Lady Gaga的 “Alejandro”: 神秘學意義

Lady Gaga的 “Alejandro”: 神秘學意義
Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro”: The Occult Meaning

Jun 13th, 2010
By Vigilant

Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video caused quite a stir with the blasphemous nature of its imagery. Many people are, however, still wondering: What is the meaning of the song and what message is the video trying to convey? This article examines the occult symbols used in Alejandro in order to understand its underlying message.

So, by show of hands, who envisioned gay Nazi soldiers being raped by Lady Gaga while first listening to Alejandro? Okay, counting … one person. One sick, disturbed person. But seriously, art doesn’t have to be literal and Lady Gaga’s latest video surely isn’t. As was the case with Bad Romance and Telephone, the video for Alejandro adds another layer of interpretation to the song by giving the words a deeper meaning.
因此,通過舉手,它使人想像同性戀的納粹士兵被加加夫人強姦,當第一次聽Alejandro的時候?好了,看作...一個人,一個生病、心理不正常的人。但認真的是,藝術不一定要刻板的而加加夫人的最新視頻肯定不是,正如是Bad Romance和Telephone的例子,Alejandro的視頻增加另一層的演譯給予這首歌,透過賦予歌詞一更深的含義。
Taking place in a cold, Orwellian, militaristic setting, the visuals of the video sharply contrast with the “summer-y” Latin beat of the song. Other opposing concepts collide and blend in the video as well: good vs. evil, male vs. female and domination vs. submission. The religious symbolism, in addition to adding the “shock factor” necessary to get people talking, gives the song a definite spiritual connotation.
發生在一個冷、奧威爾、軍國主義的設施,視頻的視覺效果明顯地與“summer- y”歌曲的拉丁節奏成對比。其它相對的概念亦在視頻抵觸和融合:善對惡、男性對女性、和統治對屈從。宗教的象徵主義,附加在加入的“震驚因素”,有必要令人們談論,給予歌曲有一定的精神內涵。

The video for Alejandro is very symbolic and leaves it open for multiple interpretations. For instance, I’ve read an interpretation of the video claiming that it portrays the Catholic church’s repression of the gay community. This interpretation might have some validity to it, but it ignores many important aspects of the video. Other observers seem to believe that all videos with religious imagery are “tributes to Madonna.” This is an astute observation, but doesn’t explain anything. In addition to a possible tribute, the symbolism of the video tells a story of spiritual rejection and metamorphosis taking place in the context of an oppressive police state. The trend of incorporating militaristic and oppressive imagery in recent music videos has been discussed in some previous articles on Vigilant Citizen.
The video was directed by Steven Klein, a well-established photographer in the fashion industry. He has worked with Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Madonna, Nike and many others. His photographic style often exploits the theme of homoeroticism and he obviously carried that theme into this video format.
影片由史蒂芬克萊因執導,一位在時裝行業已為大家接受的攝影師。他曾與Calvin Klein、亞歷山大麥奎因,麥當娜,Nike和許多其他人工作。他的攝影風格往往利用同性戀主題,和他顯然將那主題帶入此視頻格式。
We will attempt to decode the symbolism of the video and how it relates in today’s context. Here’s the video:

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

Spiritual Transformation

The most prevalent theme in the song is rejection. The introduction of the song establishes this concept right away:
“I know that we are young.
And I know you may love me.
But I just can’t be with you like this anymore,

The video starts with a funeral procession. Gaga wears a black veil and holds the Sacred Heart, the bleeding heart of God for humanity. Something is dead inside of Gaga and it seems to be her love for Alejandro.
視頻開頭有一個葬禮遊行,加加戴著黑色面紗和持有神聖的心 - 上帝對人類淌血的心。加加內裡的某些東西是死的,和它似乎是她給Alejandro的愛。
Is there a syringe in the Sacred Heart?

But who is Alejandro? A gay guy she cannot be with? A man she is cheating on with Roberto and Fernando? All possibilities, the song is not quite clear about that. The imagery of the video, however, tells the viewers that Alejandro might stand for something deeper.

In a later scene, Gaga is shown laying down, wearing a red latex nun suit and holding a rosary.
Looking at the sky she says: “Stop, please, just let me go.” Then, just when she says “Alejandro,” she raises her hands to the sky. In this context, it is safe to say that Alejandro might very well be God.
“She hides true love
En su bolsillo.
She’s got a halo ’round her finger,
Around you.”

The halo around the finger is a wedding ring and Alejandro has a halo around him, which signifies he is considered “holy.” The wedding ring represents Gaga’s union with God through religion, but she is now ashamed of this marriage. She hides the ring in her bolsillo, the Spanish word for pocket. Why does she refer to a Fernando and a Roberto at some point? Is she referring to the triple aspect of God, the holy Trinity?

The concept of rejection is thus applied to God as he does not seem to satisfy Gaga’s spiritual needs. She then decides to seek godhood herself by embracing a new type of spirituality. It seems to me the nun becomes a Luciferian priestess.
Luciferian priestess hiding one eye as a sign of Illuminati control or loyalty

Inverted Cross

Gaga’s robe contains many inverted crosses. This is extremely significant in symbolic language. The cross is a symbol of the Christian faith as it represents Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. In Christianity, the inverted cross is known as the “Cross of St. Peter”, in honor of Simon Peter who requested to be crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to be put to death in the same matter as Christ.
In non-Christian circles, however, the inversion of the cross represents the perversion and desecration of what it symbolizes. For this reason, inverted symbols are found in black magic and satanism.
“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power (…) Black
magic is not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art. Therefore it has no
symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, and
by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed.”
- Manly
P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Inverted cross and inverted pentagram as satanic symbols
The inverted cross, placed on Gaga’s crotch, becomes a phallic symbol. Superimposed and combined with her female genitals, the theme of androgyny becomes prevalent. In occult circles, the alchemical transformation of the spiritual matter, the Great Work, must unite both opposing energies.

Becoming a God
The rosary is a set of beads used in Catholic tradition for prayer and meditation. By swallowing the rosary, Gaga incorporates within her a symbol of religious devotion because 1) it is shocking and would get media attention 2) represents Gaga seeking to obtain godhood by her own means. We have here a symbolic representation of the tenets of Luciferianism, which is the drive to attain divinity by one own means. Lucifer is considered to be the active principle towards godhood, the one who brought “divine light” to the humans.
玫瑰經是一套念珠用於天主教的傳統作祈禱和冥想,通過吞嚥念珠,加加納入她內在的一個宗教奉獻的象徵,因為 1)這是震憾並會得到媒體的注意;二)代表加加以她自己的手段尋求獲得神格。我們這裡有一樣路西弗主義的信條的象徵性代表,那是用魄力以一個人自己的手段去得到神性。在朝向神性方面路西法弗被認為是活躍的本源,即那位帶給人類“神聖的光”的。

In another scene, Gaga is shown giving the sign of benediction and blessing, a gesture reserved in Catholicism to those who are considered Holy.
A classic image of Christ showing the sign of Benediction and pointing towards the Sacred Heart

Later in the video, Gaga is violently pushed around and abused by the dancers surrounding her. She surrenders and removes her robe for sexual, ritual initiation.
At the ending of the video, Gaga is consumed from within and her “inner light” comes out, representing her transformation from the physical to the spiritual plane.

Gaga’s performance at American Idol truly exploited the Luciferian theme of the song.

Lady Gaga Alejandro American Idol (Full, Unedited Version, HQ)
Lady Gaga Alejandro 美國偶像大賽(完整 未編輯版本 高清)

Lady Gaga performing Alejandro on American Idol without the horrific TV edits.

The performance takes place in a setting reminiscent to the Garden of Eden, where the “Fallen Angel”–Lucifer, the one who was banished from Heaven and tempted Adam and Eve with divine knowledge–presides over the ceremony. Fire comes out of the angel’s wings (after all, he is the “Light Bringer”) each time Gaga says “Alejandro.” At the end of the performance, Gaga is lifted up under the Fallen Angel as a blood-red liquid oozes out from the fountain underneath him. Another ritual sacrifice has taken place on prime-time television.
表演發生在一個令人回憶到伊甸園的設置,那裡的“墮落天使”- 路西弗被逐出天堂和以神聖的知識誘惑亞當及夏娃 - 主持儀式。每次加加說“Alejandro”,火從天使的翅膀出來(畢竟,他是“光之帶來者”。表演的最後,加加在墮落天使下被舉起,作為一種血紅色的液體從他底下的噴泉滲出來,另一次的献祭儀式已發生在黃金時段的電視。

Police State Imagery

Gaga’s spiritual transformation is taking place in a dark, oppressive and militaristic backdrop. This trend in music videos has been discussed in The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music. The article describes how the public is currently being bombarded with militaristic and oppressive imagery, intertwined with sexuality, in order to desensitize the public and create a subconscious positive association. Alejandro is clearly a continuation of this agenda set by the rest of the industry. During the entire video, we see in the background a giant screen displaying scenes of social unrest, buildings on fire and military police running around, placing the viewers in a tense and oppressive ambiance.
The video opens with men marching to a militaristic rhythm, some of them having their heads covered, maybe hinting that those men are prisoners of some sort. One of men is inside a pyramidal shape while another holds a hexagram as the prisoners march. Is this a representation of the masses marching to the rhythm of the elite, holding up high the symbols of its own oppression?
Gaga is then shown in a position of power, wearing a black, illuminated crown while looking over the prisoners performing for her.
The “Black Queen” removes one goggle at a time, flashing the Illuminati All-Seeing Eye sign (discussed in many previous articles on this site) and revealing the true nature of her power.
Again, One-Eye hinting to the nature of the oppressive force

In this scene, Gaga wears a “gun bra,” in accordance with the agenda of the sexualization of oppressive imagery. Her back-up dancers are dressed in uniforms reminiscent of fascist dictatorships in the era of Hitler, Franco and Mussolini. Political oppression is indeed sexy … oh wait, no, it’s not … it actually goes against everything America supposedly stands for.

Mind Controlled Slaves?
In a symbolic scene, a soldier is shown attached to strings, like marionette. He is not in control of his own movements and holds a gun on his privates (more sexualization of weaponry). He stares blankly, looking confused as a mind-control slave would.
在一個象徵性的場面,一名士兵被顯示附在細繩中,像扯線木偶;他不能控制自己的動作,並 在他的陰部上握有槍(更多的武器性化)。他茫然地凝視、看似困惑如一個心靈控制的奴隸所會那樣。
In what looks like an internment camp, Gaga has the gay men bound to a bed as she rapes them, in what looks like a reenactment of ritual abuse.
In the final scene of the video, Gaga is shown attached to strings. Is she herself controlled into perpetuating this agenda?

In Conclusion

As stated above, the video to Alejandro is very complex and symbolic, and lends itself to multiple interpretations, depending on the viewer’s knowledge and point of view. There are, however, parts of the video in which the symbolism is clear and concise, leaving little doubt regarding the message being communicated. During the video, Gaga goes through a very profound metamorphosis, rejecting Christian faith by desecrating its symbols and embracing a new type of spirituality.
Is Gaga’s transformation a representation of the transformation that is currently happening on a worldwide scale? Are members of the elite, who were thought to be part of “regular” religions, revealing their true, Luciferian selves to the public? Will the New World Order leave traditional religions in the dust to embrace a new type of spirituality?
Whatever the case may be, pivotal videos such as this one disseminate into the collective unconscious a specific set of symbols and values that will become, in time, “part of our culture.” In order to achieve this, charismatic figures that are admired by the public are used make those messages cool and trendy. Music fans have been subjected to an intense creative drought in the past years, which caused them to be desperate for a new, eccentric and iconic presence. So Lady Gaga comes into the picture, slightly distances herself from the painfully formulaic music acts and is heralded as the new pop princess. She also brings with her all of the Illuminati agenda and flashes in her fans faces the symbols of their own oppression. I’m sure many fans have a gut feeling that something is wrong with her act, but still can’t stop listening to her. They must tell themselves, “well, there is nothing else to listen to.” And that’s what media monopolies are all about.


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