Convergence: 11 Reasons Elenin Could Mean Trouble
Posted on September 23, 2011
Zen Gardner
Translation by Autumnson Blog
Seriously freaky time right now. If you’re following the news at all, you now know:
11 Reasons To Seriously Sit Up And Take Notice..
1. Elenin is going into a major alignment with the Sun, Earth, Moon, Uranus and Mercury. Every significant alignment has coincided with a major earthquake.
1. Elenin在進入一次與太陽、地球、月球、天王星和水星的連珠,每一次重大的連珠都恰巧碰一場大地震。(註:Elenin現已解體縮小,是否仍有此種威力有待觀察。)
2. September 23rd is the Autumn solstice, always a significant time.
2. 9月23日是秋至,經常是一重要時間。
3. This will be happening during another “super moon” when the moon at a particularly close approach to earth.
3. 這次將會發生在另一次的“超級月亮”時,月亮特別接近地球。
4. Major preparatory military “exercises” ‘Operation Mountain Guardian” (which mountain?) to take place in Denver, home of the elite underground refuge under Denver Airport, with NASA in tow.
4. 大籌備的軍事“演習"“守護者山行動”(山?)在丹佛舉行,丹佛機場下乃精英地下難民之家,與 NASA牽引。
5. Obama is going to Denver the 27th.
5. 奧巴馬27日將往丹佛。
6. Many government councils are “taking a break” during this current period of time.
6. 許多的政府議會在目前這段時間內“休會”。
7. Strange disappearance of major inside players on Wall Street this week.
7. 華爾街的主要業內炒家本週離奇失踪。
8. A highly publicized extinct satellite is expected to re-enter our atmosphere and spread dangerous debris, perhaps over Los Angeles.
8. 一個大張旗鼓地宣傳的滅絕衛星預期重新進入我們的大氣層和擴散危險的碎片,可能在洛杉磯之上。
9. The Palestinian issue is at a peak in international negotiations, something the PTBs are intent on keeping the same and will do anything to assure it remains so. Integral to the middle east anti-Muslim positioning.
9. 巴勒斯坦問題在國際談判中處衣高峰,一些掌權者(PTBs)熱衷保持現狀的事情,及將會做盡任何事以確保它不變,對中東反穆斯林的定位構成不可或缺的部份。
10. 9/11′s 10th anniversary just passed without an event…yet. Something’s gotta give. Remember, all month is still 9/11 for what it’s worth.
10. 9/11的十週年剛過去但無事件...定會有些東西,記住,整個月仍然是9/11,為它的存在價值。
11. The world’s financial structure is accelerating its descent, the DOW taking huge dips the past 2 days while Europe continues to tank. Distraction and adjustment needed from financial collapse.
Why’s This Significant?
The world climate right now is begging for a major overhaul. The elite architects of our society have a plan in mind that gets hung up on the slow uptake of its reluctant cattle, I mean citizens.
When enough of a disaster appears, people will cry out for help….from guess who? Those who’ve poised themselves as our beneficiaries who ‘care so much about their populations’. Complete BS, but most of the world falls for it.

“This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long – We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” - David Rockefeller
“這目前的機會之窗,於此一真正和平和獨立的世界秩序可能會被建立,將不會開放太久 - 我們在全球性的轉變的邊緣。我們所需要的全是即時的重大危機,而各國將會接受新世界秩序“ - 大衛洛克菲勒

Stay Prepared
If not now, big things will happen soon and continue to unfold.

Some “natural”….most not. Keep your eyes peeled.

This is all being manipulated and timed to take advantage of earth, solar and galactic trends, just like they use the ley lines and earth’s grid to amplify their electromagnetic and occult-empowered control system, HAARP or nukes on ready-to-blow fault lines, etc.

They’re nasty.

And what better way to usher in what they desire than blaming huge alterations in society on natural disasters and the need for drastic changes. We know that “exercises” just happened to be coinciding with the events of 9/11, London’s 7/7, the Haitian earthquake, and other false flag operations.

These bullies play rough….obvious if you’re looking, but rough nonetheless.

Not to be alarmist here, but it’s time to sit up and take notice..and prepare…for real.


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