Questions Need To Be Asked About Global “Wild” Firestorms: Mother Nature OR Technology?
JULY 31, 2018
According to select news reports we in the USA are permitted to know and to see by those who control the news, “it’s fire season, and the world seems to be burning.”

According to The Los Angeles Times, “Wildfires rage across Europe as countries battle intense heat wave,” July 28, 2018.

The Telegraph reported “Wildfires are up more than a third in Europe – with the heatwave-hit north seeing huge increases,” July 25, 2018.

Time reported “Deadly Japan Heat Wave Continues as Temperatures Reach Highest Ever” with temperatures reaching 106 degrees F (41.1C).  Eleven people died, while 10,000 were hospitalized for heat-related conditions.

In March of 2018, Newsweek reported “Fires in South Africa Are So Big, They Can Be Seen From Space—and They’re Helping to Cool the Earth.”

Source: This NASA satellite image shows red dots, which represent fires in South Africa, and clouds over the southeast Atlantic Ocean. NASA / Newsweek

加州被煮熟 | 微波導能武器產生的大火
California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon 

California Fires Started By Directed Energy Weapons? Cabal Civil War Intensifies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEmBBe35aZk

Greek Wildfires: Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons



The above information is a weather anomaly being blamed on Mother Nature and not on those who apparently are at the epicenter of weather management and weather geoengineering.

One of the prime movers and shakers regarding weather management is the U. S. Air Force.  It published in August of 1996, an online candid report titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.” So, what should we expect?

Furthermore, there literally are hundreds of U.S. patents for weather management. That extensive list can be found here.

However, the strangest part of this “fire season” and the rest of the world burning is that the East Coast of the USA is being inundated with tropical rainstorms almost daily and subsequent flooding, plus the ruination of field crops which, undoubtedly, will lead to food shortages and higher food prices.

Currently parked over my area is a scalar cloud bank brought in by a full day of aerial spraying Sunday, July 29, that laid down all sorts of “chemtrails” with crazy patterns in the sky no sensible pilot would file as a flight plan.  Where are the flight plans for those spray planes, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration?  Can someone FOIA them for you to produce?


中國政府從全面神志清醒的人摘取器官賺10億美元 - Chris Kitze和Dave Hodges

中國政府從全面神志清醒的人摘取器官賺10億美元 - Chris Kitze和Dave Hodges
Chinese Gov. makes $1 Billion Extracting Organs From Fully Conscious People-Chris Kitze and Dave Hodges
July 30th, 2018
I have been privy to agreements between the United Nations and China with regard to the occupation of the United States. In short, the despicable Chinese government has been promised control and the right to harvest American mineral rights in our country in exchange for servicing much of the debt of the United States in a post sovereign America.
This arrangement should absolutely frighten every American, because under Chinese military imposed martial law, the Chinese will be harvesting much more that mineral resources. They will undoubtedly do to Americans what the Chinese have been doing to the Falun Gong. Namely, arresting them on trumped up charges. This is followed by the imposition of lengthy prison sentences so these poor people will not be missed when the Chinese government extracts their organs while the victims are fully conscious.
I recently interviewed Chris Kitze (Before its News) who has a great deal of experience in both the nature and practice of Falun Gong and the practice harvesting human organs from healthy members of this group.
Although Mr. Kitze is very professional and expresses himself in a very civilized manner, there is no sugar coating the abhorrent nature of the practice of illegally and inhumanely extracting organs from fully conscious members of the Falun Gong. Therefore, listener discretion is advised. Additionally, after listening to this riveting interview, I predict most will be sufficiently be so outraged that they will join me in calling for a suspension of diplomatic relations with China. The leadership of the Communist Chinese Party consists of barbaric animals not fit to be called human beings.

Chris Kitze

Why Doesn’t the International Community Challenge China On This Practice?


衛星圖像+社交媒體 = 新途徑去識別呈現的核威脅

衛星圖像+社交媒體 = 新途徑去識別呈現的核威脅
Satellite Imagery + Social Media = A New Way to Spot Emerging Nuclear Threats
A research team is training computers to find and fuse clues from wildly different rivers of digital data.
JULY 31, 2018
Hiding illicit nuclear programs might be getting harder, thanks to new ways of gleaning and combining clues from various rivers of digital data. That’s the conclusion of new research funded in part by the U.S. Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration.

Satellites offer one kind of information; social media another — particularly inside countries that may be trying to flout inspections. But large volumes of satellite imagery and social media data aren’t similar. You can have one analyst examine satellite pictures and another look at social media posts to see if they align, but the process is time-consuming and generally far from comprehensive. The study’s authors developed a method for fusing different types of data in a machine-readable way to offer a much clearer picture.

“In light of their ubiquitous emergence, social media increasingly promise to be of great value even though associated applications have thus far remained simple, and their fusion with other data has been largely ad hoc,” the team from North Carolina State University writes in “Fusing Heterogeneous Data: A Case for Remote Sensing and Social Media.” Only by creating a new statistical method for fusing the outputs of satellite data and social media data do you get something you can use to predict what might happen next within a given area of interest, such as a specific nation’s nuclear enrichment or weapons development.

The researchers looked at satellite and social media data from August 2013, when deadly floods killed eight people and caused widespread damage in Colorado. They sought to show that if you could algorithmically identify which imagery showed the flooding from space, and which geotagged tweets described it on the ground, you could could much more quickly verify one data set against another — that is, you could determine whether  incoming social media data supports the conclusions you might be reaching from your satellite data, and vice versa. https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2018/07/satellite-imagery-social-media-new-way-spot-emerging-nuclear-threats/150153/


Michigan Declares State Of Emergency After Cancer-Linked Toxin Found In Drinking Water
July 31st, 2018



A "City of Underground Giants" Discovered in the Grand Canyon

大西洋奴隸交易 埃及合眾國

大西洋奴隸交易 埃及合眾國
28:68 [hb5]
耶 和 華 必 使 你 坐 船 回 埃 及 去 、 走 我 曾 告 訴 你 不 得 再 見 的 路 、 在 那 裡 你 必 賣 己 身 與 仇 敵 作 奴 婢 、 卻 無 人 買 。
Credit: For Truth Not Religion


انهيار أرضى ضخم حدث اليوم فى اسطنبول تركيا 


The Left Becoming A 'House Of Horrors' Proves This 'Blueprint For The Destruction Of America' Has Been Long In Play
- 全球主義者的'新世界失序'正被建造在上帝創造秩序的廢墟之上
- The Globalists 'New World Dis-Order' Is Being Built Upon The Ruins Of God-Created Order
July 30, 2018
Beginning their story with a look at the series of total and complete meltdowns now being suffered by many on 'the left', including the massive breakdowns suffered by the mainstream media, the American Thinker story then goes on to take a look at the very nature of 'evil' itself and how so many on 'the left' have embraced 'evil' without many of them even realizing that was what they are doing, largely due to 'luciferian inversion'. 

So thoroughly indoctrinated into evil ideology that somehow many believe that by carrying out their acts of treachery and embracing the luciferian ideologies they've been indoctrinated into they somehow really believe that they are on the side of 'what is righteous', as we see in this story, throughout history, almost all religions, cultures and philosphical ideologies have described evil the same way. And as the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, recently warned, straying from those accepted norms about the nature of evil is inviting disaster and even 'end times'. First, from the American Thinker story: 

I am going to dare to look at the E-word: evil.

"What is evil? Killing is evil, lying is evil, slandering is evil, abuse is evil, gossip is evil, envy is evil, hatred is evil, to cling to false doctrine is evil; all these things are evil. And what is the root of evil? Desire is the root of evil, illusion is the root of evil."

Some might be calling me an uptight, white Christian bigot right now – except that was a quote from Buddha. The original uptight, white Christian bigot. Believe it or not, most widely accepted philosophies from a diversity of cultures had serious agreements on what constitutes evil. It was CS Lewis who said (correctly) that there is far more agreement on what is right and wrong in different cultures than disagreement. What Buddha is quoted as saying could have been said by a Hindu, a Sikh, St. Paul, or Moses – which is to say there is real agreement on this subject across cultures.

There are behaviors that are consistently condemned across the world. Buddha nailed them. Moses nailed them. Confucius nailed them. Jesus nailed them. Don't cross those lines; don't go there. These are lines of behavior that destroy, wreak havoc, and leave individuals and cultures in shambles. Like Venezuela. And that is why they are so universally condemned. Multiculturalism at its finest.

So why is the left crossing so many of these lines of behavior? A hint:

"In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations."

―Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We'll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)


Israel Is Embracing Fascism in Europe: Here’s Why
July 30, 2018
(MEMO Op-ed) — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Israel on 19 July where he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials. Orban’s visit would have not required much pause except that the Hungarian leader has been repeatedly branded for his often racist, anti-Semitic remarks.
So why is Orban wining and dining with the leaders of the so-called ‘Jewish State’?
The answer does not pertain only to Orban and Hungary, but to Israel’s attitude towards the rapidly growing far-right movements in Europe as a whole. Netanyahu and Zionist leaders everywhere are not just aware of this massive political shift in European politics but are, in fact, working diligently to utilize it in Israel’s favor.
On his visit to Israel, Orban asserted that Hungarian Jewish citizens should feel safe in his country, an odd statement considering that it was Orban and his party that deprived many Jews and other members of minority groups of any feeling of safety.
Still, Netanyahu has welcomed Orban as a “true friend of Israel” and Orban called on his European counterparts to show more support for Israel. Mission accomplished.
Netanyahu visited Budapest in July 2017 but that supposedly historic visit did nothing to change Hungary’s official discourse, which is dotted with racism and anti-Semitism. In fact, in March 2018, Orban derided Jews, focusing his criticism mostly on Jewish financiers such as George Soros.
At an election rally campaign Orban said, “We are fighting an enemy that is different from us. Not open but hiding; not straightforward but crafty; not honest but base; not national but international; does not believe in working but speculates with money; does not have its own homeland but feels it owns the whole world”.
It is well-known that Israel and Zionist leaders are quite selective in manipulating the definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ to serve their political agendas, but Israel’s attitude towards the racist far-right movements in Europe takes this truth to a whole new level.
Indeed, the ‘special relationship’ between Netanyahu and Orban is only the tip of the iceberg. For years, Netanyahu’s Israel has been ‘flirting’ with radical right movements in Europe.
The unmistakable Israeli strategy, of course has its own logic. Israeli leaders feel that Europe’s move to the far-right is irrevocable and are keen to benefit from the anti-Muslim sentiment that accompanies this shift as much as possible.
Moreover, the EU’s resolve to label illegal settlement products and refusal to heed calls for moving their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is pushing Netanyahu to explore these new routes.
During his previous visit to Hungary Netanyahu met with leaders from the so-called Visegrad-4, which includes Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
On that visit, Netanyahu hoped to find new channels of support within the EU, through exerting pressure by using his new allies in these countries. In an audio recording obtained by Reuters, Netanyahu chastised Europe for daring to criticise Israel’s dismal human rights record, illegal settlement policies and military occupation.
“I think Europe has to decide whether it wants to live and thrive or it wants to shrivel and disappear,” he said.



Auditing, then ending, the Fed is key to permanently draining the welfare-warfare swamp
JULY 30, 2018
President Trump’s recent Tweets expressing displeasure with the Federal Reserve’s (minor) interest rate increases led to accusations that President Trump is undermining the Federal Reserve’s independence. But, the critics ignore the fact that Federal Reserve “independence” is one of the great myths of American politics.

HISTORIC: President Trump Will Audit The Fed
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvM5_jH-gVE https://www.infowars.com/trumps-tweets-end-the-myth-of-fed-independence/


Something BIG spotted traveling through Solar System going behind Jupiter!


US announces its armed drones now operate in Niger

炒冷飯 - 人人睇淡的'流星'王梓軒



#EEUU | Enorme Tornado de Fuego avanza para destruir varias viviendas en los incendios forestales que arrasan en condado de Shasta, California.
Por abc10, el 27.07.2018.



Establishment Spreads Misinformation In War On Free Speech
President Trump has now called out the shadow banning of conservatives, such as Alex Jones as possibly illegal. David Hogg misrepresents comments Alex made about water filters.

我們沒有從歷史學到什麼嗎 - 文明經常崩潰

我們沒有從歷史學到什麼嗎 - 文明經常崩潰
Have We Learned Nothing From History – CIVILIZATIONS COLLAPSE ALL THE TIME
Are we, or have we.., set the stage for the next big collapse of civilization… Are we going down the same path of some of the greatest societies of all time, to our own self-imposed destruction through our very own actions, or lack of… Are we too arrogant to think we can learn from some of the most brilliant civilizations ever to have graced this planet, only to find ourselves in a very, very similar situation… And if so, what can we do to change it — if anything…

“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” We have all heard this saying many times.., and is in itself pretty easy to understand. And the original quote from George Santayana’s book, The Life of Reason in 1905… “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
The simplicity and weight of this phrase is what makes it so powerful…
But no matter how simplistic this phrase is to understand — we humans have a hard time practicing what we preach… If we have learned anything, it should be.., yes civilizations, in fact, do collapse… Sometimes it is a complete mystery, as to why — like the Mayan civilization… And other times, they seem to implode due to their lousy leadership and poor management. Sometimes they just get too big for their own britches.
“I love studying Ancient History and seeing how empires and fall, sowing the seeds of their own destruction.” — Martin Scorsese

Have we learned nothing from the fall of the Romans, French who both once ruled with magnificent, huge empires — but still wanted more…Extended wars and the vast amounts of money that go along with such aggressive and brutal campaigns. Spying on their own leaders and citizens. Investing in huge amounts of money overseas — only to collapse under their own weight. And then there was Mesopotamia, one of the glorious civilizations of ancient times, that let war, pollution, overcrowding, and climate issues — that also bit the dust.


蜜蜂那有天啟 - 環保份子的恐慌故事 - 別理會!

環保份子的恐慌故事 - 別理會!
Environmentalist scare stories – Never mind!
“'蜜蜂天啟'純粹是小說故事... 蜜蜂沒有死光的風險。“
- 保羅德里森
“The ‘honeybee apocalypse’ was pure fiction…. Honeybees are at no risk of dying off.”
– Paul Driessen
Solid evidence shows there is no “bee-pocalypse,” but alarmists allege new pesticide threats

“Environmental activists always claim they merely want better public policies, to save the Earth and its endangered species,” writes Paul Driesssen. “Far too often, their real goal is acquiring more money and power – by misdiagnosing and misrepresenting, exaggerating and fabricating, ecological crises. It’s the road to the hell of bad public policy. And it’s not always paved with good intentions.”
“A perfect example is their use of the (temporary) decline in domesticated honeybee numbers to drive fundraising campaigns – and demands that regulators ban neonicotinoid pesticides, the low-risk crop protection insecticides that are mostly applied as seed treatments that get taken up into plant tissue, so that they only attack pests that feed on crops. Now suddenly, the Sierra Club and Xerces Society have finally admitted that “honeybees are at no risk of dying off.  While diseases, parasites and other threats are certainly real problems for beekeepers, the total number of managed honeybees worldwide has risen 45% over the last half century. Honeybees are not going to go extinct.”
“But now they’re claiming that multiple species of WILD bees face extinction, likely because of neonics. The recurrent “crises” remind me of Emily Litella’s misguided rant about “endangered feces.” It’s a good time for these environmentalist pressure groups to say, “Ohhhhh. Never mind” – and act a little more honestly and responsibly.”



Russia Fears Rising Will Putin Strike First



樓市崩潰2.0? 專家警告“美國住屋市場看來朝向近年來最惡劣的放緩”

樓市崩潰2.0? 專家警告“美國住屋市場看來朝向近年來最惡劣的放緩”
Housing Crash 2.0? Experts Warn That “The U.S. Housing Market Looks Headed For Its Worst Slowdown In Years”
JULY 30, 2018
Is the United States heading for another absolutely devastating housing crash? It has been 10 years since the last one, and so many of the exact same signs that immediately preceded the last one are starting to appear once again. Back in 2007, home prices were absolutely soaring and it seemed like the party would never end. But interest rates went up, home sales slowed down substantially, and eventually prices began to crash. Millions upon millions of Americans were suddenly “underwater” in their homes just as a crippling recession hit the economy, and we plunged into a foreclosure crisis unlike anything that we had ever seen before. Well, now the cycle is happening again. Home prices surged to unprecedented heights in 2017, and this was especially true in the hottest markets on the east and west coasts. But now interest rates are going up and home sales are starting to slow down substantially. We certainly aren’t too far away from the next crash and another horrible foreclosure crisis, and many experts are beginning to sound the alarm.

For example, the following very alarming numbers come from a recent Bloomberg article entitled “The U.S. Housing Market Looks Headed for Its Worst Slowdown in Years”…

Existing-home sales dropped in June for a third straight month. Purchases of new homes are at their slowest pace in eight months. Inventory, which plunged for years, has begun to grow again as buyers move to the sidelines, sapping the fuel for surging home values. Prices for existing homes climbed 6.4 percent in May, the smallest year-over-year gain since early 2017, and have gained the least over three months since 2012, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Those are definitely troubling figures, but perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that mortgage applications are way down right now…

Mortgage applications to purchase both new and existing homes have been falling steadily, and mortgage rates are rising again. Single-family home construction also fell and was lower than June 2017.

Of course economic numbers always go up and down, and just because we have had a few bad months does not necessarily mean that disaster is looming.

But when you step back and take a broader perspective on the housing market, it really does start to feel like early 2008 all over again.

In fact, Nobel Prize-winning author Robert Shiller says that this “could be the very beginning of a turning point”…

“This could be the very beginning of a turning point,” said Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economist who is famed for warning of the dot-com and housing bubbles, in an interview.



Federal Whistleblowers Expose TSA’s “Quiet Skies” Secret Surveillance Program for ALL Travelers
JULY 30, 2018

It appears that, once again, the government narrative that TSA surveillance and groping is needed to keep Americans safe from the terrorists “over there” is nothing but a justification to violate the rights of everyone.
Thanks to a group of federal air marshals displaying good conscience, we are now learning about a new program that shows the full web of physical and digital surveillance that is being employed by the government to track people far beyond even the dubious “terror watch list.” Not only are these marshals ready to talk – they are equipped with documents.
According to the group of marshals who first contacted the Boston Globe, the Quiet Skies program has been active since March. The group stated that immediate concern was registered when it became clear that what they were being asked to observe and document was an expansion of the established protocol of putting attention on people connected to a documented terror watch list. Their duties clearly included domestic surveillance of people who were under no formal suspicion and had no reason to be targeted other than vague behavioral observations and/or made it to the radar due to connections made by artificial intelligence programs regarding their data.

This expansive list must be seen to be believed:


How America Will Be Divvied Up
 July 29th, 2018

Have you ever given thought to how America will be divvied up when if the globalists are able to take down America? Will we have to contend with the Chinese, the Russians, the UN or most likely, all three.
Steve Quayle and I have discussed the carving up of America. It has already been decided what the Chinese will get and what the Russians will be able to take.
If the Deagel projections are correct, coupled with UN troops (eg Chinese and Russian) on our soil, we are in for some very dark days. However, under the banner phrase, “forewarned is forearmed”, it is best to know what the globalists have in store for us. Here are the answers to these questions.

How Will America Be Divvied Up



Noam Chomsky: 特朗普是伏 (干擾)

Noam Chomsky: 特朗普是伏 (干擾)
Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump is a Distraction
While Donald Trump works to distract the public, his administration is working to dismantle every aspect of government that benefits the people.