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以色列攻擊敍利亞(再次) - 失敗

以色列攻擊敍利亞(再次) - 失敗

Late Thursday night, Israel – without warning or provocation – launched missiles into Syria. According to Syrian military sources, the attack was entirely defeated by Buk-M systems and not Syria’s much newer (and greatly publicized) S-300 systems. However, there are now signs emerging that certain parts of the advanced S-300 system may have been used to repel the attack.

Specifically, hints dropped by sources say that while no S-300 missiles were fired to intercept the Israeli projectiles, S-300 early warning and primary fire control radar units may have been used in detecting, tracking and guiding interception fire.

The Israeli missiles, which were ground-launched instead of air-launched, were in fact detected several minutes earlier than has been the case historically due to presence of advanced Syrian early warning radars atop Tal al-Hara (near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights) which allows for detection and tracking of very small air objects as far away as eastern Israel.

To clarify, the interception missiles fired by Syrian air defense were from the Buk-M system; the use of expensive S-300 missiles to down an artillery launched projectile is wasteful in terms of cost and is also simply unnecessary.

The Syrian military was able to reinstall advanced early warning radars (their type undisclosed) atop Tal al-Hara only in recent months after a major offensive against rebel forces and ISIS which lead to the complete liberation of southwest Syria.

There are suspicions that Russia may have assisted in the re-installation of such radar units atop the strategic mountain. The previous early warning radar system (prior to its decommissioning in 2014) was known as “Center-S.”

The final result of the Israeli attack:  All Israeli projectiles were intercepted; NONE hit their intended target.

According to a source from the Syrian military, their air defense units managed to shoot down all enemy missiles before they could reach their intended targets in rural Damascus.

In particular, the enemy missiles were targeting the Damascus Governorate town of Al-Kisweh, which has several warehouses and research centers.

A number of missiles were also shot down over the Al-Quneitra Governorate, the source added.


Rumors Swirl over Downed Israeli Plane

Syria Did Not Shoot Down Israeli Plane



See how Israeli forces attack Ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting forced army draft in Jerusalem al-Quds


畸形的11月天氣祇是初嘗來臨的事情: 太陽最低肆虐而冬季苦難指數飆升

畸形的11月天氣祇是初嘗來臨的事情: 太陽最低肆虐而冬季苦難指數飆升
Freakish November Weather Is Just A Taste Of Things To Come: Solar Minimum Wreaking Havoc As Winter Misery Index Spikes

In this new story by Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website  this morning, Snyder reports what may be one of America's coldest and snowiest November's ever may only be getting worse.

While the left continues to scream 'global warming' and attacking President Trump for backing out of the Paris Climate change agreement, in the only video at the bottom of this story, Rick Wiles and TruNews feature Professor Valentina Zkarkova, whose latest weather models have been updated to show our planet may now be entering a cold snap lasting not only decades, but centuries.

And while we won't go out on a limb and claim a 350-year ice age is coming to our planet as we read in this TruNews story and hear in the video from Professor Zkarkova, as Ice Age Now had reported back on November 12th in a story which the Drudge Report had linked to, according to NASA scientist Martin Mlynczak, we could be witnessing record cold weather in a matter of months due to a lack of sun spots.

“If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold,” said Mlynczak. “We’re not there quite yet, but it could happen in a matter of months.” And in the same story they report that according to Dr. Tony Philips back on September 27th, “The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age".

And as we see in the map on the top of this story taken from this November 27th story at the Weather Channel, approaching the end of November, it's been one of the most miserable starts to winter on record with the 'misery index' at 'extreme' or 'severe' for huge chunks of the country. From that story.

It's already one of the coldest and snowiest starts to the winter season in parts of the Northeast, Midwest and Plains, and we haven't finished November yet.

According to the Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index (AWSSI) from the Midwest Regional Climate Center, 74 cities from New England to the Plains and Rockies have seen an extreme season-to-date of cold and snow as of Nov. 27.

This index takes into account the "intensity and persistence of cold weather, the frequency and amount of snow and the amount and persistence of snow on the ground," the Midwest Regional Climate Center says. Wind and mixed precipitation, such as freezing rain, are not a part of the index.

As Snyder reports in his new story, America's freakish weather in November is just a taste of things to come with winter not even officially kicking off for 3 more weeks and already city after city hitting record cold temperatures for the month. Combined with even more cities that have hit record precipitation rates for the month of November leads us to ask, are weather modification programs going on? From Snyder's story:

Nov. 1-26 was the third-coldest on record in Kansas City, Missouri; third-coldest in Little Rock, Arkansas; seventh-coldest in St. Louis; seventh-coldest in Oklahoma City; ninth-coldest in Des Moines, Iowa; and tied for the ninth-coldest in Dallas/Fort Worth, according to data from NOAA’s Regional Climate Centers. It has also been a top-10-coldest November in parts of upstate New York and New England.

Nov. 1-26 was the second-coldest on record in Bangor, Maine; third-coldest in Syracuse, New York; fourth-coldest in Binghamton, New York; fifth-coldest in Portland, Maine; fifth-coldest in Concord, New Hampshire; seventh-coldest in Worcester, Massachusetts; eighth-coldest in Buffalo, New York; and tied for the eighth-coldest in Hartford, Connecticut.

And we have witnessed an extraordinary amount of precipitation this month as well. In fact, this has been the wettest November ever recorded for major cities all along the east coast…

Through Nov. 26, the month ranked as the wettest November on record in Washington D.C.; Baltimore; Philadelphia; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Hartford, Connecticut; Providence, Rhode Island; and Concord, New Hampshire, according to data from NOAA’s Regional Climate Centers.

And while Snyder asks what's going on with all of this crazy weather and avoids the topic of weather modification while pointing to the previously mentioned NASA scientists warning of an approaching mini-ice age, he concludes his story by reminding us how often throughout history such periods of cooling upon our planet Earth have caused great disruptions to the global food supply, which even now scientists are warning is becoming increasingly vulnerable.

A new report penned by 130 national academies warns that the food supply is becoming increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather by driving the conditions that will make such events even worse in the future.

At the same time, humanity continues to fall short of nutrition targets around the world, with the number of undernourished people steadily on the rise.


美國為俄/烏戰爭籌劃 - 招聘廣告尋找"戰區"工作人員與在烏克蘭的美國軍方進行"機密行動"

美國為俄/烏戰爭籌劃 - 招聘廣告尋找"戰區"工作人員與在烏克蘭的美國軍方進行"機密行動"
WAR Being Planned by US for Ukraine/Russia - Job Ads seek "Combat Zone" Workers for "Classified Operations" with US Military in Ukraine

Last Sunday's naval battle between three Ukrainian vessels and two Russian Coast Guard Vessels, which resulted in heavy gunfire and the capture of the 3 Ukrainian vessels, was part of an ongoing plan for VERY serious trouble to be foist upon Russia using Ukraine as a proxy to cause that trouble.

I can now report that CLASSIFIED war-like operations are actively being planned by the United States inside Ukraine and that Military Contractors are already hiring operators for "Combat Zone" work in Ukraine.

It turns out that over a week prior to the naval battle, US Military contractors began posting Help Wanted ads for "Classified Contingency Operations in support of the US Military in Ukraine."   I have one of the ads . . .

Worse, the ad requires applicants to be able to deal inconspicuously with local population: and, even more dire, "have the ability to serve in a Combat Zone."


等等,甚麼? 主流媒體以為'民粹主義者'使用趣緻貓貓圖片來將你們洗腦😉😂

等等,甚麼? 主流媒體以為'民粹主義者'使用趣緻貓貓圖片來將你們洗腦😉😂
Wait, what? MSM thinks ‘populists’ use cute cat pictures to brainwash you (VIDEO)

After a futile half decade of trying to explain the rise of anti-immigrant and law and order parties in Europe, mainstream media outlets believe they have solved the riddle of their success: cats.

The breakthrough was achieved when Italy’s interior minister, Matteo Salvini, gave the game away by posting pictures of felines sent to him by his 3.3 million Facebook followers last week. He received not only an impressive 30,000 likes, but more pictures of cats – something he could use to further boost his popularity!

The Guardian, and other news outlets immediately noted that this helps Salvini and other proponents of hard borders (including Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders) to soften their image.

Well, be warned – now that this tactic has been exposed, the so-called populists may resort to posting photos of dogs, seals, cute babies, or perhaps even proposing legislation that is popular with the electorate.


“神秘直升機”多次拯救伊斯蘭國和阿蓋達 - 簡易時序

“神秘直升機”多次拯救伊斯蘭國和阿蓋達 - 簡易時序
“Mysterious Helicopters” Rescuing ISIS And al-Qaeda – A Brief Timeline

Although the United States government routinely denies that it in any way cooperates with ISIS, reports continue to manifest themselves demonstrating exactly the opposite, particularly in Syria. Over the course of the war and ever since the emergence of the terrorist organization on the world scene, there have been a number of “mysterious helicopters” that extract ISIS fighters from battlefields in which they are facing imminent defeat either by the legitimate government of the countries in which they are fighting, pro-government militias, or even ahead of “anti-ISIS” strikes by the alleged “anti-ISIS coalition.”

While not attempting to go in to a detailed explanation or analysis of each incident, below are a number of reports of such “airlifts of evil” that have surfaced over the last two years. The Pentagon, as mentioned above, has repeatedly denied these reports.

November 10-11, 2018 – SANA reported that a US-led aircraft landed in Deir ez-Zour Province, near the outskirts of al-Susah, taking away three ISIS members.

October 7, 2018 – SANA quoted residents of the town al-Shaafah, who reported that American helicopters had evacuated ISIS commanders from Abu Kamal in Deir ez-Zour province. There was no word as to where the fighters were taken.

September 22, 2018 – SANA reported that the US-led coalition carried out an “air landing operation” on the outskirts of al-Mrashde village, which was located in the same area where ISIS militants had spread out. This area is in the southeastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor. The report claimed that the flights transferred a number of ISIS commanders.

August 23, 2018 – TASS reported that Russia had recorded mysterious helicopter flights to ISIS units in Afghanistan which transported weapons to the militants.

“We would like to once again point to the flights of unidentified helicopters in northern Afghanistan, which deliver weapons and ammunition to local ISIL units and Taliban members cooperating with the group. In particular, the Afghan media and local residents say that such helicopters were seen in the Sar-e Pol Province,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

March 19, 2018 – SANA cited an anonymous source who claimed that three US military helicopters evacuated suspected ISIS commanders from areas in Northeastern Syria. It was reported that the helicopters landed between al-Jissi and Kalu, 2 km south of the township of Tal Hamis in the Qamlishi District of al-Hasakah Province.

February, 2018 – Syrian state media reported the transportation of ISIS commanders and their family members to Sabah al-Khair by US helicopters. Sabah al-Khair is about 20km south of al-Hasakah, where all signs point to the US operating a terrorist training base there.

December 29, 2017 – SANA reported that US helicopters evacuated ISIS commanders from the Deir ez-Zour province to the al-Hasakah province in northeastern Syria. Sources report that this is the second time that the US evacuated ISIS fighters.

May, 2017 – Anonymous local Syrian sources revealed that US military helicopters had evacuated ISIS commanders from their previous stronghold in Raqqa and taking them to an “undisclosed location.”

May 2017 – Governor of Afghanistan’s northern Sar-e Pol province, Mohammad Zahir Wahdat, claimed that the unmarked military helicopters had touched down briefly in a known militant stronghold area. Because it happened at night, Afghan security forces were unable to take pictures.

January, 2015 – Although the majority of these reports took place in 2018-2017, we cannot forget reports that emerged earlier such as the one in January, 2015 where Iraqi Member of Parliament Majid al-Gharawi stated that all information available “pointed out that US planes are supplying ISIL organization, not only in Salahuddin province, but also other provinces,” according to Iraq TradeLink.

He also stated that the United States is “not serious in fighting against the ISIL organization, because they have the technological power to determine the presence of ISIL gunmen and destroy them in one month [but have not done so].”

Gharawi suggested that the “the US is trying to expand the time of the war against the ISIL to get guarantees from the Iraqi government to have its bases in Mosul and Anbar provinces.”

It is important to mention that, according to FARS News, the Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission revealed that a US plane did indeed supply ISIS with arms and ammunition in the Salahuddin province in Iraq, yet that revelation has received little to no coverage in the West.

In late December, 2014, yet another Iraqi lawmaker, Nahlah al-Hababi, questioned the motives and commitment of the US and its anti-ISIL coalition and claimed that the terrorist groups are actually receiving a large amount of aid dropped by unidentified aircraft.

Hababi is quoted by FARS News Agency as stating “The international coalition is not serious about air strikes on ISIL terrorists and is even seeking to take out the popular Basij (voluntary) forces from the battlefield against the Takfiris so that the problem with ISIL remains unsolved in the near future.”

“Basij” is a term that largely means “volunteer” as in volunteer forces.

She also was quoted as saying that “The ISIL terrorists are still receiving aids from unidentified fighter jets in Iraq and Syria.”

FARS also quotes Hababi as pointing out that the airstrikes launched by NATO are only launched in areas where Kurdish Peshmerga forces are fighting, while such strikes launched in other areas are “not so precise.” The suggestion, of course, is that the “coalition” has a vested interest in supporting the Kurdish forces while, at the same time, supporting ISIS in the process of weakening Syria’s Assad, Iraqi nationalism, and presumably, Iranian influence. Clearly, Hababi is not far off from the reality of the situation.

As FARS writes,



The Female “Patsy” Who Has the Power to Start World War III

Who Is Nuland?
Nuland is an insider’s, insider.

I have been extensively writing about the Deep State threat coming out of Central America. However, there is a preliminary event which I believe must happen in advance of  the attack and it is World War III. Once the war starts the US will be attacked through its southern underbelly. We are very, very close to this happening. Presently, a woman who has been leveraged over the Steele Dossier, is doing the bidding of the globalists and her present mission is to start World War III.

From the BBC:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine’s leader, Petro Poroshenko, of trying to boost his ratings ahead of 2019 elections with a naval confrontation off Crimea.

This orchestrated conflict, was led by an American Diplomat who is now totally under the control of the Deep State. Ambassador Nuland, and President Trump needs to fire her immediately as well as the commanding US officer in NATO. Both are conspiring to start WW III on behalf of the Deep State.

From former CIA officer, Robert David Steele who just emailed me the following: A senior retired officer wrote this:

Vicky Nulandordered  [Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko] to start a war with Russian Federation and guaranteed that NATO and Pentagon would step in and defeat the Russians? NeoCons, PNACers and Zionists believe that unless Russian Federation is stopped using war on two fronts (Crimea and Syria/Iran, the US Petro Dollar and Israel/Saudi Arabia are finisimo?

I am personally worried that Israel has a plan to lure Iran into a strike and is then relying on the US to bail it out (or the Israelis are over-confident of their own nuclear capabilities against Iran). I personally think Netanyahu is a criminally insane individual with a messianic complex, and that Iran is vastly more competent and able to hold its own.

If I were President, apart from assigning Bill Binney full authority to harvest everything NSA has on Victoria Nuland and known associates including General Scaparrotti; I would also be making a very strong public statement of disengagement (as well as firing Scaparrotti and pulling all US forces back and announcing an intend to pull completely out of NATO).  This is out of control.

It is clear that Robert David Steele has fingered Nuland as a catalyst in the plot for NATO to get WW III started on behalf of the bankers and globlalist leaders of Europe.

Who Is Nuland?

Nuland is an insider’s, insider. Because of her previous positions, traversing two separate administrations, she knows where all the bodies are buried, literally and figuratively. And at the present moment, Nuland is a bigger threat to the Deep State and the revelation of their illegal antics than Debbie Wasserman Schultz and even Hillary Clinton. In fact, Nuland’s previous Senate testimony could have sent either Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to prison. As I describe in a later paragraph, Nuland was compromised and forced to participate in the event that led to the fake Russian-Collusion-Delusion Mueller investigation. she Was forced to testify before the Senate, but Jeff Sessions protected her. Nuland’s allies to keep her out of prison were Jeff Sessions, the former AG, and his top assistant, Rod Rosenstein.  I had previously speculated that Nuland would not survive to testify. However, I did not account for her Deep State ally, Jeff Sessions.

Victoria Nuland is a former State Department official. In that capacity, Victoria Nuland allegedly was the conduit between corrupt and Deep-State serving FBI officials and the former British spy who wrote the illegal and Deep State motivated anti-Trump Steele dossier. This document represents both fraud and subsequent illegal FISA surveillance of a private citizen when candidate Donald Trump was running for President. Nuland previously testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on this matter and on the Fast and Furious scandal in which she provided clean up for the Obama administration. Coincidentally, Nuland had help from Deep State Fixer and Cleaner, Rod Rosenstein’s wife, Lisa Barsoomian.


計算錯誤: 中國較五角大樓所估計的建造了更多的核潛艇,報導

計算錯誤: 中國較五角大樓所估計的建造了更多的核潛艇,報導

Miscalculation: China Building More Nuclear Subs Than Pentagon Estimated, Report

Some of America's most influential think tanks and the Pentagon have likelyunderestimated the number of Chinese nuclear submarines under construction, a new report suggests. 
Satellite imagery of the Bohai Shipyard and Longpo Naval Facility taken by Planet Labs shows that “China does not yet have a credible sea-based deterrent,”Catherine Dill of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey told Defense One. Two of China's four Jin-class submarines “appear to not be in operation and are undergoing maintenance or repairs at the Bohai shipyard, suggesting to us that credibility is still in question.”
Defense One said that contradicts the US Defense Department’s 2018 China Military Report and the Center for Strategic and International Studies' (CSIS) report, which had stated that China had four operational Jin-class subs.
The  report said there is one additional submarine under construction that the Pentagon missed.
Jeffrey Lewis, a colleague of Dill, discovered that China had one more nuclear submarine in development than previously believed. He observed a total of five submarine hulls in production, three at Longpo and two at the Bohai shipyard, indicating that China's modernization efforts are ahead of schedule to meeting its goal of eight.



Victory Against Verizon by Angry Vermonters Who Don’t Want Small Cell Towers Installed Throughout Their Community

I’ve never been to Vermont but I’ve heard it’s wonderful.  Sounds like many residents are determined to keep it that way – at least in Burlington (estimated population 42,452 in 2015):

Verizon withdraws Burlington cell tower application

Verizon has pulled their petition to place wireless boosters on seven different utility poles in Burlington, citing a collection of provisions the town enacted as unacceptable in order to proceed with the project.

In July, Verizon approached the Board of Selectmen with the proposal of installing wireless signal boosters onto established utility poles at seven different locations in Burlington. The wireless boosters are canister-shaped boxes, 12 inches in diameter and 38 inches high. Verizon has cited gaps in coverage, as well as increased use of the wireless network, as reasons for installing the boosters.

Since then, the board has received complaints from the public about the project, including questioning the necessity of increased coverage, health and safety issues, and concerns about approving the project would be setting a precedent for other companies to install more antennas in the community.

In response to those complaints, the town formed the Small Cells Committee to address the issues and establish a policy concerning the installation of the boosters. The conditions included that no apparatus could be attached to a double-pole, the equipment should be colored like the pole to blend in, and that Verizon would have to go through an annual recertification process.

Many Americans are concerned about wireless radiation exposure.  Many are also determined to stop the enforcement of horrible state and federal legislation that has severely reduced municipal control in regard to the installation of 4G and 5G small cell towers and related wireless infrastructure – above ground and below.  Activist Post has reported many times about this already:

You Can’t Be Pro 5G and Pro-Life — Research and Recent Events Prove It
International Appeal and Petition:

  • Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
  • Net Neutrality and Small Cell Towers: How Much Did Politicians Receive From Big Wireless and Big Cable?
  • Anarchy For The UK: Residents Win Court Case Against 5G Street Lamps That Made Them Sick
  • Surveys Show Many Americans Don’t Know About 5G and Small Cell Towers Are Being Installed EVERYWHERE For It. Many Also Have Grave Concerns
  • The FCC’s Slice and Dice of States’ Rights and Consumer Protections” and More by Bruce Kushnick
  • Cities Sue FCC on $2B Municipal Giveaway to Big Wireless for Installing 5G Everywhere




Cabal Attempts Assassination at Christmas Lighting


紐約市最高受薪僱員 - 一位掠奪性的收數執行官去年賺170萬美元

紐約市最高受薪僱員 - 一位掠奪性的收數執行官去年賺170萬美元

NYC's Highest Paid Employee - A Predatory-Debt-Collecting Marshal - Made $1.7 Million Last Year

A brand new expose by Bloomberg shines light on modern day loan sharks: city officials that are armed with badges like Vadim Barbarovich, who earned $1.7 million last year, easily giving him the most lucrative job within the government of New York City. His official title is City Marshal, and he’s one of 35 that the mayor has appointed to compete for fees from recovering debts. While traditionally marshals evict tenants and tow cars, Barbarovich has found his place in part of a debt collection industry that allows them to use their legal authority on behalf of predatory lenders.
It’s a practice that dates back to the 17th century. Back then, jobs across the Hudson River for marshals yielded the highest fees. Under current law, marshals are entitled to keep 5% of cash that they collect. The city also has a Sheriff's office that does similar work, but those employees get a salary. Several mayors have called for an end to the marshal system over the last few decades, but nobody has been successful in getting the state legislature to act upon it.
While Barbarovich's jurisdiction is supposed to end at city limits, he has worked to recover debts from places like California and Illinois, among others nationwide.
One person he "recovered" debt money from, to the tune of $56,000, Jose Soliz, asked: “How could they pull all that money? I’ve never even been to New York.” 
When asked about Barbarovich's practices, a spokesman for the New York City Marshals Association said that marshals simply "enforce court judgments".

The genesis of these judgments are often lenders who advance money to people at rates that can sometimes top 400% annualized. They have found a loophole around loansharking rules by stating that they are instead buying the money that businesses will likely make in the future at a discounted price. Courts have been supportive of this distinction and, as such, the "merchant cash advance" industry has grown to about $15 billion a year.
As soon as lenders see that borrowers have fallen behind they call marshals, whose job is to force the banks to handover whatever cash is left. They do this by using a court order stamped by a clerk that’s obtained without going before a judge. Banks generally comply immediately, without checking if the marshal has the right to actually take the funds. The borrower often doesn’t understand what’s going on until the money is gone.
Prior to becoming a marshal, Barbarovich worked in property control earning about $70,000 a year and sometimes volunteered as a Russian translator. Upon starting as a marshal in 2013, he earned about $90,000. When cash advance companies discovered the power he had, his income skyrocketed and his earnings increased almost 20 fold.

His financial disclosures show that his work enforcing Supreme Court property judgments skyrocketed dramatically over the last two years, as did the amount of cash he recovered. In some respects, the collection process is like the wild west: marshals don’t draw a salary, earn fees from customers and are encouraged to compete with one another, which can catalyze aggressive behavior.



Le coincidenze
Marte si trova fra Groenlandia e Canada?