Lady Gaga的“電話”中的隱藏意思

The Hidden Meaning of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”

Mar 14th, 2010
By Vigilant Category: Vigilant Reports

Lady Gaga’s 9-minute video featuring Beyoncé is steeped in weirdness and shock value. Behind the strange aesthetic, however, lies a deeper meaning, another level of interpretation. The video refers to mind control and, more specifically, Monarch Programming, a covert technique profusely used in the entertainment industry. We’ll look at the occult meaning of the video “Telephone”.
Lady Gaga有碧昂絲客串的9分鐘視頻,是浸透在神祕和電擊價值中。在奇怪美學的背後,不過,躺有一層更深的意義,另一層面的翻譯。視頻涉及精神控制和,更具體地說,君主程序,一項秘密的技巧繁密地用於娛樂行業。我們將看看視頻“電話”的 神秘學含義。

Video Analysis

The video is a Quentin Tarentino-esque short film which is heavily inspired by Thelma and Louise and peppered with tons of product placements and transvestites. That surely wasn’t the video I was picturing when I first heard that song. From the comments I’ve read, the video left many fans confused about its meaning. This is quite understandable, knowing that most viewers have no idea what the song is really about. When the hidden “mind control” meaning is brought to light, the symbolism of the video becomes evident and the storyline becomes more coherent. I will now attempt to go through the many symbolic scenes of the video and explain their occult meaning. Here’s the video:

Lady Gaga - Telephone (Official Explicit Version) ft. Beyoncé
Lady Gaga- 電話(官方詳盡版)碧昂絲客串


The video starts with Gaga entering the “Prison for Bitches”. So, yeah, I know, she addressed that hermaphrodite rumor and many think it was the most hilarious thing ever. I’ve never really cared about those gossipy rumors so I won’t elaborate on them.
In the prison yard, Gaga walks around chained up and wearing sunglasses made of lit cigarettes.
Do the cigarettes covering her eyes represent her blindness to her highly toxic life as a mind controlled drone?

Gaga then sits down and “gets busy” with a weird-looking inmate, but is interrupted by a phone call. She seems to be enjoying a special status in the jail … maybe due to the fact that she is a slave only obeying orders … and that she is needed again.

Gaga is then bailed out by Beyoncé and leaves prison. Inside the car, Gaga and Beyoncé engage into a highly dissociative conversation. It basically sounds like dialogue between two mind-controlled slaves. The phrase “Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it’s broke but you can still see the crack in the motherfucker’s reflection” can refer to a cheating boyfriend and can also refer to the permanent damage caused by the fragmenting of one’s personality in mind control.

The dynamic duo then enters an all-American, good ol’-fashioned diner. Beyoncé meets with probably the biggest douche in the universe (played by Tyrese Gibson) and proceeds to poison him. At this point, Gaga comes out of the kitchen with poisoned honey and serves it to the customers.

Gaga stares blankly (the way a dissociated mind-controlled assassin would stare) while Tyrese eats the poison

The mass murder begins … people eat up Gaga’s poisoned honey and die. Does this represent the Illuminati elite poisoning the masses with toxic media?
在大眾謀殺開始 ...人們吃哂Gaga的有毒蜂蜜和死去。這是否代表著光明會精英以媒體毒害群眾?
Lady Gaga turns the a-ok hand in front of her eye (representing the Illuminati’s “All-Seeing Eye”) into a gun pointed towards the viewer … the masses eating all of the poison served to them.
Lady Gaga在她的眼前轉那a-ok手(代表光明會的“全視之眼”)成為一枝槍對準觀眾 ...群眾吃掉所有給他們的毒藥。
The entire clientele of the all-American diner gets poisoned and dies. You might have noticed the emphasis on “bees” and “honey” during the entire video. Gaga calls Beyoncé “Honey Bee”. She also serves poisoned honey to the diner’s customers. What does this signify? Beyoncé and Gaga’s poisonous honey is actually their music and videos, which are served to the general public through mass media. You can figure out the rest.

While the customers are agonizing and dying, Beyoncé puts on the Mickey Mouse sunglasses, the same glasses worn by Gaga in Paparazzi while killing her boyfriend.

Beyoncé wearing Mickey Mouse sunglasses
Gaga with Mickey Mouse sunglasses in Paparazzi

In both videos, the singers wore the glasses during the killings, hinting to the fact that they are programmed to execute the poisonings. As stated in previous articles, Mickey Mouse ears or designs often occultly refer to mind control , probably because Disney films were known to be used on MK slaves during their programming.

Gaga and Beyoncé then start dancing in “patriotic” outfits surrounded by the lifeless bodies of dead Americans … pretty disturbing. In her interview with E! Online about Telephone, Gaga stated she wanted to take

“the idea that America is full of young people that are inundated with
information and technology and turn it into something that was more of a
commentary on the kind of country that we are.”
- Source

Is that what she meant?

To sum up the situation in the diner, we have Lady Gaga and Beyoncé dancing around dead people and singing about the fact they are dissociative, mind-controlled drones.

“Can call all you want,
but there’s no one home,
and you’re not gonna reach my telephone!”

Gaga and Beyoncé finally flee the crime scene. Gaga is then shown in front of the Pussy Wagon wearing a leopard-print suit, a reference to “sex kitten” programming.
Beta (aka Kitten) Programming

BETA. Referred to as “sexual” programming. This programming eliminates all
learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid
of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level.
-Ron Patton,
Project Monarch

In the final scene, Gaga and Beyoncé prance around wearing dresses by Emilie Pirlot. Beyoncé’s black dress and the veils hint to the ritualistic nature of the murders.

Illuminati Signs
As stated in previous articles, the hiding of one eye and the “a-ok” sign (which seemingly means 666 in the music industry) are flashed by all Illuminati artists, apparently to show their allegiance. There are a truckload of them in this video.
正如在以前的文章所說,隱藏一隻眼睛和“一OK”手勢(它看似意味著在音樂行業 的666)被所有光明會歌手閃現出,表面地是為了顯示他們的忠誠。它們在這部影片中有一卡車咁多。

One Eye Hidden
Gaga dressed in police tape, covering one eye. Knowing the trauma mind control victims must go through, her body is truly a crime scene.

A-Ok Handsign 一 OK的手勢

Electroshock Therapy

Electroshock therapy is the main tool employed by mind control handlers to induce dissociation and fragmentation in the victims. This horrifying practice has been referred to several times in Gaga’s works. Here are two examples.

Manifesto of Little Monsters

Lady Gaga - Monster Ball Tour DVD - Manifesto Of Little Monsters: The Kingdom Interlude [Part.21]

In this interlude video of the Monster Ball Tour, Gaga clearly gets electroshocked:
在這Monster Ball巡迴團的插曲片段,加加清清楚楚地被電擊:

Another instance where Gaga gets electroshock therapy.

In Conclusion

Telephone is yet another Lady Gaga product permeated with references to mind control and Illuminati symbolism. Gaga’s “commentary” on today’s youth is certainly not a positive one. The video basically says: America is ready to eat any poisonous crap the elite serves them, and that is accomplished through controlled puppets. I will now pre-address comments I’m bound to receive:
電話依然是另一Lady Gaga產品,彌漫精神控制和 光明會象徵主義的關聯,Gaga 的實況報導對今天的青年肯定不是一個正面的。 視頻基本上說: 美國是準備吃精英給他們的任何有毒垃圾,和通過控制的木偶實現。 現在我將 早對付我註定要收到的評論:
“How is Lady Gaga mind controlling me? I’m not feeling controlled to do anything”I am not saying that Gaga is controlling your mind. I’m saying her video is ABOUT mind control. This disturbing theme keeps reoccurring in pop music. What you should ask yourself is this: does mass media shape and mold our society’s values and beliefs? Billions of dollars invested yearly in marketing say yes.
"Lady Gaga 如何控制我的腦袋? 我沒感到被控制去做任何操事"我不是在說 Gaga 控制你的頭腦, 我是在說她的視頻是關於精神控制。 這令人困擾的主題一值在流行音樂重覆發生。 你應該問你自己的東西是這: 傳媒是否在塑做和形成我們社會的價值觀和信念? 以十億元計的每年投資在市場行銷說是。
“Your articles are a form of mind control.”Someone voicing an opinion on a website is not a form of mind control. Quite to the contrary, it is a freedom guaranteed by the first amendment. To compare this article to the ritual abuse mind control victims have to go through is a total aberration. If you were forced to read out loud this article numerous times while being deprived of food and sleep, then maybe it could qualify as mind control.
某人在網站上發出一個意見不是精神控制的一種形式, 頗相反,它是第一修正案所保障的自由。 比較這篇文章與濫用儀式的精神控制,受害者要经歷一全面的心理失常。 如果你被迫要大聲朗讀本文多次,同時被剝奪食物和睡眠,然後也許它就夠資格作為精神控制。
“She is doing it on purpose to piss you off”I heard this comment when Bad Romance came out and after her Grammy performance, where her hype man alluded to her “mind-controlling music”. As much as I would like to believe that I’ve got that much influence on today’s biggest star, I highly doubt that Gaga, her staff, her video directors and her record label with its millions of dollars would concentrate all of their creative efforts to piss off one blogger. The truth is: She was doing this before this site was even online and she keeps doing it now. Her works, like the works of many other pop stars, are part of a greater agenda. It used to focus on exposing the youth to materialism and sexual promiscuity, but it has now expanded to occult symbolism, mind control and transhumanism.
我聽過此評論當在她的格林美演出後及Bad Romance推出時,那時她的宣傳人員轉彎抹角地提到她的"心靈控制音樂"。 我都希望相信我已對今日的最大明星有很大的影響力,我高度懷疑 Gaga、 她的員工、 她影片董事和她的唱片公司,會集中所有他們的創造努力,以數以百萬計的美元去為使一個日誌寫手滾開。 事實是: 她已在做這,在此網站甚至上線之前和她現在繼續在做。 她的作品像很多其他流行歌星的作品,都是一個更大議程的一部分, 它習慣去集中令青年人暴露在唯物主義和性濫交上,但它現在已經擴展至神祕學的象徵主義、 精神控制和泛人道主義。
Am I reaching you or is your telephone busy?


Lady Gaga、愛心菜販上榜

美國《時代》周刊( Time)昨日(周四)公佈了本年度全球 100大最具影響力人物( Most Influential People)。在「領袖」、「英雄」、「藝人」和「思想家」四大類別中,巴西總統盧拉是最具影響力領袖,美國前總統克林頓最英雄,樂壇天后 Lady Gaga在藝人界最紅爆。
在「領袖」類別排首位的是巴西總統盧拉,排第二的是台灣宏碁集團行政總裁王振堂,排第三是美國參謀長聯席會議主席馬倫( Mike Mullen),美國總統奧巴馬僅排第四。

能上榜的中國政治人物,僅得在「領袖」類別中排 20的中共重慶市委書記薄熙來。而在四個類別中共有六名華人上榜,除了王振堂和薄熙來,還有「領袖」類別的百度創辦人兼行政總裁李彥宏,「英雄」類別的慈善機構「壹基金」創辦人李連杰和台東愛心賣菜婦人陳樹菊,「藝人」類別的中國作家韓寒。

美國歌手 Lady Gaga
這位 24歲百變天后短短兩年已紅爆全球,前格林美獎得主 Cyndi Lauper讚她的歌「捕捉了我們身處的時代……她對流行樂的鑑賞力非凡」,激發不少歌手;加上她的奇裝異服, Lady Gaga「不是流行歌手,而是表演藝術家,她本身就是藝術」。

•英國塗鴉藝術家 Banksy拿起噴漆隨街噴,作品充滿機智和隱喻
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•令真人騷成為電視最熱門節目的英國《全英一叮》製作人 Simon Cowell
•勇敢挺身對抗愛滋的英國歌手艾頓莊( Elton John)
•從不追隨任何時裝潮流的美國時裝設計師 Marc Jacobs
•首位奪得奧斯卡獎的女導演嘉芙蓮碧嘉露( Kathryn Bigelow)
•堅持做有良心的節目美國名嘴奧花雲費( Oprah Winfrey)

Lady GaGa歌曲

樂壇天后 Rihanna和 Lady GaGa,是眾多 80後和 90後潮拜偶像,但心理學家警告,她們的歌曲鼓吹性愛,容易削弱少女自制能力,視性愛當做等閒事。
人氣歌曲意識有多大膽﹖心理學家麥卡妮指,像 Rihanna的《 Rude Boy》「來吧小流氓,你那話兒動起來了嗎﹖」、 Lady GaGa《 Love Game》「想跟你那話兒來一手」那樣的歌詞,明顯宣揚女孩對性有主導權,可隨便予取予求。麥卡妮批評歌詞意識火辣,潛意識在引誘少女偷嚐禁果,甚至將性愛當做閒事,但現實是女孩性開放會容易陷入危險局面。

Lady Gaga - 光明會木偶


Rihanna- 粗魯男 迴響2010年現場


Lady Gaga:Alejandro的光明會象徵主義

Lady Gaga震驚的光明會供認


Lady Gaga - Born this way 千禧魔鬼國度


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