Censored Gulf news: Dying without aid seen on TV. Ignored cries for help in America
September 24th, 2010 7:18 pm ET
Humanitarian aid delays for American victims of the US military Gulf oil and chemical dispersant attacks is a matter of life and death. WWL TV reports on one family of many submitting aid requests for Toxic Survival Kits, insurance and relocation assistance. Aid available is not meeting the needs but with more reports like WWL's, those suffering have a better chance of survival.
Without media exposure to Gulf truth, the nation's people of goodwill remain unaware of the crime against humanity being committed in the United States against innocent Americans. If every local station did what WWl TV has done in this report, people suffering would have better opportunities to survive this crime against humanity.
Bill Capo of WWL News based in Greater New Orleans reports on the tragic story of the Fabacher family, a story all too familiar to front-line workers at Ground Zero along the Gulf and now, increasingly to non-Gulf Coast state residents reporting widespread chemical poisoning symptoms. (See the Youtube video report below at the bottom of this page.)

"I'm fixing to lose my house, I'm fixing to lose my cars. I'm fixing to lose everything," said a tearful Kathleen Fabacher whose husband went blind seven years ago.

The Fabachers ran Lafourche Seafood in Galliano, Louisiana where the sign now "leans crookedly against a storage trailer, since the company shut down in May" and the owners helplessly watch their income disappear according to Capo.

A family reported last week that their friends from the north traveled down to New Orleans after learning that the entire family was ill:

"We had to move from Kenner, Louisiana because everyone in my family came down with headaches, nausea, and vomiting. But when two of us started having blood in our urine and feces, I did my research and this is case book symptoms of Corexit use," reported the mother in the home.

Her brother had blood in his urine and feces, then so did she, and began vomiting, had rashes. That is when her friend came and got the three of them and told them they had to leave according to Barefooot Doctors.

"My brother was in hospice and I knew I had to get him away. We left everything."

The family is now living in a travel trailer and broke.

Similar stories are floodining into Barefoot Doctors from Longbeach, Mississippi; Diamondhead, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama; Cantonment, Florida; Pensacola, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; Eustis, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; and of course coastal communities of Louisiana.

Most of those reporting to Barefoot Doctors have had no involvement with the oil "clean-up" (cover-up) activities. Justifiably concerning is that reports much further inland, in states as far north as Ohio have suddenly experienced illness with symptoms consistent with Gulf Coast reports.

"We're doing our best to get it across to people that just because they're not experiencing symptoms now does not mean that they will not later, and that it's very important that everyone begins a detox regimen and remain on it for months--indefinitely for those who are remaining in contaminated areas, which, due to the oil/Corexit rain, includes areas throughout the southeast and beyond," stated DeLabarre of Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors.

George McClure in Tennessee told the Examiner this week that many people in his community are suffering the same way.

"I am a resident of middle TN and I am suffering - and chronicalling - - toxic effects blown in from the BP Gulf event. At this moment I am coughing uncontrollably," he reported to the Examiner this week.

"The tree leaves have holes burned right through following rains, and so on. Our damage and symptoms mirror those reported in Memphis TN on tv and media. All symptoms match benzene and corexit poisoning that I researched online."

McClure's detailed documentation of the chemical effects can be viewed online at http://georgemcclure.net.

Susan Kindler reported from her Destin, Florida home one mile from the beach that her condition worsens each week. What started as burning throat and eyes progressed to body rashes and now Kindler reports internal bleeding - from her head.

She has no income, no family to help and no gas money to leave. She no longer has a computer so communications are limited. Many people contacting Barefoot Doctors for aid have no electricity in their homes. They could no longer afford it.

Kindler says that every day, she is extremely afraid because there is no relief and she does not know how long she will survive.

She told the Examiner, "I wake up with butterflies and I go to sleep with butterflies."

If you are a Gulf Coaster wanting to evacuate but need help, please ask! If you can assist a gulf coaster in evacuating, please advise! See --

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