Government Research Confirms Measles Outbreaks Are Transmitted By The Vaccinated

The Facts: Research reveals that a vaccinated individual not only can become infected with measles but can also spread it to others who are also vaccinated against it - disproving that multiple doses of MMR are 97 percent effective.

Their remarkable conclusion:

“This is the first report of measles transmission from a twice vaccinated individual. The clinical presentation and laboratory data of the index were typical of measles in a naïve individual. Secondary cases had robust anamnestic antibody responses. No tertiary cases occurred despite numerous contacts. This outbreak underscores the need for thorough epidemiologic and laboratory investigation of suspected measles cases regardless of vaccination status.”

Did you follow that? A twice-vaccinated individual, from a NYC measles outbreak, was found to have transmitted measles to four of her contacts, two of which themselves had received two doses of MMR vaccine and had prior presumably protective measles IgG antibody results.


5萬度閃電栓的“副作用” - 巨大的閃電熔岩

5萬度閃電栓的“副作用” - 巨大的閃電熔岩
"Side Effect" of a 50,000 degree Lightning Bolt - Huge Fulgurite


以Nikon P1000在天空中捕捉"外星人"類型

以Nikon P1000在天空中捕捉"外星人"類型
Nikon P1000 Catches "Alien" Form in Sky



Here Comes the 3rd Wave-Red Dawn Invasion Brought to You By George Soros and His Rent An Army

Can Steve Quayle, Paul Martin, Dave Hodges, Infowars and many others from the Independent Media all be incorrect? And if we mix in some timely predictive programming, a very clear picture is emerging. The practice of embedding deadly 5th column forces within the United States is nearing completion. Phase II of the Red Dawn Invasion has been implemented.  An amazing 3rd wave of so-called immigrants have now surfaced and with the support of George Soros are making their way north towards to the US border. Here is the complete story.



小心: 中國可能在閱讀你的電郵

小心: 中國可能在閱讀你的電郵
Beware: China may be reading your email

A new report alleges China uses key internet vulnerabilities to hijack traffic amid claims its technological success is ‘dependent on massive expropriation of foreign R&D’

A recent academic report claims that China has been routinely and systematically hijacking internet traffic from the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries through security flaws in the deep structure of the internet. To put it simply, somebody in Beijing may be receiving and reading your emails before you do, as well as capturing your passwords and other personal data from websites you visit.

“China ’s Maxim – Leave No Access Point Unexploited: The Hidden Story of China Telecom’s BGP Hijacking,” by Chris C Demchak of the US Naval War College and Yuval Shavitt of Tel Aviv University. The report was published in a peer-reviewed journal published annually by the Military Cyber Professionals Association.



#ITALIA | 30.10.2018 - Zona de desastre natural -
☑ La región de Liguria ha sido golpeada por una tormenta tal que no se producía desde tiempos de la posguerra, y causó una devastación a lo largo de la costa, por millones de euros desde Imperia a Sarzana, que puede ser simbolizada por los estragos de los yates en el golfo de Rapallo.



!!!!! The new president of Brazil


看看大家經常捐錢的機構有多邪惡: 在聯合國兒童基金會的怪異化妝舞會2018的裏面

Inside UNICEF’s Bizarre 2018 Masquerade Ball

A look at the creepy symbolism surrounding UNICEF’s yearly masquerade ball attended by affluent celebrities and socialites.

UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. Its mission is to “address the needs of children and women in developing countries”. Apparently, another mission is to host creepy masquerade balls featuring celebrities dressed in satanic costumes.

On October 25th, UNICEF held its yearly Masquerade Ball at Clifton’s Republic in Los Angeles and it was weird. While the advertised goal of the event is to raise money for children, a look at the symbolism around the party hints to another goal: To celebrate the occult elite’s twisted culture. Indeed, the event featured celebrities and socialites partying in a setting inspired by Eyes Wide Shut (a movie about sex magick orgies in elite secret societies) … to help children.

According to the official website:

The UNICEF Masquerade Ball is UNICEF Next Generation’s signature philanthropic event. Masked guests, dressed in their finest attire, dance the night away in celebration and support of UNICEF’s lifesaving work. Over 800 emerging global leaders, innovators, celebrities and philanthropists attend the UNICEF Masquerade Ball each year.

Masquerade Ball

Not unlike most posh Hollywood happenings, the UNICEF ball was preceded by a red carpet event where the illustrious guests paraded around in their Louboutin heels, Versace dresses and … satanic masks. All for hungry children of course.



Scientists Are Looking Exploring Hibernation for Space Travel, Just Like 'Alien'

Everybody knows that familiar scene in sci-fi movies where the camera pans over a row of cryogenic chambers containing the crew members of a space ship, whether it's Planet of the Apes, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Avatar, or Alien. Though it's called many different things (hypersleep, cryosleep, etc.), the scientific term for this kind of long-term hibernation is 'torpor,' and a recent science symposium in New Orleans spent some time exploring how we can use it to travel to other planets.

Some of the biggest challenges for space travel are time and space. Not in the relativistic sense—the practical sense. Travelling anywhere outside our own solar system is going to take a huge amount of time, even if it's our closest neighbor, Alpha Centauri. NASA has an unmanned mission planned to head out there in 2069, but even if the spacecraft manages to reach its projected speed (which is 10% of the speed of light), the craft will still take 44 years to reach Alpha Centauri (the star system is 4.4 light years away). Apart from arriving on alien planets in their 70s, the long travel time to other planets poses another problem for astronauts: food and water. The longer the trip, the more supplies a spaceship needs to carry to sustain its crewmembers.


匿名"百萬面具遊行"- 11月5日遊行位置

匿名"百萬面具遊行"- 11月5日遊行位置
Anonymous “Million Mask March” — November 5th Marching Locations

After all the ghouls and witches are away from Halloween, millions of Anons around the world will meet on November 5th, drawn to Guy Fawkes, revolution, change, and the gunpowder plot, to make their presence known to world governments and the elite (the true vampires and goblins of our society).

Those who support the Anonymous movement, Discordianism, anarchy, fighting against government oppression, encryption, hacking, human rights, various activist causes for our animal friends and otherwise, justice and even those who just enjoy the Lulz of a website or database getting pwned by code, will all join together for a single day showcasing global unity.

In other words, individuals of every race, ideological beliefs and social class will meet in streets all over the world to celebrate November 5th and the gunpowder plot which will never be forgotten, mirroring the movie V for Vendetta as a symbol for standing against tyranny.



Hybrid IVF Procedure Allows Two Women to Carry the Same Baby

We probably don't need to fully explain how in vitro fertilization typically works, but generally speaking it involves injecting sperm into an embryo and then implanting that fertilized egg so that it can grow. According to reports, fertility specialists in Texas were the first in history to try a revolutionary, but controversial new procedure that allowed two women in a same sex couple to both carry the same baby in their wombs. The procedure combined two existing procedures (effortless IVF and reciprocal IVF) and resulting in the birth of a healthy baby boy.




Leaked U.N. Memo Reveals Saudis Demanded Western Propaganda For $1bn Pledged To Aid Agency

...We wonder if the Saudis had never been caught in Jamal Khashoggi's gruesome murder, would such essential stories and leaks now happening such as the below Guardian report ever see the light of day? On Tuesday The Guardian published select contents of a leaked internal United Nations document detailing a "pay to play" scheme orchestrated by Saudi Arabia.
According to the leaked document, the Saudis demanded that aid groups and humanitarian agencies operating in Yemen provide favorable publicity for Saudi Arabia in return for Riyadh providing close to a billion dollars to fund their efforts. The document identifies $930m given to the aid groups, even as the Saudi-led coalition bombed the very people the donations were supposed to help. 
The Guardian report calls the extent of Saudi demands "highly unusual" as part of the requirement for groups to receive aid included floating favorable stories and coverage of "the Saudi humanitarian effort in Yemen" to newspapers like the New York Times and the Guardian  publications specifically named in the internal memo. Thus the nearly $1bn was essentially hush money for the sake of propaganda meant to shield the kingdom from scrutiny over its Yemen actions. 

輸打贏要: 如果民主黨不贏得選舉,演員占士克倫威爾警告“血洗街頭”

輸打贏要: 如果民主黨不贏得選舉,演員占士克倫威爾警告“血洗街頭”

Character actor James Cromwell was honored at the fourth annual Carney Awards, where he used his platform to call for change in the United States and warn of violence if President Trump and his allies remain in office.

Cromwell, a noted character actor known for roles in projects such as “Babe,” “The Green Mile,” “Big Hero 6,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “American Horror Story,” is also a political activist who has worked with organizations such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. He’s frequently been arrested for his role in planned, peaceful protests at places like SeaWorld and a natural gas power plant in New York.

Speaking to Variety at the event, he warned of the turn that he sees America taking and cautioned there will be “blood in the streets” if Republicans remain in control.


沙漠"海豚"! 中國的沙漠戰爭採用藝術手法

沙漠"海豚"! 中國的沙漠戰爭採用藝術手法
"Dolphin" in desert! China's war on desert takes artistic touch


智利卡爾布科火山拍到的壯觀'電網' - 獲獎照片

智利卡爾布科火山拍到的壯觀'電網' - 獲獎照片
Volcán Calbuco, en Chile... La naturaleza en acción...

Imagen ganadora del premio Siena International Photo Awards 2018, en la categoría de “Belleza natural”, captada por el fotógrafo chileno Francisco Negroni...


'這不是我們做阿二的區域': 美國需要'在太空的進攻型武器'作自衛,馬蒂斯聲稱

'這不是我們做阿二的區域': 美國需要'在太空的進攻型武器'作自衛,馬蒂斯聲稱
US needs ‘offensive weapons in space’ for self-defense, Mattis claims

Dominance in space is vital for the American way of life and the Pentagon must be prepared for deployment and usage of offensive weapons there, in order to protect US interests, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said.

The Pentagon is looking at a two-pronged strategy in space, Mattis told an audience at the US Institute of Peace in Washington on Tuesday. In addition to making US assets in orbit more difficult to destroy and easier to replace, offensive capabilities are under consideration, he said.

“We are going to have to be prepared to use offensive weapons in space should someone decide to militarize it and go on the offensive,” said the retired Marine who took over the Pentagon in January 2017.

In any competitive sport in the world, “you cannot simply play defense and win,” Mattis added. “This is not an area that we want to be second-place in.”


俄羅斯大力考慮禁制萬聖節- 美國應否跟足?

俄羅斯大力考慮禁制萬聖節- 美國應否跟足?
Russia’s Strongly Considering Banning Halloween-Should US Follow Suit?

Russia is considering banning Halloween. Perhaps America should consider doing the same thing.



處理反對的方法! 蒙古總統威脅絕食

處理反對的方法! 蒙古總統威脅絕食
Way to deal with the opposition! Mongolian president threatens hunger strike


Conflict between a state’s president and lawmakers can lead to ugly things: Unpleasant executive orders, impeachment, government shutdowns, even revolutions… or a very high-level hunger strike, as may soon be the case in Mongolia.

The president of Mongolia, Khaltmaa Battulga, is desperate to be heard by the country's parliament, the Great Khural. With his Democratic Party grossly outnumbered by the ruling People's Party, no measure is too desperate, it seems – even that of a hunger strike.