There’s been a mysterious surge in $100 bills in circulation, possibly linked to global corruption

~The number of hundred-dollar bills in circulation has skyrocketed in the past decade.
~It could be a troubling indicator for global corruption as high-denomination bills remain a go-to for criminals, given the anonymity and lack of transaction record.
~“There’s certainly enough evidence to say it is an enabler of corruption, but it is also a way for people to keep assets outside of the financial system, ” says Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek research.

The amount of $100 bills in circulation is surging. And it’s leaving some economists scratching their heads.

The number of outstanding U.S. $100 bills has doubled since the financial crisis, with more than 12 billion of them across the world, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve. C-notes have passed $1 bills in circulation, Deutsche Bank chief international economist Torsten Slok said in a note to clients this week.

Generally, economists believe the surge is related to people around the world wanting to hoard cash, a similar force that’s driven the interest in cryptocurrencies. High denomination, high value currency notes have historically been a preferred form of payment for criminals, given the anonymity, lack of transaction record and relative ease with which they can be brought across borders.

Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, has been down the “rabbit hole of a topic” for more than a decade. He said the growth in $100 bills in circulation is a signal the world is relying on them as a store of value — and still using them for international crime.

“It has nothing to do with the U.S. economy and nothing to do with interest rates,” said Colas. “There’s certainly enough evidence to say it is an enabler of corruption, but it is also a way for people to keep assets outside of the financial system albeit in a kind of bulky way.”

The number of hundred dollar bills abroad began surging after the Gulf War and U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, according to Colas. Part of stabilizing the region meant replacing local currencies with something, and “that something was the U.S. dollar.”

Those larger bills also have a longer shelf life than any other form of U.S. cash. Still, Deutsche Bank’s Slok said multiple factors could explain the increase in C-notes.

“It could be driven by a global fear of negative interest rates in Europe and Japan, or it could be a savings vehicle for U.S. households worried about another financial crisis, or it could be driven by more demand from the global underground economy,” Slok said.

80% overseas

A 2018 research paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago estimates that 60 percent of all U.S. bills and almost 80 percent of all $100 bills are now overseas. That’s up from 15 to 30 percent around 1980, according to research from Federal Reserve Board economist Ruth Judson. She found that economic and political instability contribute to this demand.

Projecting future demand for U.S. currency is “challenging” and depends on how quickly the economy grows, interest rates, new payments technologies, and on whether people in other countries continue to see U.S. dollar bills as a useful asset — “all factors that are, to say the least, uncertain,” according to the Chicago Fed.

A surge in digital payments may be contributing to the lessening demand for lower denomination bills. Rising smartphone use, a shift toward online shopping and improvements in network bandwidths pushed global digital commerce volume above the $3 trillion mark in 2017, according to a recent McKinsey report. That is on track to more than double by 2022, according to McKinsey.

There has been pressure to get rid of high denomination notes to curb international crime. Lawrence Summers, former Treasury secretary and director of the National Economic Council in the White House, has argued for abolishing $100 bills. Summers wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post in 2016 titled, “It’s time to kill the $100 bill.”

“A moratorium on printing new high denomination notes would make the world a better place,” Summers said, citing its potential for crime. “Here is a step that will represent a global contribution with only the tiniest impact on legitimate commerce or on government budgets. It may not be a free lunch, but it is a very cheap lunch.”

He referenced a Harvard research paper written by former Standard Chartered bank chief executive Peter Sands, who argued to eliminate high denomination, high value currency notes.

“By eliminating high denomination, high value notes we would make life harder for those pursuing tax evasion, financial crime, terrorist finance and corruption,” Sands wrote.

The global illicit money flows were “staggering” and fuel crimes from drug trafficking and human smuggling to theft and fraud, Sands said. He estimated that depending on the country, tax evasion robs the public sector of anywhere between 6 percent and 70 percent of what authorities estimate they should be collecting. And despite “huge investments in transaction surveillance systems, and intelligence, less than 1 percent of illicit financial flows are seized.

Soon after that paper was published in 2016, the European Central Bank announced it would stop producing the 500 euro note, citing concerns it could facilitate illegal activities. Despite similar pressure on the Fed, Colas isn’t optimistic it will take the same steps as long as cash distribution is still profitable.

“The Federal Reserve and Treasury make 99 dollars for every $100 dollar bill they print and sell offshore,” Colas said. “There’s a natural desire to keep printing these things — the U.S. government makes a lot of money selling them.”



Funeral Home Sues Pastor for Bringing Man Back From the Dead

Those of us who work in the paranormal, archeology and weird science and news business are accustomed to hoaxes and frauds, but this one should be required reading and watching for future fakers looking for guidance on what NOT to do. A video of a minister praying over a man’s body in a casket shows the alleged corpse suddenly sit up ‘alive’. The video quickly went viral, with the help of the minister’s own Facebook and Twitter pages, and just as quickly was shot down by slings and arrows from around the world. For what has to be the first time in history, a funeral home is now suing the pastor for bringing one of its former customers back from the dead. Will the guy get a coupon for his real funeral?

“A DEAD man came back to LIFE in this service. I speak a RESURRECTION miracle in your life.”

That’s just one of the many titles of stories that accompanied the video of Pastor Alph Lukau of the Alleluia International Ministries praying for the allegedly deceased Zimbabwean national Brighton (Elliot) Moyo who was in a coffin before the healing powers of Lukau jolted him ‘back to life’. (See the video here.) At that point, Lukau addressed the seemingly amazed crowd.

“Can you see what happened? This man died since Friday, he was in the mortuary. This is a sign that no matter what the devil’s done it is over. Devil, I told you wherever I find you I will kick you.”

The word “miracle” hadn’t appeared in that many headlines since the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series. But almost as quickly as Moyo sat up, the word “miracle” in the headlines changed to “hoax” as Lukau’s fraud was exposed. While Moyo’s relatives claimed they were on their way to Zimbabwe for his burial when they decided to visit Lukau’s church, minister Busi Gaca says he got suspicious when he saw the hearse driver run away after dropping them off. It was like he heard a ghost … or something worse.
“As soon as they got here they started hearing movement coming from the coffin. And you know [in] our culture, if a person is dead and you start hearing movement people get scared.”

Or when they hear they’re part of a fraud about to be exposed? Pastor Rochelle Kombou says it was obvious what was going on, and it was something witnessed in the church before.
“By the time the man of God [Lukau] got to him he was already breathing. I was screaming. I saw his tongue moving. It was not a resurrection miracle, we are saying the testimony was completed by the one who is chosen to do what he does. These miracles of healing and deliverance were not an unusual sight at the church. The responsibility of the man of God is to help the testimony to come to life. The man of God completed the miracle by praying because prayer is the key.”
Prayer … and a good alibi. The church officials claim Moyo was already on his way back from the dead (they couldn’t bring themselves to say he was never dead – leaving their options open for future ‘miracles’?), but the funeral directors of the Kings and Queens, Black Phoenix and Kingdom Blue funeral parlors claimed through their advocate that they were unwittingly coerced into the hoax by the large group of people involved in the scam who obtained a coffin from one, stickers from another and the hearse from a third.
Let the backtracking begin.

“At no stage did Pastor Alph claim that he had resurrected the person shown in the video, who was identified by his family as Elliot. From the video footage it is clearly stated that when the mortuary vehicle arrived at the Church premises there was already movement in the coffin. Prior to even praying for Elliot, Pastor Alph states that Elliot is in fact breathing. The facts surrounding Elliots death were presented to Pastor Alph by Elliot’s family (as seen in the video footage) and these were then reported as such … during the service Pastor Alph clearly states that the extent of the miracle needs to be verified and that such verification should include interviewing Elliot’s doctor and everyone in the mortuary.”
In other words, it’s everyone else’s fault because they didn’t check things out first. Outside of “I didn’t do it and I’ll never do it again,” that’s the number one excuse of hoax perpetrators.

The story should serve as a lesson and a warning. Religious beliefs around the world are strong and mourners are extremely distraught and susceptible to grabbing for even seemingly unbelievable offers of hope. Don’t blame the vulnerable for their actions while at the same time fostering a culture that promotes financial gains by any means, hiding behind the mask of “they should have known better.”

Excuse me while I answer that call from another telephone solicitor.


教會經已抨擊牧師Alph Lukau使一名死人復活的宣稱
The church has slammed claims that pastor Alph Lukau resurrected a dead man.

JOHANNESBURG - Alleluia International Ministries has moved to defend pastor Alph Lukau after the so-called miracle resurrection in Sandton on Sunday.

A video showing Lukau praying over a supposedly dead man - who then rises from a coffin - continues to be widely shared online.





Man ‘Brought Back From the Dead’ Mysteriously Dies Again


The strongest current Yellow River
in #China



My Family Fled Communism When I Was 6. Now We Fear Our Nightmare Has Followed Us Here

Following the State of the Union address, I found the state of the nation surreal. I kept skimming past articles about the Democratic Party’s proposed economic stimulus packages, collectively known as the Green New Deal.

They propose to fund unsustainable sectors like solar panels—which are already heavily government-backed—by targeting more self-sufficient industries, like meat production. In order to earmark raiding the cookie jar of productive businesses to fund those that aren’t paying for themselves, Democrats have to demonize the target in order to implement punitive measures such as meat taxes.

I know the Green New Deal is based on non-truths and artfully doled misinformation, like the deforestation myth, but most people believe we are losing forest land in this country to the meat industry. That’s one of the lies told to them by our leaders in order to take advantage of the public support and vote. They need a mob to rob.

A Bad New Deal

How did we get to this choke point of punishing meat consumption, as one NJ radical animal rights activist senator proposes, in the form of a tax?

I think I recognize a pendulum swinging back at me. Mom and Dad left everything they had to bring me and my younger brother to the United States. In this country, I am able to experience freedoms such as shopping for food, owning material things, and starting my own business. But that independence comes with heavy financial costs due to already overzealous, arbitrary, and crippling rules and laws.

As a matter of recent personal developments, I started making my own beef tallow-based cosmetic creams and decided to turn my products into a small business. This process is an ancient form of cosmetic production, and part of the reason I did this was to connect people to the truth. I saw the threat to US food sovereignty—the safest, freest, most abundant, most reliable food producer in the world—coming in the form of untruthful propaganda planted by special interests. It comes in the form of false environmental claims like the threat of cow flatulence or pig feces.

Meanwhile, I work in NYC, and I see a different reality. Those urban-dwelling legislators blame cow and pig waste as they step over garbage on the street with plastic cups in hand. I see human waste in myriad forms coming from congested metropolises.

The waste is in plain view walking past storefronts. Constant construction to remodel commercial spaces after every tenant swap is in plain view. NYC takes at least 45,000 construction applications annually. Think of all the garbage from ripping out floors, walls, and ceilings and replacing them 45,000 times per year.

As city dwellers are packed in so tight in the street that they can’t traverse a sidewalk without bumping into one another like ants on an ant farm, we throw away more than 76 million pounds of garbage per day. Nine pounds per person per day of that waste is produced by people while at work. That’s a lot of to-go lunch boxes, cups, bags, and pulp from fresh juices. To what extent are the waste gases from discarded pulp considered agricultural waste?

I wonder about the environmental impact of a throw-away society. The throw-away society blames the ranchers: “We already pay for recycling and get fined when we don’t, so why shouldn’t they pay, too?”

Will the Green New Deal Be a Death Blow to Budding Entrepreneurial Ventures?

So far, I haven’t sold one item, and God forbid I do before all levels of government have been duly compensated for ensuring the safety and well-being of the people from the threat of me and my hand cream. The local health department wants to inspect my kitchen “to make sure that your dog isn’t walking around getting hair onto the product or that you prepare your product on the same counter as your chicken.” The government can’t provide free public services for free.

They want me to state that I am a chemist because their fee system is based on the number of chemists on staff.

They will refer me for registration with the FDA to have my products tested and my work facilities investigated some more. There are fees associated here, too. The government can’t provide free public services for free.

Naturally, the IRS will have to be notified and receive their dues. Now we may have a Green New Deal standing in line for my green, too.

Where Have I Seen This Before?

With children in tow, my parents escaped oppression and a lack of human rights—the right to pursue happiness and the right to own property. They also escaped government-controlled death by not having to wait for health care under a communist regime.

Not for lack of resources, total government control in the name of the public interest—with no private business rights—kept everyone equally poor and longing for basic daily resources and comforts, like coffee, fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, dairy, cigarettes, clothes, fashion magazines, videos, and news.

The populace that hadn’t yet died on the inside existed with the frustration of simply not being allowed to live normal lives. They faced the threat of punitive repercussions if they displayed any personal initiative or resourcefulness. Those consequences included regular government raids and confiscation of personal property.

The people waited in line for rations of flour and their monthly maximum of sugar and cooking oil; the political members—ruling elites—feasted on the produce and sheep they plundered from the farmers and ranchers. Then they exported the rest. Romania was the breadbasket of Europe. But it was the black market that supplied the nonconformists and enemy-of-the-state families with the forbidden goods the paternal government deemed unnecessary for the people—smuggled American cartoons and Nutella for the kids and Russian black caviar for a birthday party or gathering to impress connections.

They were the ones who risked getting shot at the border on their way out, for they wanted options for their children, who were considered the purview of the state—another resource to be plundered. Citizens were expected to remain and exist only to act as chattel for the benefit of the state. It was servitude for the good of the people. Socialism had already morphed into stage 4 cancer: communism.

Present Day

Fast forward 35 years plus 4,751.5 miles, and that nightmare hound is back to nip at the old couple’s heels, sending chills up their tired backs. It is certain that there is a power struggle over our American resources.

Certain special interests have taken it upon themselves to seize control of our abundantly rich, productive, efficient, and privately-owned agricultural sector by demonizing farmers and ranchers, all as a means of prying control from independently productive family businesses.

These nefarious wolves dressed in white are no gentle lambs. They aim to chip away at our personal freedoms in tiny increments until the entire foundation of the Constitution crumbles. The slobbering wolves in white are gaining ground by pulling the wool over our collective eyes with lies. They are salivating to plunder the world’s breadbasket.

Make no mistake: they may blame cow farts, but when you have given them the ranchers, they shall dine on the same meat they have deemed illegal for you and me.

They buy us with empty promises to enact unconstitutional laws that entrap others into giving more and to tax the bad ones for the common good, ultimately entrapping all of us in that same net. As soon as we make more, we are taxed more for more social services that don’t ever solve the problems. Socialism is a crabs-in-a-barrel system where the political elites stand outside, watching some crabs pull the others down and the others give up at the bottom.

Becoming a Public Enemy

As a former refugee from communism, a New Yorker, and someone who is intensely appreciative of the producers who make our world possible—the farmers and ranchers—my aim is to use a small business to connect urbanites with the natural perfection of the raw resources normally out of reach to them. But the Green New Deal would tell them I’m evil and shouldn’t be given the same free access to the market to compete.

Back under the Ceausescu regime, my father was under surveillance by the secret police. He had dual citizenship and traveled freely, which merited him heavy government monitoring. Thanks to the mainstream emergence of extremist environmentalism, militant activists, doxxing, and extremist legislators, I can’t help feeling the pending threat of that hungry hound. Can my nice cow fat skin-creams make me a target here in the United States similar to what my dad endured in communist Romania?


內塔尼亞湖: '聖殿山上將不會有另一所清真寺'

內塔尼亞湖: '聖殿山上將不會有另一所清真寺'
Netanyahu: ‘Won’t be Another Mosque on the Temple Mount’

Tensions continued to bubble Monday on the Temple Mount after the “Gate of Mercy” structure near the Al-Aqsa mosque was certified as another mosque, with silent agreement from Israel, despite official denials issued by Israeli authorities.

Government officials said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an order to remove equipment from the site and disallow prayer there.

The structure was recently fitted with rugs and other furnishings along with renovations. Eran Tzidkiyahu of the Forum for Regional Thinking visited the site on Monday and assessed that it would soon be used as a permanent prayer area for Muslims.

Meanwhile, the Islamic authority that oversees Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, known as the Waqf, announced it has already appointed an imam for the “Gate of Mercy” structure and that its status would be identical to other sites of worship on the Temple Mount.

Israeli police on Sunday arrested the head of Waqf authority, Sheikh Abdelazeem Salhab, and other Waqf leaders, following violent protests last week on the Temple Mount. Salhab, who was released shortly after his arrest and barred from the area for one week, was appointed by neighboring Jordan.

From one mosque to five

If Israel does not act to reverse the trend, the number of mosques at the Temple Mount compound will stand at five.

Some 52 years ago, immediately following the Six-Day War, there was only one mosque, Al-Aqsa mosque. Over time, the Dome of the Rock was also certified as a mosque and mostly serves Muslim women on Fridays. In the 1990s, two other mosques were certified, but underground: the “Gate of Mercy” area, which some Muslims in recent days have hailed as the “fifth mosque,” was shut down by Israel in 2005 after a Hamas-linked group carried out activities there.

The new Waqf leadership, comprising officials from Fatah, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, breached the site around two weeks ago, and last Friday thousands of worshipers prayed there. Waqf leaders arrested by Israel, as stated, were released a short while later on shaky legal grounds, as the aforementioned Hamas-affiliated group that had operated there, and which served as the pretext for shutting the site down, no longer exists, and doubts emerged over the legality of the most recent closure order.

‘Strong resistance’

It should be noted that before 2005, although the compound was controlled by the Muslims it didn’t function as a mosque and people normally didn’t use it for worship.

Senior Arab-Israeli figures, among them the head of the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab citizens of Israel, former Knesset member Mohammad Barakeh, together with representatives of the Balad and Ra’am parties, visited the structure on Monday and met with Waqf leaders.

“It is the right of every Muslim to prayer at Al-Aqsa mosque. The actions of the Israeli government to Judaize Jerusalem and erode the status quo at Al-Aqsa will be met with strong resistance,” they threatened.

An Israeli government official said: “The prime minister gave instructions to enforce the court’s order without compromise. The political echelon won’t allow the site to become a mosque. This directive was passed to the police and this message was delivered to certain authorities and to Jordan as well. The prime minister has instructed the public security minister [Gilad Erdan] to remove the rugs and other equipment from the site.”


Dershowitz在推特: '控訴內塔尼亞湖將會打開潘多拉的盒子'
Dershowitz on Twitter: ‘Indicting Netanyahu Would Open Up a Pandora’s Box’

A decision indicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges in Case 2000 would “endanger democracy and freedom of the press,” Harvard University Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz wrote in an open letter to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Tuesday.

Dershowitz, one of the most prominent Jewish lawyers in the United States and worldwide, posted the letter on his Twitter page.

“Such charges would open up a Pandora’s box out of which would flow a parade of horribles: Every government official—legislators, judges, prosecutors, police offices, administrators—who sought positive coverage in the media, and then did anything that helped the media, would have to be investigated,” he wrote.

In Case 2000, Netanyahu allegedly supported a law that would curtail Israel Hayom to gain fairer coverage from its competitor Yediot Achranot in a deal struck with its publisher Arnon “Noni” Mozes. Netanyahu ultimately voted against the law, leaving prosecutors to deal with possible motives but no real evidence.

“In the Yediot matter, more than 40 Knesset and cabinet members voted in favor of the newspaper, while [Netanyahu] effectively killed the bill and went to elections. Many of the Knesset members then received positive coverage in Yediot Achranot. Yet they were not investigated. Only the prime minister, who killed the bill, is being prosecuted. This disparity illustrates the enormous discretion prosecutors have in selectively prosecuting alleged violators of this open-ended prosecutorial tool.

“There is no limiting principle to this open-ended intrusion of the criminal law into the delicate, and legally protected, relationship between government officials and the media.”

The letter continued: “Any such charge would give law enforcement far too much power to dictate to the media and to officials they cover how they relate to each other. In a democracy, criticism of the relationship between media and government should be left to voters, not prosecutors.

“I urge you, Mr. Attorney General, to consider the dangerous implications for democracy and freedom of the press if you go forward with these charges against the prime minister.”



Astronomers Baffled by Another Mysterious and Slow Fireball

Earlier this month, a massive and mysterious fireball was seen above West Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Some witnesses described the fireball as green, while others say it was red, but all described it as moving unusually slow and leaving a trail of flame in its wake. While a meteor was suspected, many eyewitnesses said the fireball did not look anything like other shooting stars or meteors they’ve seen in the past.

Now, another strangely slow-moving fireball has been spotted, this time over Canada. Bruce and Melody Hamilton, amateur astronomers based in Nova Scotia spotted the fireball on February 23rd while skygazing from their home. The similarities in the descriptions of this fireball and the one seen in England are striking. The Hamiltons described this Canadian fireball as orange with fiery debris trailing behind it, and like the Cornwall fireball, this one appeared to move incredibly slowly across the sky.

“I saw a light travelling west to east, quite a bright ball cutting a trail,” Melody told the CBC. “But it wasn’t as fast as any meteor that we’ve ever seen. We’ve seen some fairly slow ones, but this was slower. But it wasn’t as slow as an airplane. It was this unusual speed … it looked like it was on fire.”

The fireball was spotted by other witnesses who likewise said the light was different from other shooting stars. “It was quite amazing, actually,” said Jonathan Pettigrew of New Brunswick. “It seemed so close. You could even see it looked like sparks on the tail of it. It was getting brighter. It was quite interesting.”

Charles White of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada told the CBC that without further evidence, it is difficult if not impossible to determine exactly what eyewitnesses saw. White suspects the object was either a ferrous meteorite or a piece of space debris. Given the slow speed and the unusual fiery trail the fireball left behind, I’m more inclined to suspect it was the latter. With all of the talk of satellite warfare going on lately, there’s no telling what may soon be falling out of the skies. For now, these two satellites remain a mystery.


2019 Strange Canadian Light in the Sky Matches Another in Russia!



the hoax.. that 'Voting' makes your TYRANNY..  moral and right..
and of course..   "For the Little Children.. "


買家小心: 你的補充劑維他命B12可能含有氰化物

買家小心: 你的補充劑維他命B12可能含有氰化物
Buyer beware: Your vitamin B12 supplements may contain cyanide

(Natural News) When you take a supplement, your goal is usually to give your body something it lacks to enhance your health. Nutrient deficiencies are far too common these days, and supplements are a popular way to make up for areas in which your diet falls short. Unfortunately, if you’re taking vitamin B12 supplements, you could be getting a lot more than just this useful B vitamin – you might also be slowly dosing yourself with cyanide.

Used for keeping your nerves healthy and building the red blood cells that transport oxygen through your body, vitamin B12 is a crucial nutrient. Deficiencies are very common, especially in vegans and vegetarians. Because it can only be absorbed when it’s in the small intestine, digestive ailments make it more difficult for your body to absorb it. Low levels of vitamin B12 can cause problems like chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, confusion, numbness, pale skin, mouth soreness, memory loss, and slow reflexes, so it’s important to make sure your body is getting enough of it.

You might be surprised to learn that the type of B12 that is used in most mass-market vitamins contains cyanide in the form of a synthetic additive called cyanocobalamin. You can find it easily in vitamins on store shelves, especially the cheaper and store-brand offerings. According to a recent expose by Green Med Info, the ingredient’s safety is the topic of much debate.

The cyanide in these vitamins is organically bound to vitamin B12, or cobalamin, and its potential for harm is low in theory – but that’s assuming that a person is in optimum health and their liver is able to effectively remove it. If their system is already dealing with toxin exposure from other avenues or they’re one of the many people unable to metabolize B12 properly, it could mean higher levels of cyanide in your system. Smokers, too, can run into trouble and should be careful to avoid this type of B12.


How to get vitamin B12 without the risks of cyanide

Of course, a deficiency in B12 isn’t good for your health either, so don’t avoid these supplements out of a fear of cyanide poisoning. Instead of worrying about supplements, you can try to get biologically active B12 through your diet. Foods like white button mushrooms, chlorella, and spirulina are great sources. You can also take probiotics like Lactobacillus reuteri, which can help increase the populations of the natural, beneficial bacteria that produce B12.

If you do need to go the supplement route, however, you can safely get B12 if you know what to look for. When you’re shopping for vitamins, look for cyanide-free forms of B12such as hydroxocobalamin, methylcobalamin, or aquacobalamin. Green Med Info notes that the methylcobalamin form is the ideal variety, although it does carry a higher price tag. It’s superior because it is the form that is found in nature and is ready for your body to put to use right away.

This issue underscores the importance of buying supplements from trusted sources and researching the ingredients of anything you put into your body. Ignore the marketing claims on the package, and take the time to seek information from unbiased sources. After all, the point of supplements is to improve your health, not damage it!



Something rotten in the state of Denmark? Govt wants stores to stop accepting cash


The Danish government is considering changing current laws which make it compulsory for the vast majority of stores to accept cash payments. The measure is part of Copenhagen’s push for a completely cashless society by 2030.

The law change would allow petrol stations, convenience stores and clothing shops to choose to only accept card and online forms of payment. The anti-crime measure would provide additional security for stores, according to Denmark’s Business Minister Rasmus Jarlov.

“Fewer people use cash today, so we think there should be a balance between the difficulty and security risks placed on business owners and the benefits of accepting cash,” Jarlov told the DR broadcaster.

A 2017 law enabled certain types of stores to apply for a dispensation to be cash-free between 10pm and 6am.

The minister said that, “If you still want to use cash, I would advise saying so to the stores where you shop. I expect businesses to listen to their customers.”

“We are not forcing anyone to stop using cash,” he added.

Certain services, including supermarkets, postal services, doctors, pharmacies and other stores with “central societal functions,” will still be required to accept cash.

Denmark’s endeavor to move towards a completely cash-free economy has been the subject of heated debate lately; with opponents saying the measure is aimed at placing citizens exclusively under state control.

The government has “set a 2030 deadline to completely do away with paper money.”

Mobile payments and bank cards have been adopted widely and have become more popular than old-fashioned cash payments not only in Denmark but in neighboring Sweden, Norway, and Finland as well.

Increases in stores refusing cash could impact some sections of society more than others, according to Troels Holmberg, senior economist with the Tænk (Think) consumer rights group.

“There are some groups in society which don’t have any option other than to pay with cash. There are young people, disabled people, socially underprivileged – we also need to consider their needs when we set out legislation,” he explained.