Stunned scientists warn world could run out of breathable air

by Terrence Aym

Professor Ralph Keeling of Scripps Institute is worried. In fact, he's very worried.
According to the data Keeling has meticulously collected since 1989 the world is running out of breathable air—and the rate that it's losing oxygen is now on the verge of accelerating.
根據資料基林已自1989年以來精心收集,世界在耗盡可呼吸的空氣 - 和失去氧氣的速率現已正瀕臨加速。
Monitoring oxygen levels around the world is Keeling's job. He's very good at his job. And the data confirms that Earth's oxygen supply is dwindling.
Keeling created the famous ‘Keeling Curve,’ a graph that extrapolates the current trend of the oxygen depletion in the atmosphere. [1]
基林創造了著名的'基林曲線,'一圖形推斷大氣中目前的氧消耗趨勢。 [1]
[The Cape Grim Observatory chart also depicts the ongoing depletion of breathable oxygen in the atmosphere.] [2]
[嚴峻角天文台亦製圖描繪正在持續的大氣中可呼吸氧氣消耗。] [2]

Less oxygen equals less life

A long time ago, the Earth was very rich in oxygen. The air contained such an abundance of the element—close to one-third of the atmosphere was oxygen—that animals and insects grew to gargantuan sizes. For instance, the ancestors of dragonflies once had four foot wingspans.
很久以前,地球有非常豐富的氧氣。空氣中含有這種元素的豐盛 - 接近三分之一的大氣是氧氣 - 動物和昆蟲成長為龐大的體積,例如,蜻蜓的祖先曾一度有過四呎翼展。
But now, due to overpopulation by humans, animals—even insect colonies—and deforestation, the oxygen in the air is become a diminishing resource.
但現在,由於人類、動物人口過多 - 甚至昆蟲殖民地 - 和森林砍伐,空氣中的氧氣變成一減少中的資源。
Pollution has had a significant impact and events like the BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf disaster pumping up to a million times more methane into the ocean water serves only to speed up the already accelerating process.
Concerned scientists watching potential eruptions of super volcanoes—like the ones at Yellowstone or the Canary Islands—have already calculated the oxygen levels that would be displaced in our atmosphere should any of them erupt.
關注的科學家觀看潛質的超級火山噴發 - 像那些在黃石或加納利群島的 - 已經計算出氧氣的水平,如果它們其中有任何爆發,將會在我們的大氣層中被取代。
And the calculations' sums are enough to cause those in the know chronically sleepless nights.

The numbers have been crunched and the stark results stare researchers in the face: climate change is the least of our problems.

As heliophysicists have been pointing out, much of the global climate change has been driven by significant changes in the sun. A decade ago many astronomers took notice of the sun acting in ways never quite seen in history.

Now the sun is expected to reach solar maximum during the next several years and some scientists are making dire predictions about the havoc that solar flares may cause with our high tech civilization.

Most, however, overlook the connection between solar activity and volcanic eruptions: massive solar activity can lead to massive volcanic eruptions releasing trillions of cubic feet of methane, sulfur, CO2 and other gases that tend to displace free oxygen in the atmosphere.

A simple bleak equation distills the sum of their fears: less oxygen equals less life.

Warning signs mounting
Warning sign one: oceanic dead zones

The first sign of oxygen depletion occurs in the oceans. Dead zones—regions where oxygen has been depleted and life can no longer exist—were first documented in the late 1970s. As time progressed, researchers discovered the dead zones were growing in size and number. New dead zones were discovered and life in those areas either moved or died.

According to Carl Zimmer the New York Times science reporter, "the area of the global ocean without enough oxygen for animals to survive (less than 70 micromoles per kilogram to be exact) expanded by 4.5 million square kilometers (1.7 million square miles). That’s an area about half the size of the United States." [3]

At the Danish Center for Earth System Science Gary Shaffer’s worst case scenario predicts that the oxygen levels in the oceans may drop by more than 20 per cent in the years ahead. [4]

The dead zones continue to expand and the areas of oxygen depletion are accelerating.

Warning sign two: forest charcoal

Forest fires provide a measurement of the ongoing depletion of Earth's oxygen. Fires in an oxygen rich environment leave little or no carbon residue. The less oxygen available for combustion, the more charcoal remains as fire is unable to consume all the combustible material.

Over the eons, forest fires have produced greater and greater quantities of charcoal as less oxygen rich air causes fire to burn less efficiently. As the oxygen levels drop, more charcoal residue is produced.

This is exactly what has been happening and the phenomenon is well documented.

Warning sign three: methane and rapid Earth atmospheric change

Experts such as Northwestern University’s Gregory Ryskin(creator of the methane mass extinction hypothesis) have painted a scenario that could account for mass extinctions from terrestrial oxygen depletion.

While not a formal part of his hypothesis, the events Ryskin envisions would certainly lay the foundation for a rapid acceleration of oxygen depletion and the resulting mass death to follow—mass death on a planetary scale.

Atmospheric oxygen: from 30 to 20 to 5 percent?

Robert Berner of Yale University thinks oxygen levels plummeted after the Carboniferous before slowly rising to present day levels. His model tracks the oxygen level as 30 percent 300 million years ago. That plummeted to levels that we have today—about 19 to 21 percent depending on elevation. But then, after the Yucatan was struck by an asteroid roughly 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs began to die out.

Many ascribe the saurian extinction to the global cooling and darkness following the asteroid strike, but Berner believes what finally did the dinosaurs in wasn’t the large space rock, but lack of oxygen. He argues that oxygen levels plummeted to as low as 5 percent. [5]

Other evidence suggests that oxygen levels fell sharply during other eras caused by volcanic eruption, the natural plant growing cycles, mass extinction of flora in the sea or other unknown causes.

One unknown cause could be the collapse of Earth’s magnetic field and the sun’s hard radiation bombarding the unprotected planet for thousands of years. As the plants died off and massive amounts of carbon were released into the atmosphere, the oxygen levels took a nosedive. [6]

Crack of Doomsday could steal your breath away

As the oxygen depletes to levels unable to sustain Earth's higher life forms, some experts offer comfort by assuring that the end would come quickly. Asphyxia is not a pleasant death after all, and the image of billions gasping for one more breath—like flopping fish out of water—is a distinctly disturbing one.

Indeed, Mankind could go out not with a bang, but a shuddering, desperate gasp.

Of course, not all life on Earth would completely die off. It's postulated that certain mosses, hardy slime molds, resilient bacteria and viruses—as well as the more robust sea slugs—probably could weather the severe oxygen deprivation. They will make it through the tens of thousands of years required for the oxygen levels to slowly replenish after the planetary mass extinction.

Many experts also agree cockroaches could do well.
. . .

[1] An early ‘Keeling Curve.’ This study in the mid 1950s led to the ongoing atmospheric research by Keeling starting in 1989.
The current Keeling Curve depicting rising CO2 that correlates to a reduction in breathable atmosphere.

[2] Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Fall As Carbon Dioxide Rises

[3] "A Looming Oxygen Crisis and Its Impact on World’s Oceans" - Zimmer, Carl. Yale University

[4] “Long-term effectiveness and consequences of carbon dioxide sequestration

[5] “Earth Surface Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry, and Mathematical Modeling of Geochemical Cycles”

[6] Oxygen chart






海灣藍鼠疫在發展:Corexit +細菌 =變種病毒




Warning to parents: Vaccination increases the risk of contracting diseases

Monday, September 27, 2010
by Jeremy Lasko

It's now clear that the information the government has been giving out on vaccination is misleading at best. They are in fact urging parents to expose their children to risks they could easily avoid while unconstitutionally trying to stop parents from knowing about safe means of keeping their families well. In addition, the FDA, with its own scientists have warned about its corruption, is now arguing in court that people have no fundamental right to their health.
In one thoughtful, thorough article by a mother trying to decide what to do for her own children, parents (and everyone else) have a chance to rethink the reality of vaccines.
An unpublished study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on a "measles susceptible" (malnourished) group of children showed that the group who hadn't been vaccinated contracted measles at the normal contract rate of 2.4%. Of the group who had received the measles vaccine (MMR), 33.5% contracted measles. (i)
一份由世界衛生組織(WHO)的未發表研究,在一組“麻疹易感”(營養不良)的兒童顯示,沒有接種的小組感染麻疹在正常率2.4%;在那已接受麻疹疫苗(MMR疫苗)的小組,麻疹33.5%感染麻疹。 (一)
In 1975 Japan raised the minimum age for infant vaccinations to 2 years. As a result, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or, crib death) and infant convulsions virtually disappeared. In the 80's, Japan lowered the minimum age back down to 3 months and the rate of SIDS returned to previous levels. (ii)

In an Australian study, a group of recruits were immunized for Rubella, and all produced the expected antibodies. When later exposed to the disease, 80% of the recruits contracted it. (iii) ...

Massachusetts in 1961 experienced a 'type II' polio outbreak and "there were more paralytic cases in the triple vaccinates than in the unvaccinated"(vii)

In 1976, Dr. G.T. Stewart reported in the British Medical Journal that, "of 8,092 cases of whooping cough, 2,940 (36%) were fully immunized, while only 2,424 (30%) were definitely not immunized. (viii)

Professor George Dick, speaking at an environmental conference in Brussels in 1973, admitted that in recent decades, 75% of British people who contracted smallpox had been vaccinated. This, combined with the fact that only 40% of children (and a maximum of 10% of adults) had been vaccinated, clearly shows that vaccinated people have a much higher tendency to contract the disease. (ix)

Why has no one gotten this necessary scientific information?

Warnings on the corruption of medical science and its impact at every level of medicine now appearing everywhere, related to psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry, to Harvard Medical School and the pharmaceutical industry, to local doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, to governments at national and international levels and the pharmaceutical industry. Because of corruption the swine flu pandemic itself was a corrupt scheme between the pharmaceutical industry's advisors and the WHO which announced the pandemic. The CEO's of the pharmaceutical industry even voted for that their own untested vaccines be made mandatory worldwide. Even the corrupt WHO has issued a warning about corruption at all levels of medicine by the pharmaceutical industry.

Vaccines present the most severe danger because what they contain is unknown and untested, the pharmaceutical industry has been working with states and the national government to make them mandatory.

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for at least 100,000 people dying every year from properly prescribed prescription drugs - the fourth leading cause of death in the US (and that number does not include deaths from over the counter drugs or from illegal prescription drugs. They are responsible for pushing S 510 and S 3767 (plus 3 other bills this year alone) to remove human access to safe, crucial nutritional supplements, which would ensure deaths in the millions.
製藥業每年要負責至少10萬人的死亡,從正常規定的處方藥物 - 在美國的第四大死因(及那數字不包括來自非處方藥物或非法處方藥物的死亡人數。它們負責推動 S 510和S 3767(僅今年加上另外3項條例草案)去清除人類的門路獲得安全、至關重要的營養補充,那將確保數以百萬計人的死亡。

But what they are doing with vaccines goes beyond even that for the pharmaceutical industry is attempting to get around the Nuremberg Code, put in place specifically to stop the forced medical experiments these companies conducted at Auschwitz where they killed people with unknown, untested vaccines.

John Le Carre, the author of spy books, comments that "Compared to the reality of the drug industry, my book reads like a vacation post card."

These companies were involved openly in genocide during WWII and have been committing covert genocide on an even greater scale since through the WHO's mandatory vaccination campaigns which have been sterilizing women without their knowing. This is why the CDC's behavior around the swine flu is relevant.

The CDC grossly exaggerated swine flu cases and blocked an investigation into the data and there are concerns now thatthe CDC may be falsifying data on the thousands of miscarriages from last year's H1N1 vaccine.(What is an accurate count of the death toll from the H1N1 vaccines?). The CDC already knows this year's vaccines are causing narcolepsy and many times the "normal" number of febrile seizures but are now urging them on everyone over 6 months of age. They contain nanoparticles which makes them experimental, while the government said they were typical flu vaccines, as their means to skip testing them. This year they have mixed seasonal flu vaccines with H1N1 though a Canadian study last year showed those who'd had the flu vaccine and then got the H1N1 had a greater risk of becoming ill (as the article above shows, vaccination increases risk of disease, not lowers it).

And now the FDA has a dangerous new rule allowing manufacturers to change or add any ingredient such as squalene with the approval of only one person at the FDA and no testing.
The last "pandemic" was proven phony by the EU parliament and the WHO itself has been exposed by the BMJ. A health minister in Europe raised large warnings abut the vaccines themselves.

So, why is the US nonsensically still under the pandemic here (until 2012!). Why does a flu come with military and with pandemic laws in each state put in place in advance by Bush which include making vaccines mandatory if an "emergency" is declared? What does that mean when a pandemic emergency was already falsely declared?

How does one ignore that these companies once experimented on and killed people with vaccines at Auschwitz? Or that their scientists were brought to the US by the Bushes who then undermined the science agencies here? Or that they lie about their products, and have received the largest criminal charges in history? Or that Bush's "terrorism" laws were put in place to be able to mandate their vaccines with no exemptions?

The H1N1 vaccines are already transparently dangerous. On top of that, though, the FDA is removing controls over the manufacturers and all safeguards for the public despite what Baxter did last year that could have killed millions. Meanwhile HHS is asking media to
censor information about vaccines
and Frontline put out a distorted story on vaccines,
leaving off medical concerns
about them.


小醫院成濫用抗生素重災區 藥店賣抗生素不問處方





人民網記者 董菁 周媛










Genetically modified baby milk 'could create superbugs'

From: AAP
September 30, 2010 10:50AM

BABY milk formula containing untested genetically modified ingredients poses a potential risk of creating antibiotic resistant superbugs, a leading medical researcher says.

Professor Peter Collignon, from the Australian National University medical school, says many GM foods contained antibiotic resistance genes which needlessly placed people, animals and the environment at a risk.

"Why expose the environment, animals, people to antibiotics resistance genes that could potentially be taken up by bacteria and develop superbug properties when we don't have to?" he said at a demonstration in front of Parliament House.

This was part of a Greenpeace campaign that has included supermarket sit-ins and a number of arrests after analysis of the popular infant formula S-26 revealed traces of GM soy and corn.

S-26 manufacturer Wyeth Nutrition says its soy product may contain traces of GM material but it is well below the Australian food standards level.

Professor Collignon said the risk to any individual was likely to be low but more significant across millions.

"We should not have antibiotic resistance genes multiplied up by crops growing the genes and having more risk to us for even more problems with superbugs when that is a risk that doesn't have to be taken," he said.

The Greens, back by Independent Senator Nick Xenophon plan to introduce legislation requiring food labelling to reveal GM content, allowing consumers to choose whether or not to buy products containing GM ingredients.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said mothers were buying infant formula, expecting it to be safe.

"Unbeknown to mothers and fathers they are feeding their children infant formula that has been contaminated," she said.

"Parents are not being informed so they can't makes choices as to whether want to buy that product or not."

Senator Xenophon said consumers were being treated like mushrooms on GM food ingredients, kept in the dark and feed rubbish.

"This has been exposed as a result of Greenpeace, a non-government organisation doing the testing. You have to ask what on earth have our food regulators responsible for food safety standards been doing," he said.

"Food Standards Australia New Zealand needs a kick up the backside for their lack of action on this."

Senator Xenophon said there were too many scientists and scientific papers saying GM health effects were unknown.

"And if you adopt the precautionary principle, as you should particularly ... when you are talking about infant formula, then consumers have a right to know, parents have a right to make an informed choice as to whether they buy a product with any GM contained in it at all," he said.






《末日救未來》:末 日 近 了,誰 來 救 未 來?

《末日救未來》:末 日 近 了,誰 來 救 未 來?俄巴底日誌
2010 年 9 月 25(週六)

















誰 在 發 動? 誰 在 制 止? 
2010 年 9 月 24(週五)













彗星Elenin匹配“末日救未來”事件 現正發生中



中新網9月30日電 據外電報道,巴基斯坦政府官員30日說,他們已接到當局命令,在一處阿富汗與巴基斯坦邊境的檢查站,對所有北約開往巴基斯坦境內的運油車和裝載北約軍需物資的供給車輛進行攔截。







韓海軍擬建新型護衛艦 將命名為“天安”號

韓海軍擬建新型護衛艦 將命名為“天安”號

 中新網9月30日電 據韓國《中央日報》網站30日報道,韓國海軍相關人士9月29日透露,海軍正在探討重新建造今年3月時沉沒的“天安”號軍艦的方案。新造的護衛艦將被命名為“天安”號。





(商台)2010年9月30日 星期四 03:36
北韓 拒絕放棄核威攝力量,副外相樸吉淵在聯合國 大會重申,北韓反對核戰,核軍備競賽及核擴散,但美國 及南韓 利用“天安”號事件,在朝鮮半島炫耀武力,破壞區內和平。他聲言,只要美國的核動力航空母艦,繼續在北韓海域游弋,北韓不單永遠不會放棄核威攝力量,而且會進一步加強。

美國欲立法監聽互聯網 境外美國網絡商也在考慮之列

本網駐美國記者 溫憲



















本報駐美國記者 馬小寧


  衰退結束 苦日子依然







  經濟復蘇 道路還很長




  “定量寬鬆” 可能性加大






奧兹的秘密 - 破爛經濟的解決方法


印尼發生裡氏7.4級強烈地震 (+Haarp 圖)






7.2和6.6強震 凌晨襲印尼外海
(路透)2010年9月30日 星期四 08:13
(路透華盛頓 29日電)美國 地質調查所(USGS)今天表示,規模7.2強震凌晨侵襲印尼 外海,而1分鐘前規模6.6強震剛侵襲震央以北數公里處。強震發生後,印尼當局曾發布海嘯警報,但隨後又解除。

USGS表示,第2起強震於當地時間30日凌晨2時11分發生(格林威治標準時間29日17時11分),震央位於阿魯群島(Aru Islands)的多波(Dobo)西北方109公里處,非常靠近第1起強震,而震源深度僅12.3公里。


位於夏威夷的太平洋海嘯警報中心(PacificTsunami Warning Center)稍早前表示,這兩起強震不會引發廣泛海嘯警報,但有可能引發局部性海嘯,可能會對距離震央數百公里範圍內沿岸地區造成破壞。中央社(翻譯)

Haarp 9月29-30日 電磁波譜:



美眾議院通過中國匯率法案 五角大樓:中美同意恢復軍事交流

更新時間 2010年 9月 30日, 格林尼治標準時間03:53




更新時間 2010年 9月 29日, 格林尼治標準時間22:51
















迫人民幣升值 美眾院通過法案
(法新社)2010年9月30日 星期四 08:05
(法新社華盛頓 29日電) 距離期中選舉僅剩數週時間,美國 眾議院今天以壓倒性支持通過一項法案,以懲罰中國涉嫌不公平讓人民幣低估,並將美國就業機會流失歸咎於弱勢人民幣。



這項立法將基本上視北京 採取的行動為貿易補貼,並擴大美國商務部權限,讓它得以對中國產品課徵報復性關稅。

民主黨 籍眾院議長裴洛西(Nancy Pelosi)說:「我們這麼做,是因為如果中國政府停止操縱,將可創造100萬個美國就業機會。」


更新時間 2010年 9月 29日, 格林尼治標準時間18:40










奧兹的秘密 - 破爛經濟的解決方法


1 The Secret Of Oz
1 Oz的秘密


2 The Secret Of Oz
2 Oz的秘密


3 The Secret Of Oz
3 Oz的秘密


4 The Secret Of Oz
4 Oz的秘密


5 The Secret Of Oz
5 Oz的秘密


6 The Secret Of Oz
6 Oz的秘密


7 The Secret Of Oz
7 Oz的秘密


8 The Secret Of Oz
8 Oz的秘密


"The Secret of Oz" FREE English version - order a DVD or donate @ SecretofOz dot com
“奧兹的秘密”免費英語版 - 訂購一DVD或捐贈 @ SecretofOz.com



羅恩保羅:當經濟崩潰時會有戒嚴令和無政府狀態 / 無旗等


Pakistan under Attack: Now NATO gunships

Global Research, September 28, 2010
The Nation (Pakistan)

As so many had been predicting, if the Pakistani state does not delink itself from the misguided US ‘war on terror’, the US would eventually shift the centre of gravity of the war from Afghanistan to Pakistan and move militarily into Pakistani territory.
This is exactly what is now happening. Already the US has been carrying out drone attacks against Pakistanis, killing thousands of innocent citizens in their wake and perhaps in the process a few militants also.
Meanwhile, US covert operatives and Special Forces have spread themselves all over Pakistan and these revelations and warnings in the Pakistani media have been there for some time.
Now the US has begun the next phase of its agenda targeting Pakistan and that is the aerial gunship attacks from across the Afghan border into Pakistan.
On Friday NATO admitted that two gunship helicopters had entered Pakistan and killed 30 people – euphemistically termed “suspected militants” – just as Dr Aafia has been penalised for being a “suspected terrorist”!
北約週五承認兩架武裝直升機已進入巴基斯坦,及殺死了30人 - 委婉地稱為“嫌疑激進分子” - 正如剛好 Aafia醫生已因為是一個“可疑恐怖分子”而 受到處罰!
Since the government of Pakistan has to its eternal shame kept silent on this new military targeting of Pakistani citizens, NATO has undoubtedly become emboldened and on Monday two gunship helicopters again came into Pakistani territory and killed a few more citizens – so far the tally is five killed in Kurram Agency.
由於巴基斯坦政府要保持它的永久恥辱沉默,在這新一頁的軍事目標向着巴基斯坦公民,北約無疑已變成膽大包天,和在週一兩架武裝直升機再次進入巴基斯坦境內,及殺死多幾名公民 - 迄今為止 記帳是五名在古勒姆機構被殺。
Accompanying this new upping of the military ante inside Pakistan, the US drone attacks continue – with their frequency rising rapidly especially after Obama’s coming to power in the US.

Almost daily there are reports of 10 people or more killed by these unmanned drones – as if Pakistani lives were worth nothing. Perhaps the US is right about this as far as Pakistani rulers are concerned since President Zardari is said to have told the CIA chief that collateral damage from the drones was not an issue that bothered him!






Public outcry is working to stop GMOs
Wednesday, September 29, 2010
by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

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(NaturalNews) The fight against genetic modification (GM) seems like a never-ending, uphill battle. But Lord Melchett, former director of Greenpeace and current policy director at the Soil Association, says that, despite what the biotechnology giants would have you believe, most nations of the world are rejecting GMs and thus preventing their takeover of the planet.
"[M]any people in Europe may be unaware of the extent of the resistance to GM in places like India and China, because they swallow the GM industry line that it is supported all across the world," he was cited as saying in The Independent. "I have to say that where we are now with GM leaves me feeling very optimistic."
“在歐洲[許多]任何人可能不覺察到抵抗轉基因的程度,在地方比如印度和中國,因為它們吞去轉基因的工業線,那是全世界所支持的,”他被引用在獨立報說的, “我要說,在我們現在與轉基因的地方使我感到非常樂觀。”
A quick visit to the website of GM-giant Monsanto, for instance, indicates that what Melchett says is true. Fancy, deceptive marketing and design tactics would have you believe that the world is lovingly embracing the alleged wonders of GM crops, but this is hardly the case. In fact, the only reason GMs even have any foothold at all is because, in some countries, they have been deceitfully approved beneath the radar of the general public.
But as the general public has begun to learn more about GMs -- and the fact that they are dishonestly hidden and unlabeled in the U.S. food supply -- things are beginning to change. In recent years, several new GM crops have been defeated due to public opposition.
但是當廣大市民已開始了解更多關於轉基因 - 而且事實上它們被不誠實地隱藏,和未貼標記在美國的食品供應 - 一切都開始發生變化。近年來,由於公眾的反對,幾種新的轉基因作物已被打敗。
"America is where we're told GM is a huge success...but it's simply not true," said Melchett at the recent Sustainable Planet forum in Lyon, France. "If anybody tells you this, ask them, where is GM wheat? Monsanto had it ready to go but it was stopped by American farmers. Ask them, where is the GM version of alfalfa, the fourth most commonly grown crop in the world? American farmers went to court to stop it being commercialized."
“美國是我們被告知轉基因是一個巨大成功的地方...但它根本不是真實的,”Melchett在最近法國里昂的可持續的星球論壇說。 “如果有人告訴你這,問他們,轉基因小麥在哪裡?孟山都已準備好去馬但它已被美國農民停止。問他們,哪裡是苜蓿的 轉基因版本,在世界第四個最普遍種植的作物?美國農民去法院阻止它被商業化了。“
Continued efforts are needed to stop GM crops from gaining any further ground, and with enough dedication, the outspoken public may even help reverse the tide.



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Juice laced with uranium is just one of many clinical trials allegedly conducted at Israel's Negev nuclear plant, claims investigative journalist Yossi Melman.
果汁被加少量鈾衹是許多的其中一種臨床試驗,據稱在以色列的內蓋夫核電廠進行,調查記者貝納 Melman宣稱。








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Cosmic Deception: The Hoaxed Alien Invasion Scenario

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
I am wondering if this is the reason for the sudden push to give Obama the internet kill switch? It wouldn't do to have bloggers far and wide exposing this for the hoax that it is.

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{Editor's Note: The fake alien invasion operation has been mentioned by numerous NWO writers over the years. I first read of it in Bill Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse. Don Croft mentioned in a few of his Adventures Episodes that the not-so-secret inner government had obtained large spacecraft from the B-Sirians for the purpose of staging the phony alien invasion scene. Red Elk cautioned against the idea of allowing yourself to be beamed up into alien spacecraft when things get rough. I'm afraid that a lot of people will think that this is the Rapture. In fact, the incessant preaching about the coming Rapture may have been a set up to prepare them for this. I don't know for certain, but according to Red Elk, it's not going to be exactly heaven where those people wind up. Bear in mind the larger game: the inner government. had made a secret deal with negative alien groups in 1947 which was formalized in a written treaty in 1954 under Eisenhower. The agenda has grown more negative and destructive as the years rolled on. The Illuminati wants to reduce the world's population down to 400-500 million. The negative aliens, on the other hand, want to take over this planet completely and use it as a stargate jump off point into other dimensions to extend their empire (Anna Hayes).
(編者註:假的外星人入侵行動,多年來已被多位新世界秩序作家提到。我第一次在比爾谷巴的書"看哪一隻灰馬"讀到它;唐克羅夫特在他的冒險集幾次提到,那不太秘密的內部政府已從 B -天狼星人取得大型航天船,目的為排演假外星人入侵場景;紅色麋鹿告誡當事情變得 艱難,不要讓自己被外星人的宇宙飛船用光束照射的想法。我恐怕很多人會認為這是狂喜的事。事實上,不斷鼓吹即將到來的狂喜,可能是設計去為他們準備這。我不敢肯定,但根據紅麋鹿,它不會正確地是天堂在那裡這些人結業。記住較大的遊戲:內部政府已在1947年與負面的外星人團體,達成一項秘密協議,那是正式成為書面條約於1954年在艾森豪威爾下。打滾多年後,該議程已變得更加負面及具有破壞性,光明會想要減少世界人口,下降到4-5億人。另一方面,負面的外星人想要完全接管這個星球,並用它作為星門跳點到其它空間以擴展他們的帝國(安娜海斯)。
The bad guys plan on getting rid of large numbers of people through their contrived wars, through bioplagues, through vaccine induced illness, through chemtrail poisoning, through concentration camps, through technology-induced earth changes, and through negative alien assistance. That's what the bad guys want, but it might not work out that way-in the end. Although, there will be many unpleasantries, the NWO game plan will eventually collapse amid great chaos and upheaval caused by war here on American soil (against Russia and China), possible earth changes, and other unexpected events. These type of articles, while likely true, are also presented in such a way as to keep you FEARFUL. As we have recently seen with the Iraq invasion, the PROPAGANDA about US military prowress and might had not taken into account the WILL to resist an army of imperialist invaders by ordinary Iraqi citizens (called "paramilitary personnel" in the US corporate press). The good people of this earth are now getting more assistance than ever to overcome the Dark forces of tyranny and enslavement. We now have 'etheric tools' available to us to neutralize and render ineffective the genocide agenda. To learn more, read the Adventures of Don & Carol Croft. It seems that planet Earth will experience a gradual vibrational 'uplift' between now and the year 2017. The parasites are hoping to abort that and keep their slaves dumb and indentured, but we're moving up whether they like it or not. See the latest from Montalk on this theme as well...Ken Adachi]

By Steven M. Greer MD
Director, The Disclosure Project
Original Posting: June 2002

Imagine this: It is the summer of 2001, and someone presents you with a script for a movie or book that tells how a diabolical terrorist plot unfolds wherein both 110 story World Trade Center towers and part of the Pentagon are destroyed by commercial jets hijacked and flown into those structures.

Of course you would laugh, and if you were a movie mogul or book editor, reject it out of hand as ridiculous and implausible, even for a fictional novel or movie. After all, how could a commercial jet, being tracked on radar after two jets had already hit the World Trade towers, make it through our air defenses, into the most sensitive airspace in the world, and in broad daylight on a crystal clear day, slam into the Pentagon! And this in a country that spends over $ 1 billion a day to defend itself! Absurd, illogical - nobody would swallow it!

Unfortunately, there are some of us who have seen these scripts - and of far worse things to come - and we are not laughing.

One of the few silver linings to these recent tragedies is that maybe - just maybe - people will take seriously, however far-fetched it may seem at first, the prospect that a shadowy, para-governmental and transnational entity exists that has kept UFOs secret - and is planning a deception and tragedy that will dwarf the events of 9/11.

The testimony of hundreds of government, military and corporate insiders has established this: That UFOs are real, that some are built by our secret 'black' shadowy government projects and some are from extraterrestrial civilizations, and that a group has kept this secret so that the technology behind the UFO can be withheld - until the right time. This technology can - and eventually will - replace the need for oil, gas, coal, ionizing nuclear power and other centralized and highly destructive energy systems.

This 5 trillion dollar industry - energy and transportation - is currently highly centralized, metered and lucrative. It is the stuff that runs the entire industrialized world. It is the mother of all special interests. It is not about money as you and I think of it, but about geo-political power - the very centralized power on which the current order in the world runs. The world is kept in a state or roiling wars, endless poverty for most of Earth's denizens and global environmental ruin, just to prop up this evil world order.

As immense as that game is, there is a bigger one: Control through fear. As Werner Von Braun related to Dr. Carol Rosin, his spokesperson for the last 4 years of his life, a maniacal machine - the military, industrial, intelligence, laboratory complex - would go from Cold War, to Rogue Nations, to Global Terrorism (the stage we find ourselves at today) to the ultimate trump card: A hoaxed threat from space.
To justify eventually spending trillions of dollars on space weapons, the world would be deceived about a threat from outer space, thus uniting the world in fear, in militarism and in war.
Since 1992 I have seen this script unveiled to me by at least a dozen well-placed insiders. Of course, initially I laughed, thinking this just too absurd and far-fetched. Dr. Rosin gave her testimony to the Disclosure Project before 9/11. And yet others told me explicitly that things that looked like UFOs, but that are built and under the control of deeply secretive 'black' projects, were being used to simulate - hoax - ET-appearing events, including some abductions and cattle mutilations, to sow the early seeds of cultural fear regarding life in outer space. And that at some point after global terrorism, events would unfold that would utilize the now-revealed Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs, or reversed-engineered UFOs made by humans by studying actual ET craft - see the book 'Disclosure' by the same author) to hoax an attack on Earth.
Like the movie Independence Day, an attempt to unite the world through militarism would unfold using ET as the new cosmic scapegoat (think Jews during the Third Reich).
None of this is new to me or other insiders: The Report from Iron Mountain, NY, written in the 1960s, described the need to demonize life in outer space so we could have a new enemy. An enemy off-planet that could unite humans (in fear and war) and that would prove to be the ultimate prop for the trillion dollar military-industrial complex that conservative Republican President and five star general Eisenhower warned us about in 1961 (no one was listening then, either...).
So here is the post-9/11 script - one that will be played out unless enough people are informed and the plan can be foiled because they will be unable to fool a sufficient number of citizens and leaders:
After a period of terrorism - a period during which the detonation of nuclear devices will be threatened and possibly actuated, thus justifying expanding the weaponization of space - an effort will ramp up to present the public with information about a threat from outer space. Not just asteroids hitting the Earth, but other threats. An extraterrestrial threat.
Over the past 40 years, UFOlogy, as it is called, combined with a mighty media machine, has increasingly demonized ETs via fearsome movies like Independence Day, and pseudo-science that presents alien kidnappings and abuse as a fact (in some circles) of modern life. That some humans have had contact with ETs I have no doubt; that the real ET contact has been subsumed in an ocean of hoaxed accounts I am certain.
That is, real ET events are seldom reported out to the public. The Machine ensures that the hoaxed, frightening and intrinsically xenophobic accounts are the ones seen and read by millions. This mental conditioning to fear ET has been subtly reinforced for decades, in preparation for future deceptions. Deceptions that will make 9/11 look trivial.
I write this now because I have recently been contacted by several highly placed media and intelligence sources that have made it clear to me that hoaxed events and story-lines are imminent that will attempt to further ramp up the fear machine regarding UFOs and ET s. After all, to have an enemy, you must make the people hate and fear a person, a group of people, or in this case an entire category of beings.
To be clear: the maniacal covert programs controlling UFO secrecy, ARVs and related technologies - including those technologies that can simulate ET events, ET abductions and the like - plan to hijack Disclosure, spin it into the fire of fear, and roll out events that will eventually present ETs as a new enemy. Do not be deceived.
This hogwash, already the stuff of countless books, videos, movies, documentaries and the like, will attempt to glom onto the facts, evidence and first-hand insider testimony of The Disclosure Project, and on its coattails, deliver to the world the cosmic deception that falsely portrays ETs as a threat from space. Do not be deceived.
By commingling fact with fiction, and by hoaxing UFO events that can look terrifying, the Plan is to eventually create a new, sustainable, off-planet enemy. And who will be the wiser?
You will. Because now you know that after 60 years, trillions of dollars and the best scientific minds in the world pressed into action, a secretive, shadowy group - a government within the government and at once fully outside the government as we know it - has mastered the technologies, the art of deception and the capability to launch an attack on Earth, and make it look like ET s did it. In 1997, I brought a man to Washington to brief members of Congress and others about this plan. Our entire team at the time met this man. He had been present at planning sessions when ARVs - things built by Lockheed, Northrup et al, and housed in secretive locations around the world - would be used to simulate an attack on certain assets, making leaders and citizens alike believe that there was a threat from space, when there is none. (Before he could testify, his handlers spirited him away to a secret location in Virginia until the briefing was over...) Sound familiar? Werner von Braun warned of such a hoax, as a pretext for putting war in space. And many others have warned of the same.
Space based weapons are already in place - part of a secret parallel space program that has been operating since the 1960s. ARVs are built and ready to go (see the book 'Disclosure' and the chapter with the testimony of Mark McCandlish et al). Space holographic deception technologies are in place, tested and ready to fire. And the Big Media is a pawn, now taking dictation from the right hand of the king.
I know this all sounds like science fiction. Absurd. Impossible. Just like 9/11 would have sounded before 9/11. But the unthinkable happened and may happen again, unless we are vigilant.
Combine all of this with the current atmosphere of fear and manipulation and there is a real risk of suspending our collective judgment and our constitution.
But know this: If there was a threat from outer space, we would have known about it as soon as humans started exploding nuclear weapons and going into space with manned travel. That we are still breathing the free air of Earth, given the galacticly stupid and reckless actions of an out of control, illegal, secret group, is abundant testimony to the restraint and peaceful intentions of these visitors. The threat is wholly human. And it is we who must address this threat, rein it in and transform the current situation of war, destruction and secret manipulation to one of true Disclosure and an era of sustained peace.
War in space, to replace war on Earth, is not evolution, but cosmic madness. A world thus united in fear is worse than one divided by ignorance. It is now time for the great leap into the future, a leap that moves us out of fear and ignorance and into an unbroken era of universal peace. Know that this is our destiny. And it will be ours just as soon as we choose it.



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