The Ancients Pyramids of the Visoko Valley and the new underground Labirinth
The Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Dragon, The Pyramid of Love, the Pyramid of the Earth, a complex Labitinth of tunnels and galleries basements beyond to an enormous buried amount of Artefacts to their inside. Ancients Pyramids left behind by a forgotten Civilization and that the new discoveries and their confirmation could be the Greatest Archeological discovery ever… that will change the history of Mankind… Forever!







World-wide preview of the television cameras within the TUNNELS on “Mistero” a TV program of the italian television channel “Italia 1”

Mistero ∆ Piramidi in Bosnia ∆ nuovi scavi e tunnel∆ pt 1 di 2

Mistero ∆ Piramidi in Bosnia ∆ Tunnel della valle ∆ pt 2 di 2 edited by IronMande

Aerial view of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the largest pyramidal structure in the world. With it's height of 220 meters it is higher than Great Pyramid of Egypt (147 m).

Bosnian Pyramid


Written by Dr. sci. Sam Semir Osmanagich

Friday, 18 December 2009
Dr. sci. Sam Semir Osmanagich Founder of the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation,
Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
I've seen and investigated thousands of pyramids all over the world: from Peru and Bolivia, Guatemala and El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and Belize, Canary Islands and Mauritius, China and Egypt. Ancient people were aware of the concept of the pyramid construction everywhere. In most cases triangular pyramid faces match the cardinal points or summer solstice. In some cases inner passageways and chambers exist within these structures. Sometimes, sacral geometry and careful planning is obvious at the pyramid sites. Occasionally, underground tunnels connect the pyramids.
我見過和調查過數以千計世界各地的金字塔:從秘魯和玻利維亞,危地馬拉和薩爾瓦多,洪都拉斯,墨西哥和伯利茲,加那利群島和毛里求斯,中國和埃及,古代人都覺察到隨處可見的金字塔建築概念。在大多數情況下三角形金字塔的面匹配 (羅盤上的)方位基點或夏至,在一些情況下這些結構存在有內部通道和房間。有時,金字塔位置存有宗教典儀的幾何和審慎規劃是明顯不過的,間中金字塔由地下隧道連接。
All these elements are present in the case of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina. At the same time, this pyramidal complex in Bosnia is most mysterious and most exciting archaeological project in the world.
After I discovered the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon in spring of 2005, I visited, together with the local children, what they called a "Ravne cave", couple of km away. Narrow entrance was followed by hundred meters passageway which was only one meter high. When I saw regular semi-circled ceilings I knew that it wasn't of natural origin.
Soon after, in 2006 our teams started the cleaning process in the underground tunnels. Four archaeological seasons later (2006-2009) over 500 tons of the material (dirt, sand, pebbles, stones) is taken out from the underground tunnels. We still have a lot of questions, but some answers can be produced as well.
These are the facts so far:
•- Approximately 350 meters of existing underground tunnels have been cleared and secured by the wooden support;

•- Choice was made to follow the tunnel that lead in the direction of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (South East-North West direction);

•- Total of 53 side tunnels to the right and 45 side tunnels to the left are discovered in reference to the "main" tunnel; that's the reason why we call this underground complex a "labyrinth";

•- All side tunnels are sealed off with the fill in material and drywalls that are made from the rounded stones from the river beds;

•- Tunnel labyrinth was made in conglomerate; huge quantities of material (pebbles different granulation, sand) were taken out and most probably used to produce the concrete blocks needed to coat the sides of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun;

•- Number of sandstone blocks, different in size, have been discovered. Some of them have a peculiar shape and surface that looked shaped. They are all located on the top of clay and marl (natural floor) and all of them were covered by the conglomerate. Their weight is in the range from 1 - 8 tons. Conclusion: they were brought or made at this location before the conglomerate was formed.

•- According to the dowsers from several countries, sandstone megaliths are located over the underground water flows.

•- Some of the megaliths have the carved symbols on the surface.
•- Five radiocarbon dating have been performed in a period 2007-2009. (1) Piece of wood was discovered 50 cm deep in the conglomerate wall and 80 cm above the megalith. According to the Lab from the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany and Sylesian University of Technology from Gliwice, Poland the age of the organic material is over 32.000 years. (2) Stalagmite was formed between ceiling and one collapsed section in side tunnel. According to the Gliwice Lab age is 5.080 years. (3) Age for the stalactite, also found in one side tunnel, as per the same Lab, is 3.560 years. (4) One piece of burned organic material is 3.090 years old, according to the University of Upsala (Sweden). (5) Another piece of discovered burned organic material is 4.610 years old as per Gliwice Lab.
So far, the following possible conclusions could be drawn about the cultural layers:
1."Megalithic culture" - Multi-ton sandstone blocks were brought to the open area more than 32.000 years ago by some unknown megalithic culture. Purpose of the megaliths is unknown, but there is a possibility that they were located the underground water flows (potent energy spots). That could subscribe them a ceremonial properties.
2."Tunnel builders" are most probably pyramid builders as well. They extracted hundred of thousands of stone material in order to make a huge underground labyrinth. But, there was no waste. Material was used as a component for the concrete blocks (clay was used as a binding material). Age of the tunnel builders: more than 5.080 years - less than 32.000 years (actually, much less than 32.000 years, because time was needed for conglomerate to form from the floods and conglomerate sedimentation)
3."Secret holders" - culture who knew for the tunnels and pyramids and who wanted to hide them for some reason. They carefully cleaned the tunnels from the artifacts, tools, bones and sealed all of them off bringing enormous quantities of the fill in material from the rivers. Age: more than 3.090 years - much less than 32.000 years.
4."Innocent users" - human societies older than advanced cultures that we know (Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman) but less than the pyramid builders. They were using some sections of the tunnel close to the entrance. Age: 3.090 years - 4.610 years.
Main questions still remain open:

• Who built the most-extensive underground tunnel network in pre-historical times?

• What was the purpose of the labyrinth?

• Why was the labyrinth sealed off?

• Who and why brought the megaliths in the area?

• When the symbols were carved on the megaliths?

The beauty of the new discoveries and magic of the archaeology is what we have in Bosnia. For the decades to come.