weather warfare, or at someone's very specific bequest would be at best naïve. For instance the huge storm cell generated in the Bay of Biscay that hit the UK in October 1987 in a historically unknown manner, whilst the world stock market was crashing. The cyclonic winds destroyed entire areas of forest and knocked out significant sections of southern England's telephone system, and therefore locked many persons into a collapsing market - unable to sell. Someone made a lot of money out of that - by getting out first in New York - and bashed the British financial system at the same time. Of course it was a natural event - an act of God - but what if someone was playing at being God ???

There have been many other examples of very odd high power storm cells hitting many areas of the USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe over the past decade or so - all creating massive damage and significant loss of life - some creating very special economic pressure - eg. Lloyds great collapse was due to huge unprecedented insurance claims originating in damage from storms of this type over several years - how many of these storms were created by a Russian EM system (or a US system ?)- and with what economic intention ??? There is ample evidence of steered storms hitting special targets - eg the case a few years ago of a hurricane that hit southern Florida and appeared to specifically alter course to attack an isolated nuclear power station right on the nose.

In future insurance claims will have to include next to "Acts of God", a clause about "Acts of Fabians/old KGB etc.". Real estate in the central Australian semi-deserts could suddenly become very valuable - gives the MABO Native Title Rights a whole new meaning !!!

Coming to grips with the "new" Tesla EM field world will involve some high powered reality adjustment by many human mushrooms.

The existence of such an EM technology capable of weather engineering has been denied by Western Government, "scientists", and news media for many years - in spite of ground breaking observation by US scientists such as Tom Bearden and others - who were usually sneered at as "nutters or loony tunes". Now either the Malaysian Environment ministry has stuffed up big time by running this press release - when it should have been kept under wraps - or perhaps the news release announces in a subtle way that the Russians have come to the aid of Malaysia in her recent currency hammering by George Sorros and the US Treasury - the message is "back off" or face a blast from our EM weapons.

Either way the Weather Engineering Technology doubters and ivory tower experts have now got a lot of explaining to do.

The EM technology for creating weather engineering, earthquakes, city busting explosions, or zapping space craft and/or UFO's is basically the same system - they just differ by the amount of energy per micro second per square meter poured into your target.

We are told that greenhouse gases are our worst enemy and are creating El Nino effects and massive weather changes across the planet. We are told we MUST all rally together to combat this CO2 plague by creating yet more pressure on jobs, and we MUST stop the great fluorocarbon release that is hitting the Ozone layer for six.

I am all in favour of sound ecological management of our planet - but the recent Kyoto Vaudeville show could do with a new scientific perspective - now that there is US Newspaper "proof" of the existence of weather engineering technology, and a complimentary suggestion of my own that Ozone destruction could be due to the use of massive Tesla EM field transmission power (of both Russian and US sources) - concentrating via geomagnetic electron flow lines down to the South Pole where it effects the destruction of ever so unstable Ozone - rather than the effects of fluorocarbon molecules.

Some type of interference with normal EM field lines and regional potentials appears to offer a solution to the mysterious mass beaching suicide actions of whales, porpoises, and dolphins over recent years. These areas urgently require intelligent research by the Greens - now - but unfortunately they appear (just like all other parties) all to often to follow the dictated spin-doctor directions of their financial backers. Our lack of action in this regard could see such marine mammals disappear from our environment.

I am afraid that we are being conned yet again with the new environmental bogie replacing the Hitler clone type hate/fear spin doctor icon - all in the name of covert control of the human mushroom population of our planet..............

A far better game would be to spur us all onto the discovery of a clean "Free Energy Source" - to replace oil, coal, and uranium fuel systems. But meanwhile back at Kobe ................

For several days prior to the great Kobe earthquake there were reports of glowing orange-red and pink lights and spherical forms hovering over and along the Kobe fault line. Such Earth stress lights have been observed over major quakes in many parts of the globe since the 19th century, but the number and intensity of those that developed in the January 1995 pre-Kobe quake days appear to be highly anomalous.

The existence of geophysical weapons capable of creating or triggering earthquakes in highly stressed crustal regions has been discussed privately by geophysicists for a decade or more.

Rumours have abounded over certain huge earthquakes of the 1970s and 1980s in the Central Asian republics of the former USSR. Some writers have suggested that these were caused by Israeli, French or American EM weapons systems used in retaliation for Soviet EM weapon strikes on the West.

US scientist Tom Bearden contends that the Soviets brought into service an intercontinental-range Tesla EM weapon in 1963 during the Khrushchev era.

The evidence that Kobe was not a natural earthquake is slender and is based primarily upon Asahara's prediction that was later proved so horrifyingly correct. There would appear to be some supporting evidence of an indirect nature involving political considerations and other more recent world events. Taking into consideration the entire Kobe and Aum Tokyo scenarios together with the earlier, possibly Aum-related, fireball-explosion-earthquake events of 28 May 1993 at Banjawarn, Western Australia, one is left with a very strong impression of a serious "EM fire" underlying the visible "dark plume of smoke" that rose over Kobe - (See Bright Skies Parts 1 to 4 for further evidence re the existence of EM Earthquake, City Buster, and Beam weapon systems).

But what motive could there possibly be for such a major city- busting weapon strike? Why choose an exotic EM weapon system?

It is quite possible that the EM strike was directed at the secret Kobe Steel EM weapons research laboratory and that the motive was in part to destroy this facility and cause such a resounding blow to the civilian population, similar in scale to the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that the Japanese oligarchic powers behind the scenes would think long and hard before attempting to continue their EM weapons project. Only the big boys on the block were going to have the modern magical equivalent of Merlin's staff - all the second order gangs should think again ???

If the USA (or a covert international power group based therein) were the belligerent party that struck down Kobe, then the motive would most likely have included a 'big stick' warning to the Japanese powers to do what they were told with regard to the New World (economic) Order, or face the consequences.

It would appear from subsequent events that the Japanese oligarchy did not grovel under this attack but in fact, after some further provocation, went on the offensive with its own (or a friend's) EM weapon system.

Factions at War?

During 1995 and 1996 the following major events were literally blasted onto the world stage:

1) 17 January 1995: The great Kobe "earthquake";

2) 20 March 1995: Tokyo subway gas attack;

3) 19 April 1995: Oklahoma City "terrorist bombing";

4) 1 May 1995: Perth "fireball-explosion";

5) 17 July 1996: Destruction of TWA Flight 800 off New York City and Long Island.

With the exception of the Tokyo subway gas attack, each of the above events can be proven to contain evidence for the apparent involvement of highly advanced exotic EM weapons systems. The Tokyo subway gas attack appeared to involve the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth sect and possibly several other players previously 'fingered' in the EM weapons game.

For some reason the 17th day of two event months appears to be significant; this may reflect payback timing based on the first major event on 17 January 1995.

Taken as a whole, these events appear to represent an escalating exchange of fire between opposing (but unidentified) factions. The nature of this ongoing war and the identities of the opponents and their leaders appear to have been very deliberately kept secret from the planetary population, whilst elaborate webs of lies have been erected in the world press and Japanese and US courts to nominate patsies as the perpetrators of these shocking events.

The development of apparently magical EM weapons capable of initiating earthquakes or nuclear-force-level explosions over or within targets located at a great intercontinental distance by transmission of scalar or Tesla EM ray-waves from two or three transmitter sites, or EM weapons able to strike target sites from an orbiting satellite, spacecraft or aircraft, or ground-based EM pulse-beam weapons capable of taking out orbital or airborne targets, has for the first time in our planetary history allowed the use of 'deniable' massive-force weapons in terrorist acts directed against the general population.

These EM weapons effects are "deniable" in that they can be blamed upon natural earthquakes, meteor air-burst explosions or bolide ground-impacts, or can be set up as terrorist-bomb, ground-to-air missile or even alien UFO scenarios. The ability to cause apparently magical-force events imparts an enormous advantage to certain individual power groups who appear to have stolen these weapons (from the states that originally developed them) to use solely for their own advantage.

Such weapons in the hands of secret power groups who are willing to use them without mercy against the innocent citizens of planet Earth, represents a horrifying future prospect in the power struggles of this planet. Defence against such weapons and the curs who control them must now be our primary objective. The nuclear terror has been replaced by something far worse: a usable, high-energy weapon.



The Tokyo subway gas attack on 20 March 1995 killed 11 people and injured thousands.

The Aum Supreme Truth sect was soon implicated by the Tokyo Police and the world Press.

The Aum was reported as initiating the gas attack as a prelude to a revolutionary "right-wing" takeover of Japan. Aum members were shown on film by the BBC being trained and armed by the Russians. Allegedly the Aum smuggled thousands of automatic rifles and other weapons into Japan from Russia. Apparently the Aum intended to use Russian helicopters and Spetsnaz troops landed on the coast as aids to allow Aum forces to take control of Japanese Government ministries during a series of major diversionary terrorist nerve-gas attacks on key population and government centers across Japan. The Tokyo subway attack was allegedly a preliminary operational test prior to the full-scale AUM action.

In Australia, ABC TV soon ran a prime-time news story with video showing a shed full of large chemical drums (allegedly found at Banjawarn by the new post-Aum owners) and trenches full of hundreds of dead sheep. The report also discussed Federal Police reports concerning sarin-gas-derivative chemicals found in the dead sheep, and interviews with the Aum's Australian sheep station manager. All of this was supposed to demonstrate that the Aum purchased Banjawarn station to carry out tests with home-made sarin nerve gas on sheep, as a precursor field trial to the Tokyo subway gas attack.

Problems soon surfaced with regard to this official Australian press scenario. The present owners of Banjawarn reported to this author that the ABC TV story was "a pack of lies", for the shed of chemicals shown on the 7.00 pm news was not on Banjawarn station; in fact, they had never seen it, and did not know where this video film had come from.

The owners insisted that they had only reported finding two relatively small bottles marked "HCl" (hydrochloric acid) in the old station building, which was previously used by the Aum sect in September 1993 as a mining field-laboratory.

The ABC news footage showing hundreds of dead sheep was actually stock video recorded the previous year when sheep were being shot on farms near Esperance, WA, due to extremely low market prices. Only a few tens of dead sheep were found by police on Banjawarn, and these had been put down by hammer-blows to the head by the Aum's real manager, appointed by the WA Pastoral Board, because the Aum had failed to tend the station's windmills, thus causing a shortage of water for the flocks, which resulted in many severely dehydrated sheep having to be put down.

In Japan, European chemical and nerve-gas experts who examined the Aum's chemical complex laughed at the notion that sarin or any other nerve gas had been made there, pointing out that the equipment and facilities would have leaked like a sieve, killing the operators and local villagers. They did find plenty of residual evidence in the plant that demonstrated that large quantities of designer drugs such as ecstasy had been manufactured there, right up to the time of the Tokyo subway gas attack.

Small samples of sarin and other nerve gases as well as other lethal gas and chemical types were found in the Aum complex, along with a few automatic rifle kits of Russian origin and equipment for duplicating further arms. However, Aum members were apparently deliberately warned about a week in advance that a police raid was coming - thus allowing them to remove any other stocks of arms, gases and drugs in advance.

It appears that deputy leader Hayakawa used the sect as cover for a range of foreign weapons purchases and weapons-related research apparently for the "right-wing" oligarchic power behind the Japanese Government. It is quite obvious that at least parts of the Aum organisation were not staffed with 'good guys' and that they were involved with some quite crazy and antisocial activities such as the manufacture of massive quantities of drugs.

Japanese investigative journalists believe that the drugs were being distributed worldwide by the Yakuza, possibly through a rogue CIA operation. Thus, in time-honoured planetary secret-service fashion, a "right-wing" Japanese oligarchic intelligence operation was being funded by illicit drugs.

These same Japanese journalists (see their web site, www.pelago.com) have suggested that the Aum sect was a cover for Japanese Intelligence operations involving covert re-arming of the Japan Self-Defense Forces with new Russian weapons systems. Recent Japanese Defense Agency press releases tend to support this view by revealing large, new purchases by Japan of modern frontline Russian jet fighters and bombers, as well as joint communications exercises between the two countries' defence forces. There is plenty of evidence concerning the Aum's activities in Russia, such as training with Russian troops and managing the joint Japan-Russia University in Moscow - a cover for a Russian-Japanese redevelopment of the first-generation Russian EM weapons systems mated to Japanese computer power.

As early as mid-1993, in his visa applications to enter Australia, Asahara complained of gas and laser attacks on his person and against Aum facilities. He continued to complain of such attacks in further correspondence with Australian Immigration in mid-1994.

If taken at face value, this data and much else of the press web re the Aum suggest that the Aum (and hence their backers?) have been the victim of a knockout blow delivered by a very influential foreign secret service. The Aum was set up as the perpetrator of the Tokyo subway gas attack - the patsy, if you like. The net result has been the apparent total destruction of the AUM programme, thus sealing off the tunnel that led to those behind them and their game plan motive.

It may be highly significant that over 50 per cent of the Japanese LDP Cabinet allegedly flew covertly to North Korea for one week's negotiations, the day after the gas attack. The Aum Science Minister Hideo Murai was murdered by a North Korean hitman's knife soon after the Tokyo subway gas attack. Someone was very afraid that he was going to talk.

Apparently Murai's last words in the ambulance were the equivalent of "The Jews got me!", although in fairness to Jews other interpretations of his final mumblings have also been advanced.

Hayakawa left his early "landscape engineering" studies and joined the Moonies, whereupon he was equipped with the deeds of several Tokyo buildings and vast sums of cash so as to buy his way to the top of the Aum sect. The Reverend Moon was a close friend of the North Korean "Great Leader". Reportedly the Moonies still have exceptional ties to North Korea and, more recently, to ex-US President George Bush, involving business ventures in South America.

Several previously reliable Japanese sources believe that the CIA planned and executed the Tokyo subway gas attack to destabilise the LDP government and/or force it to co-operate with US policy requirements. The exact nature of their evidence is unknown to me, but similar claims have been made by Debra von Trapp, an ex-CIA agent involved with bugging the Clinton White House for a George Bush-controlled faction of the CIA on behalf of certain Japanese industrial companies during key USA -Japan trade talks.

The strange ABC TV deception of its viewers, by implanting - the Aum = Sarin nerve gas = Banjawarn station testing = Tokyo subway gas attack - imagery across Australia, suggests an intelligence action - possibly in support of United States interests.



On 19th. April 1995, at a few minutes after 9.00 am, Oklahoma City was blasted by the "terrorist bombing" of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. One hundred and sixty eight men, women and children were killed, and hundreds more were maimed or injured in this callous attack. The building was nearly totally destroyed by the explosion, whilst severe damage was inflicted on adjacent buildings, petering out at about a one-mile radius from ground zero.

This event was soon blamed upon a "right-wing militia group" composed of ex-Gulf War veterans utilising an ANFO bomb composed of from two to five tonnes of ammonium nitrate and Diesel fuel-oil set up in a hire truck parked in front of the target building. A robotic Timothy McVeigh was recently convicted of the OKC "bombing", and his alleged accomplice Terry Nichols awaits his trial (which is about to commence as this article goes to press).

On the day of the event, I, like many others, watched the CNN TV feed of the Oklahoma scene. Intriguingly, there were early reports of missiles being seen coming down vertically into the building, but these reports never resurfaced. A survivor with blood over his face was interviewed about one hour into the rescue effort. He described how his life had been saved by his previous domicile in California. When the Murrah Building began to shake violently he recognised an earthquake, just like those he had experienced in California, so he dived under his fifth-floor desk. Some five-to-ten seconds of shaking later, a huge explosion demolished the building around him, but the desk saved his life.

Then came reports that more bombs had been found, and a utility truck with a small armoured bomb box in its tray was shown, whilst the FBI/Police radio net delivered a conversation alleging large drums of mercury fulminate explosive had been found attached to building support pillars next to the lift shaft.

I became agitated, since I had never heard of earthquake-type effects hitting a building before a bomb went off, and I knew mercury fulminate to be an extremely unstable explosive and very unlikely to have survived a major explosion. Also, the size of explosive drum reported then and later photographed would have been far too large to fit in the armoured bomb box that reportedly drove away with these dangerous prizes.

Explosives experts in Australia, the UK and USA (e.g., the General Partin report) began to question the nature of the damage at OKC.

The gist of their theses is that low-velocity explosives like ANFO cannot have demolished so many support pillars in the strange pattern seen at OKC, since the blast pressure falls off according to the inverse cube distance law - yet some near-bomb pillars were still standing, whilst some further away from the bomb were demolished by the blast. Their reports generally invoke a need for very-high-velocity explosives and individual charges attached to certain pillars inside the building - requiring hours of work to fit out.

Personal friends with experience in mining explosives and Belfast IRA ANFO terrorist-bomb damage have confirmed these points to me and have noted that the crater that allegedly developed at OKC does not fit with the truck bomb explanation or the truck's alleged parking lot position.

Another possible weapon candidate soon surfaced: the "A-Neutronic" bomb. In this scenario, a mad criminal scientist (the infamous Michael Riconosciuto, currently serving time in a US prison), developed for the US Government a new super-weapon that involved blowing a cloud of chemicals into the air, charging the cloud with a large excess of electrostatic energy by means of a small rocket-carried "wire", and then detonating the resultant "fuel-air" mix to create a small nuclear-type explosion.

I began to collect eyewitness reports and evidence from official source publications and Internet sites relating to the OKC event. Then, in late 1996, I visited Oklahoma City and with the help of local author David Hoffman examined the "bombing" site and interviewed local witnesses.

The outpourings of grief and anguish in the messages and card wreaths of the victims' relatives and friends, on the targeted building site's protective fences, made me resolve to give this event my very best analysis - to try to deduce the true nature of this explosive event and thereby help indicate the culprits.

Seismic evidence recorded by local seismometers demonstrated a double-pronged explosive energy event with two nearly identical three-to-five-second, low-amplitude, multiple wave trains separated by a null field, occurring over a nine-second interval. USGS geophysicists argued that these two wave-packets were due to an initial ground "surface" wave arriving before a secondary wave that had traveled via deeper reflecting Earth layers, i.e., via the local basement. Other geophysicists argued that there were two wave-packets, representing the "bomb's" explosion followed by the building debris impacting with the ground.

These hypotheses were literally blown apart by the US Government's explosive demolition action on the Alfred P. Murrah Building remains, which failed completely to demonstrate a two-pronged seismic response that was in any way similar to the original event recordings. The original and best seismic recordings have been confiscated by the FBI, along with many other items of evidence such as the City video-surveillance tapes. Hardly surprisingly, none of this evidence surfaced in the McVeigh trial.

Along with the evidence of seismic action shaking the building some five-to-ten seconds prior to any explosion or blast wave hitting the building, there were several other mysterious pre-explosion events.

A policeman working at his computer noticed electrical sparks and streamers in the wiring under the table several seconds before the explosion brought the building down around him. A woman on an upper floor noted a strong ionising electrical sensation and hot air-flow entering the windows several seconds prior to the explosion which blew the same windows in on her. The lights in the building went out some five seconds before the explosion. A dictation tape recording made across the street from the "bombed" building recorded a loud "click" a few seconds before it recorded the sound of a huge explosion. This "click" was probably a local electromagnetic wave spike of considerable intensity picked up by the recorder circuitry.

An eyewitness located in a car a couple of hundred metres from ground zero observed a silver-white light flash or beam coming out of the top of the building, followed by a large blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam, followed by an orange-red light flash or beam that shot out from the top of the building.

These electrical and light effects took some five seconds and were immediately followed by a "loud swarm of bees type vibrational noise" which preceded the actual explosion. (Reports of missiles may have been mistaken identification of these pre-explosion energy beams.)

The light flashes with beams and the "swarm of bees noise" were followed immediately by two explosive shock waves, one trailing immediately on the other, that propagated out and away from the base of the building. These waves lifted the ground and buildings violently upwards. The witness called this the "lid effect". The outgoing expansion waves, that threw people away from ground zero, were immediately followed by return implosion shock waves - that threw the same persons back towards ground zero.

Several cars located on the above-ground carpark had electronic ignition computers completely burnt out electrically by the event. Two cars had factory-fitted digital magnetic compasses that were later found to have been thrown out by 180° and 45° respectively. Many nearby office computers went down with burnt-out circuit- boards. These facts point strongly to a major EM pulse having struck the area associated with the explosion.

The local area damage from the OKC event was huge. I cannot emphasise enough how devastated this area was. I was quite amazed when I visited the site. Entire blocks of explosion damaged office buildings had been demolished since the event, due to their shattered state, some nearly a mile away from ground zero. Large open spaces, where buildings had existed, were surrounded by boarded-up buildings with no windows, no roofs, and heavily shattered internal concrete beams and supporting pillars.

I saw the intense damage inside the newspaper building (which was adjacent to ground zero and the Alfred P. Murray building) - where internal dividing walls had been smashed asunder, and horizontal three-foot-square reinforced concrete beams sagged down everywhere. This building had been built to very high 1930s standards to withstand tornadoes, yet it was wrecked. Many buildings had entire windowsills forced back in with their front brick walls sagging inwards. Nearer to ground zero, large, one-foot-wide, floor-and-wall reinforcing steel H-girders were twisted like spaghetti into grotesque shapes amidst the ruins of entire floors blown away to dust and rubble.

I showed a suite of local damage photos to retired SAS trooper friends, with experience in IRA ANFO bomb damage. They were as amazed as I was, and stated categorically that this was no ANFO damage. They said it would almost not have mattered how large an ANFO bomb had been detonated, it could not have caused the damage seen in the photos and/or described in the US literature.

Funnily, the FBI released film of ANFO car-bomb test explosions that show significant fireball or fiery effects from such explosives. Yet no witnesses have described any fiery explosion or flames -just strange, pre-explosion light flashes or beams followed by pure energy waves, with very high temperature plasma-type heat effects noted on nearby car paint.

It is my contention that the OKC event was the result of a double-pronged Tesla type EM weapon strike that caused the Earth's dielectric field to erupt up through the building - the light flashes. The building shook first because of harmonic reaction of the building and bedrock to the first EM wave packet which also blew out the building's electrical supply and created the various computer, digital compass and ionising hot-air effects. Having rocked the building sufficiently to effect severe structural cracking damage, the EM weapon mode was advanced in power and style by a second strike to initiate explosive atomic-bond rupture and literally blow the building material apart.

No conventional or nuclear explosive, including a so-called "A-Neutronic" bomb, can cause seismic shaking and electrical light-energy effects in a structure, several seconds before the explosion blast-wave hits.

Oblique aerial photos of the Murrah Building show two nearly vertical, tubelike damage forms running through the building. These represent slightly displaced near-vertical but divergent beam-pulse orientations, suggesting an orbital platform was involved in the action.

Any bomb or militia-terrorist character to this event was set in train by those who hit the building, or by the US Government to ensure that the true nature of the weapon system and its technology was hidden from public, and possibly other US Government personnel, knowledge.

This implies that a faction from within, (or above !), the US Government was responsible. Either that, or the US Government was warned well in advance that this particular building would be hit that day by an advanced weapon over which there was no defence - so it quickly found a patsy and built up a cover story to keep the public in their advanced mental state of "mushroom" .

"Need-to-know" secrecy policy suggests that there then entered a cock-up of horrific dimensions. Lower-level personnel had been searching for a bomb earlier that morning, having been told that the building was targeted for bombing by terrorists, but, in failing to find it, they then did not proceed to evacuate the building. Higher government levels, having decided to hide the horrible truth from even their own operatives, had to have a plausible McVeigh militia-type event on hand. The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms personnel were better served, as were the Judges in the adjacent court house - they were all warned to stay away that day.

Secret Service personnel engaged in anti-drug operations were in their offices which lay in the centre of the damage and were wiped out by this OKC event.

Interestingly, similar terrorist- bombing events in the past were apparently aimed at the same anti-drug Secret Service in both the downing of the Lockerbie Pan Am jumbo and the "bombing" of the New York World Trade Centre. Indeed, it is possible that this entire series of events is being fought over a drugs empire.



In the early hours of 1 May 1995, a major fireball flew in a north-northeasterly direction towards Perth, WA, and detonated above the eastern side of the city at approximately 2.00 am in a huge explosion. Limited Australian press coverage of this event defined it as a meteor fireball. Unfortunately, too many such fireballs fly around our night skies, exhibiting exotic flight behavior and a preference for the first of May each year.

This Perth event has been described in more detail in Part 1 of this "Bright Skies" series (see NEXUS 4/03, April-May 1997), where I present evidence for the non-natural origin of this event and suggest that it represents an EM weapons incident of probably Russian origin, or possibly off-planet alien origin.

The megatonne-force level of this explosion woke up over half a million people and demonstrated that Perth could have been obliterated at the flick of a switch. This was the message in the wake-up call made that early morning to the people of Perth.

I strongly suspect it was pointing out that WA hosts a huge US-controlled EM weapons system at Exmouth in the north-western part of WA, and that we should wake up and bring order to our own house - or face the consequences.

The trajectory of this fireball suggests an origin in Enderby Land, Antarctica, where a number of Japanese and Russian bases are located. The fireball flew on towards the Kamchatka Peninsula where a huge Russian (former Soviet Union) EM weapons complex/transmitter (Tx) site lies.

The seismograph record of this Perth "meteor" airburst explosive event is surprisingly similar to one of the two low-order wave-packet arrivals seen on the record of the OKC "bomb" events.

On the premise that such a fireball represents no mass object but is purely a concentrated slug of 'infolded' EM energy created by a Russian-type Tesla weapon system, I contend that this incident fits well with the other exotic events of 1995 and represents yet another stage in an escalating EM weapons exchange as part of an oligarchic war for control of our planet.

Some evidence in this study points strongly at a mainly Earth-based series of actions involving those who live by the profits of drugs, fighting against other oligarchic power-mad men - with both sides utilising very technologically advanced EM weapons systems.

However, some evidence points to a battle between secret Earth-based power groups and off-planet aliens - possibly the little Greys or the greenish Reptilians (see Part 4, NEXUS 4/06).

Perhaps we are involved in both scenarios, with two Earth-based oligarchic factions with separate off-planet allies fighting with horrific new weapons for control of planet Earth.

Rumours abound about all of these scenarios but then again, it is quite possible that none is correct and we are just dealing with strange, exotic, natural events that have been mistakenly identified.

Even so, these events have been, and continue to be, extremely dangerous to human life; thus, whatever is going on requires immediate attention by the people of this planet - as the next incident involving the fateful TWA Flight 800 amply demonstrates.



TWA Flight 800 was destroyed on the evening of 17 July 1996, and, with her, some 230 men, women and children perished.

I had been researching strange orange-red fireballs and other exotic light-energy beams observed around Australia when I was surprised by reports coming out of the USA about events surrounding the downing of TWA 800. I fly quite a lot on jumbo jets, and the thought of a bunch of nutters killing off hundreds of ordinary, innocent people made my blood boil.

Reports soon started coming in via the local New York press, one from a New York Air National Guard helicopter pilot who, on patrol that Wednesday night, was an eyewitness to the explosion of TWA Flight 800.

"I know the strike of a missile. What I saw didn't look at all like a missile," said Commander Fritz Meyer of the 106th Rescue Wing of the New York Air National Guard. "Our three-man crew saw the same thing: a flash of red-orange light, characteristic of a shooting star," he said. "Then we saw a small explosion followed by a large explosion, and a ball of fire fell into the sea."

I telephoned the Pentagon in Washington and surprisingly was put through to the pilot's air base, but after leaving messages I got no reply - until about a week later when I reached the base control-tower. By accident, this man was in the tower, having been grounded due to the very same news item and a very upset FBI and New York Mayor who had both ordered him gagged. I spoke with him for a few minutes and felt that he was an honest man and, like all military pilots, a damn good observer who was very perplexed at what he had seen that night.

He reiterated that he knew missiles from his Vietnam tours and it definitely wasn't one of those. The flash of orange-red light - a long tail with a larger head of light - had flown at very high speed in a nearly horizontal flight path - possibly from a slightly higher altitude - it was sort of like a shooting star - but different - that was the best description he could give. He and his crew watched it hit the jumbo which glowed initially and then exploded. He said he really would like to know what it was, and would love to chat with me further, but I had better get the okay for us to talk from the public relations officer at his base - since he was in trouble with the Mayor of New York over the previous newspaper and TV interviews.

A fax exchange later, I was reading that FBI investigators wanted no one to talk to this man until they had determined the cause of the "crash". He and I are still waiting for that chat.

Over the next few months, several airline pilots saw apparently similar orange-red and green-blue mini-fireballs with tails (described in the media as meteor fireballs) flying at jumbo-jet height through this area. A TWA pilot returned to Kennedy Airport rather than proceed, after seeing one such meteor-like object fly past his wingtip.

In all, about 10 separate reports came in concerning strange sentient fireballs, or "meteors", flying in the air corridors of the New York and Long Island or their near vicinity.

Meanwhile, allegedly after demands from the French Government (which lost several Secret Service men on TWA Flight 800), the US authorities assembled a team of divers who recovered the wreckage from the sea for a crash investigation. The flight recorder was recovered but it was reportedly electrically dead due to burnt-out circuits and gave no clues to the events of that night. I had earlier predicted in e-mails to the FBI the likelihood of just such a fact by analogy with evidence from Australia that our orange-red lights and fireballs were EM field effects, possibly due to the testing of scalar EM weapon systems. The FBI did not reply.

[NB Recent disclosures by the FBI crash investigation team, and other specialists who examined the FBI released tape data, now suggest that although the black box flight recorders circuits were trashed it's tape does contain some highly interesting data in the last few digital lines (totally ignored by the FBI and the media). This data suggest that the aircraft was hit by a major external explosion that caused the various flight sensors to indicate a major upwards change in the wing "angle of attack" and a sudden dead stop to the aircraft's forward motion. Neither of these things actually happened to the plane - the instruments reacted this way due to a very violent increase in external air pressure and air flow over the relevant sensors.]

Theories began to execute a "do-loop" in the world's press. These revolved around a meteorite impact, a terrorist bomb, a terrorist missile, and, later, a US Navy missile or drone impact, a bird impact, a mechanical failure of some kind, and an explosion in the near-empty central fuel tank.

Recently the crash investigation team has come out with evidence for an electrical overvoltage spark in a valve component located within the nearly empty central fuel tank, and has suggested that this was the cause of the explosion and that Boeing should redesign this part.

Obviously their findings should also include considerations on what caused the external dramatic increase in air pressure recorded by the black box and the fuel tank overvoltage jump; for instance, was it an EM weapon pulse or an electrostatically charged meteor? Trouble is, meteors do not keep returning to the same piece of the Earth every few days for several months - as has been recent experience around New York and Long Island.

One is reminded of the last radio message from the Korean Jumbo KAL 007 shot down over the USSR on August 31, 1983 with total loss of life where the crew reported "experiencing rapid compressions". Although the World Press reported that the aircraft was downed by a Soviet Mig's air-air missile there is reasonable evidence that this only damaged an engine and that they flew on an evasive course for another 12 minutes successfully exiting USSR air space.

A possible scenario exists where the Russians having failed to destroy this jumbo and having no armed jet fighters in range with fuel sufficient for a chase turned to their EM Super weapons and hit the escaping aircraft with a plasma ball fired from a Kamchatka air defence Tx site. Thus the "rapid compressions" were scalar EM wave initiated vibrational explosions in the very air through which the jet was flying ?

The actual destruction of this jumbo jet was observed by Japanese fishermen in the Sea of Japan as a huge glowing expanding orange fireball explosion in the night sky. The aircraft disappeared from Japanese radar screens and fell into the sea - some 12 minutes after the earlier Russian air-air missile strike which occurred over the land area of Sakhalin.

Interestingly, there were many UFO reports from Long Island over the two months preceeding the demise of TWA 800, and a local UFO researcher was arrested under cloudy circumstances just five weeks before the TWA 800 event.

In late 1996 a leading British psychic, who often works with Scotland Yard and MI5, was approached by the CIA and asked to remote-view the TWA 800 incident. She reported seeing two beams flash down from high altitude; where they intersected they created a third orange-red beam which shot out, horizontally hitting the jumbo jet and causing the secondary major explosion.

This was fascinating stuff, since her description was almost the verbatim equivalent of the actual eyewitness evidence from the 1987 DC-8 crash near Gander in Newfoundland, northeast Canada, that killed hundreds of US Army personnel. She did not know of this event, and had seen only British news about the TWA 800 explosion - and nothing about light energy beams.

The overall evidence pattern here appears to link the destruction of TWA 800 to an EM-type event that strongly resembles certain of the Australian fireball-event observations. These are thought to represent covert exotic weapons testing in outback Australia.

We are left with yet another strong impression that this event - again on the 17th day of the month, involves Secret Service agents (French ones this time), and advanced EM weaponry that has been responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people.

But there again - as in many other recent "meteor" incidents, during October 1997, in Texas, New Mexico, Queensland, and New South Wales, where orbital UFO's were apparently bought down by ground and/or orbital EM beam weapons on two opposing continents, within two days of each other, which after falling from orbit were finally destroyed as huge airburst explosions, that littered the ground in aluminum shards and plasma energy balls - all part of a series of planetary October 97 UFO incidents that lasted for several days - there are elements of the picture that suggest an ongoing war with alien, off-planet UFO's.

Perhaps a UFO really did knock down TWA Flight 800, and Triffid meteor showers or some modern derivatives have made us all blind to the new reality on our patch. Or maybe some strange, EM-style natural event, such as an electrostatically charged bolide, caused the demise of this plane and its passengers.

Or yet again perhaps some highly advanced EM beam weapon was deliberately (or accidentally) responsible ???

Personally I find it very difficult to buy the cracked wiring hypothesis - currently being advanced by US Government personnel and US Media. For this concept to work you have to ignore the eye-witness evidence of the Air National Guard - all highly trained observers.

The caliber of "spin-doctor" available for writing cover scenarios has dropped somewhat - to the point of insult to the regular public. But there again they are being horribly overworked these days with so many incidents - the true plot is in danger of bursting out into the public arena - Heaven forbid !!!

I, for one, think it's high time we found out the truth. Our lives, those of our children, and quite possibly the free future, or very existence of the human race, could easily depend upon it.


HARRY MASON B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)
1313 Armstrong Road
Jarrahdale WA 6203, Australia

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Robot Mimic Gives A Speech
Added: 20 hours ago
Robotics engineers at the University of Bristol, UK, have been grimacing a lot recently, thanks to their copycat robotic head, Jules, which can mimic the facial expressions and lip movements of a human being.


AI對 AI 兩個機械人對話


Harlem pastor James David Manning preaches 'Obama is Evil' on church signs, angering local residents
BY Michael J. Feeney
Originally Published:Thursday, August 25th 2011, 7:06 PM
Updated: Thursday, August 25th 2011, 9:55 PM
Translation by Autumnson Blog
Marcus Santos for News
Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church defends his anti-Obama preaching.

Harlemites have had enough of a local pastor posting signs at his prominently located church spewing hateful messages about President Obama.
Pastor James David Manning has put up "Obama Is Evil" and "He Used Black Vote to Uncle Tom For Wall St." on the towering sign outside the ATLAH World Missionary Church on the bustling corner of Lenox Ave. and W. 123rd St.
A church next to Manning's was so put off by the signs, officials posted their own - to make sure nobody thought their church had anything to do with ATLAH.

"This church is not affiliated with the church on the corner. We Support President Barack Obama," reads a sign above the front door of Greater Bethel A.M.E. Church.

The controversial sign at ATLAH, which Manning changes from time to time, has targeted Obama since he took office - and has become an attraction for pedestrians, as well as tourists passing by on double-decker buses.

"It's not something that represents this community," said Belynda M'baye, 53, who lives near the church and walks past the sign every day. "It sends out a message that all of Harlem is not supporting \[Obama\] and that's not true. I don't think that's the case in Harlem."

M'baye also wasn't pleased to see tourists snapping photos of the sign. "I just don't like that it's so prevalent. He didn't have anything up about \[former President\] Bush," she said. "I would be very happy if it came down. This is actually nicer than what he had before."


Manning hasn't been quiet about his displeasure with President Obama: He and his congregation of about 100 protested outside the President's fund-raiser at the nearby Red Rooster restaurant in March.

In his office, a sign directly behind Manning's desk reads: "Mr. Obama, Show us your Birth Certificate, Please."

And the pastor didn't back down when the Daily News talked to him inside his office.

"It's all right to criticize Obama," Manning said. "That's why I put that out there.

"I don't see anything about Obama that represents he has any concern whatsoever about black people," said Manning. "We need to stop \[the idea that\] just because someone is black they can't do any wrong."

As Manning posed for photos under the sign, he was confronted by a ticked-off resident. "You put that up there?" asked Risden Clare, 32.

Manning responded, "Yes, sir."

"I'm ashamed of it!" Clare told the pastor.

O'Neal Mackey couldn't help from shaking his head as he walked past the sign. "I wouldn't advertise that on a church," said Mackey, 38. "Church is supposed to be about spreading love."

Mary Hidalgo, 33, who lives near the church, called the sign "crazy." But she tried to make sense of it.

"Maybe [Manning] expected more from Obama than what he's done so far," she said. "I was shocked when I saw that. I couldn't believe it. It's very disrespectful."



Military convoy in New York City, post Irene





Giant Killer Scorpion Fish Spotted Off Irish Coast
Monday, 29 August 2011
Translation by Autumnson Blog
A deadly scorpion fish has been spotted off Ireland's east coast.

Divers Brendan Moran (50) and Dave Kerr were swimming in shallow water at Greystones when they caught sight of a giant venomous scorpion fish.
Mr Moran, who has over 800 dives behind him, said the creature's size surprised him.
"It's the biggest scorpion fish I have come across in Irish waters," he told Dublin's Evening Herald.
Normally, they can be held in the palm of a hand but this one was over a foot long, said Mr Moran.
A sting from the dorsal fin, or its side fins, could be fatal to a small child or elderly person, he added.
"Anyone I met I told about it. I alerted the mayor of Greystones Ciaran Hayden as well," the IT consultant from Bray said.
“我遇到的任何人我都告訴他,我亦驚動了 Greystones的市長夏蘭海登”該位來自布雷的資訊科技顧問說。
He warned that the pain from a sting is "excruciating" and can be "severely incapacitating" for swimmers.
"I have been diving for 20 years and I have never seen that size (in Irish waters). Only in the Red Sea have I seen them that size," Mr Moran said.
He has "no idea" why such a large one was off the Co Wicklow coast.
他“沒主意”為什麼有這麼大的一條在Co 威克洛海岸。
It was hiding in the undergrowth before he saw it and started filming.

Mr Moran, who lives in Loreto Grange and is a member of the Wicklow Aquanauts club, said swimmers should never touch it.

He has dived all over the world and always carries a waterproof camera when he goes out.

During the summer, he goes scuba diving several times a week and last year managed to capture footage of a 10-foot long red jellyfish.

A sting from a scorpion fish can be very serious. In 2005, an Englishman nearly died when he was stung by a scorpion fish while on holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes.

A rare allergic reaction to the venom meant that he was just minutes from death.

However, he managed to get medical attention in time.

If you are stung, the advice is to submerge the wound under very hot water for as long as possible and seek medical assistance.


Michael Tsarion - 操控的年代 (象徵主義) - 長片

Michael Tsarion - Age of Manipulation - 1/3
邁克爾沙利安 - 操控的年代 - 1/3
Michael Tsarion lectures in Göteborg, Sweden in March, April, and May of 2010.

Michael Tsarion - Age of Manipulation - 2/3
邁克爾沙利安 - 操控的年代 - 2/3

Michael Tsarion - Age of Manipulation - 3/3
邁克爾沙利安 - 操控的年代 - 3/3

商標的象徵主義(長片) 及 土星崇拜公司的商標






偉大的潛意識訊息騙局 - 收集訊息

David Icke與Alex Jones - 心靈操縱和控制


NATO commits massacre at Sirte razing the city to the ground
Posted: 2011/08/29
From: Mathaba
Translation by Autumnson Blog

3 days of non-stop bombing away from the public eye -- urgent appeal to humanitarians to force NATO to stop massacre
遠離公眾視線的3天無休止轟炸 - 緊急呼籲人道主義者迫使北約停止大屠殺
For the third day in a row, NATO aircraft are conducting massive missile and bomb strikes on the city of Sirte, home town of Muammar Gaddafi, not allowing anyone to escape. The city perimeter is surrounded by rebel check points, behind which there are special forces units from Britain, France, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

The exit from the city is completely blocked. Neither women, nor children are allowed to leave. Men, captured attempting to leave the town together with their families, are shot. Their families are sent back into the city under bombing. There is practically no way to bury the corpses, stated in a letter that was received at Argumenty.ru this morning. The writer is a former officer in the Soviet and later Russian special forces, who is now in Sirte.
從城市的逃生被完全封鎖,沒有婦女、亦沒有兒童被允許離開;企圖與家人一起離開鎮的男人被抓獲後槍殺,他們的家人被送回轟炸下的城市,可以說是沒有辦法埋葬屍體,在一封Argumenty.ru 今天上午收到的信中說。作者是一位前蘇聯官員及後來是俄羅斯特種部隊,他現正在蘇爾特。
The former officer of the Soviet, then Russian special forces, a retired lieutenant colonel Ilya Korenev, whom [Argumenti.ru] have earlier called a "source", and who is close to Colonel Gaddafi, decided to mention his name in the letter.

In the city until now no troops, rebels or special forces have dared to enter. In the night there were many small provocations in order to try to establish the locations of the government troops. Several small squads of rebels tried a probing action in the night to reconnaissance, but were destroyed. At the same time in the air at that time was a remote-controlled reconnaissance spying aircraft (UAV) "drone", which exposed the city's defense. After an hour air attacks took place on these plotted points. However, defenders of the city have already left their positions to other locations, writes the lieutenant colonel.

According to him, "the situation resembles the terrible winter of '95 in Grozny, Chechnia, when there was bombing everything that moved, without proper guiding systems or accurate coordinates. The only difference was that then the Russian airforce did not have much fuel, so the flights were not as intensive as they are now. At the moment, the NATO airforce is in the air almost around the clock".

arthompson 3 hours ago
Russia Wake Up, and Strike at the Heart Of Westminster. Let them suffer in the same way as they Have Annihilated the Libyan Peoples.

Olgadaric 3 hours ago
Colonel Ilya Korenev

I send you my respectful greetings from Paris that knows nothing abut the NATO-EU massacres as there is no liberty of press in the West.
We are ignorant and blind! All we know is that there is a crisis.

Luboslav Lipovsky 5 hours ago
People hear me. I tell you what is going to change in near future. I see a way out from this terrible world lead by Corporations, Rich Families and their supporter NATO. I see a only one way out. There is going to be a massive protest lead by people of North America in Manhattan square in NY at 17 of September. They going to block Wall Street by settling there tents, kitchen and bariccades. Their gonna be there until USA goverment...


'匿名' 警告北約:'這不再是你的世界,是我們的世界 - 人們的世界。'



反卡扎菲部隊要連根拔 - 蘇爾特圍城:“沒水、沒權,人們逃往沙漠”


Breaking Anonymous Hacks NATO

Anonymous - Message to NATO
匿名 - 給北約的訊息

'匿名' 警告北約:'這不再是你的世界,是我們的世界 - 人們的世界。'

多地報告發現不明光球 UFO還是燃料泄漏形成氣泡

UFO / OVNI Spiral over Mongolia - 21 June 2011
蒙古上空的UFO/OVNI螺旋 - 2011年6月21日

多地報告發現不明光球 UFO還是燃料泄漏形成氣泡








  夏威夷事件后,天文學家Phil Plait綜合了網上的各種觀點后,給出了解釋:這是洲際彈道導彈第三級火箭熄火之后,剩余燃料在太空中迅速擴散而形成的。洲際彈道彈道導彈本質上與運載火箭相似,區別隻在於洲際彈道導彈運載的是彈頭,彈頭不會環繞地球作軌道飛行,而是作彈道飛行之后重返大氣層,攻擊遠處的目標。為了提高彈頭的命中精度,洲際彈道導彈的末級火箭必須精確按照設定時間准時熄火。在某些洲際彈道導彈上,這個“推進終止裝置”實際上就是定時爆炸裝置。時間一到,該裝置立即起爆,破開火箭艙室,突然降低內部氣壓,從而達到瞬間熄火的目的。由於末級火箭熄火時,洲際彈道導彈已經位於絕大多數大氣之上,基本處在近似真空的太空之中。剩余燃料在這種環境下會迅速膨脹形成球殼,反射高空中未被地球遮擋的陽光,同時迅速稀釋變淡。又由於火箭末級熄火時,導彈已經處在高速運動狀態,因此迅速膨脹的燃料氣殼也會高速運動。