Insider Says We're Entering "the Age of Satan"

September 9, 2010
From Aloysius Foszdyke

The sheeple now have the truth and we know that they'll do nothing. In any event it is far too late. There is no escape.
Told you that the Mad Monk (Tony Abbott) wouldn't get in. That said, we had to do a lot of back room work. The arrangements may prove more stable than many believe, although I wouldn't hold my breath.
We got Julia in (as I said we would) despite the incontestable facts that the Mad Monk won both the primary vote and the most parliamentary seats. Not bad, but we didn't have the ease of the American voting system that got GWB in the first time.
I guess George was meant to win because he's a Xtian.[Christian] Economically the world is in for a very rough time, Australia included. Not long to go now. Fortunately Bob Katter et al [Oz Finance Minister] will push for tariffs, which is just what the doctor ordered and the sheeple want. The same will happen throughout the world. Mark my words, there'll be 'tariff reform' in America before the end of this year. And we will give the sheeple what they want: good and hard.
我想喬治有意勝出,因為他是一個 Xtian[基督徒]。經濟上,世界正處於一個非常粗糙的時間,包括澳洲,要走不長了。幸運地鮑勃 Katter等[奧茲財政部長]將推動關稅,這正是醫生下的命令和羊牯想要的。同樣的將會在世界各地發生,記住我的話,今年年底前美洲將會有'關稅改革',和我們會給予羊姑他們想要的:好和努力的。
The Kenyan (Obama) and his Mossad bank Chairman (Bernanke) are following orders and debasing the American currency. We've got gold and silver so as soon as US Treasury bonds collapse we'll be buying what we can't take. In either case it'll be a steal. Shouldn't be too long to wait. All the big investment firms engage in programmed computer trades. It'll be over in less than a second. Who cares? Is anyone going to stop us? I know that they can't, poor prayerful little dears.
As for Julia Gillard, Tim Mathieson's [Gillard's beard] daughter Staci has contacts in entertainment and she's such an interesting woman in her own right, if you know what I mean (nice tattoos and piercings).

Malcolm 'Turncoat' Turnbull (former Goldman Sachs partner and opposition leader prior to the Mad Monk) has sold out on the republican cause. I'd like to hint at how we organized that but I'm afraid I can't. Suffice to say that it didn't involve money. I think you'll all be seeing a lot more of Turncoat. And Ken never got his website up. We even know where he lives.
Truth is that from the moment the sheeple are born we feed them lies: maggot-ridden philosophies as damaging as a paedophile Father Christmas or Father Somebody. 'I worship my God. I serve My Queen. I salute my flag. I play with myself'.
事實是從那一刻羊牯出生我們便餵以謊言:蛆纏身的哲學損害有如一位戀童癖聖誕老人或某神父。 '我崇拜我的上帝,我為我的王后服務,我向自己的旗幟敬禮,我玩弄我自己'。
God created everything but He's always just a little short of cash. Ask Brian Houston, Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart. (By the way, Brian's dad liked little boys whereas Brian likes girls. As Petor used to joke, 'Suffer the little children, my word they do'.)
上帝創造一切但祂只是時常現金有點短缺,問吓布賴恩休斯頓,吉姆巴克或麥 Swaggart。 (順便說一句,布萊恩的爸爸喜歡小男孩,而布萊恩喜歡女孩。正如 Petor經常開玩笑說,'忍受得來小孩子,他們會照我的話做'。)
Still, Hillsong Church (above) sells condoms to their faithful and are spreading internationally - have a re-read of the Narsagonan material! There's not much need for secrecy any more.
不過,中字教會(上)出售避孕套給他們忠誠的人和作國際性蔓延 - 有一 Narsagonan材料的重讀!沒有什麼再需要保密了。

Every night the same tawdry televised crap so thick and quick it makes you sick. Are you well informed or is your News Limited? Baby doll, cock-breath reporters fashionably tease out the pre-paid tears and scripted recriminations. There's a street chase, an intellectual prostitute and the very best of Funniest Home Bloopers.
High-gloss, full-colour teen magazines with cuts so low you can almost see pin-feathers. Adult mags devoted to vomit sex, farmyard gagging, peep-hole toilet friends and the new necrophilic sub-cultures. Will you take the money, the box or your life?

So don't blame the Alpha Lodge and our affiliates, because it's what the sheeple want. We just throw false pearls before real swine. Debasement is our business whether in currency, morality, schooling, politics, media or souls. We and ours have prepared the way.
We are entering the Age of Satan, the Age of Fire and We look forward to His reign and the pleasures which are to come! Generations of us have come and gone with this aim and our plans are coming to fruition. Indeed, we can almost be as open as we like because there's no turning back and every day we grow stronger. The sheeple need shepherds and we'll keep providing them.
我們正在進入撒旦的時代 - 火災的時代,我們期待著他的統治和其中要來的樂趣!我們代代相來去以這為目標,和我們的計劃要來實現。事實上,我們幾乎是有多麼開放如我們所喜歡的,因為沒有得走回頭路,及每一天我們變得更強大。羊牯需要牧羊人,和我們會繼續提供給他們。

Lady Gaga 的“猶大“和荷魯斯的時代