The Great Seal of the United States is Deciphered: 1776, 2012, and 2033 Related to Mayan Calendar an

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In "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall, he outlines "the cryptogram as a factor in symbolic philosophy." In this book he shows the major importance of cryptic ciphers that were used by the ancients and the keepers of mystery knowledge. Hall was viewed by many freemasons as their greatest philosopher.
“No treatise which deals with symbolism would be complete without a section
devoted to the consideration of cryptograms. The use of ciphers has long been
recognized as indispensable in military and diplomatic circles, but the modern
world has overlooked the important role played by cryptography in literature and
-Manly P. Hall- The Secret Teachings of All Ages
- “所有時代的秘密教誨”

The rosicrucians and the freemasons were particularly adept at the use of coded ciphers in their literature, philosophy and artistry in order to hide secrets passed down through the ancient mystery schools. Decoding these ciphers is the very key to their secret knowledge.

Most Rosicrucian and Masonic symbolic ciphers have more than one meaning… One meaning for the laity and another for the adept that understands the symbolism and can decode the secrets of the cipher, thus the symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States can be viewed in multiple ways.
大多數玫瑰十字會會員和共濟會的符號密碼有多過一個意思 ...一個意思給俗人和另一個給熟練能夠理解象徵意義,和能夠將密碼的秘密解碼的人,因此美國大印章的象徵意義可以用多種方式觀看。
Manly P. Hall referred to the Great Seal of the United States (placed on the dollar bill in 1933 by 32nd degree freemasons FDR and Henry Wallace)

“Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols, chief among them the so-called American eagle- a bird which Benjamin Franklin declared unworthy to be chosen as the emblem of a great, powerful, and progressive people. Here again only the student of symbolism can see through the subterfuge and realize that the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix, a fact plainly discernible from an examination of the original seal.” Manly P. Hall- The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Note that the phoenix is related to the Egyptian god Osiris, for his body was carried to Byblos (Phoenicia) where it stayed inside of a tree until it was later revived, for a time, through magic by his beloved wife Isis, until it was later stolen and dismembered by his evil brother Set, thus the phoenix is a symbol of the death and rebirth of Osiris.
The Obverse and Reverse of The Great Seal of the United States of America
“The significance of the Mystical number 13, which frequently appears upon the Great Seal of the United States, is not limited to the number of the original colonies. The sacred emblem of the ancient initiates, here composed of 13 stars, also appears above the head of the “eagle.” The motto, E Pluribus Unum, contains 13 letters, as does the inscription, Annuit Coeptis. The “eagle” clutches in its right talon a branch bearing 13 leaves and 13 berries and in its left a sheaf of 13 arrows. The face of the pyramid, exclusive of the panel containing the date, consists of 72 stones arranged in 13 rows.”
“神秘號碼13的意義,它經常會出現在美國大印章上,不是僅限於原來殖民地的數目。古代有識之仕的神聖國徽,這裡包含有13顆星,亦出現在“鷹”的頭部上方。那座右銘E Pluribus Unum包括13個字母,正如題詞Annuit Coeptis一樣。 “雄鷹”在它的右邊有樹枝帶有13片樹葉和漿果,和在它的左邊有一捆13枝箭。金字塔的表面,獨家小組包含了日期,包括72塊石頭排列成13行。“
The number 72 has special significance as relates to the story of Osiris, who was bound by 72 accomplices of Set into a magic box, where he was then thrown into the Nile. There are also 72 pentagrams binding the 72 angels/demons in the mural painted within the Capitol Dome, called the “Apotheosis of Washington”. Barrack Obama also made this cryptic comment to those that are in the know:
72這個數字具有特殊意義,因為涉及到奧西里斯的故事,他是被石的72同謀綁入一魔術盒,隨後他扔進尼羅河。在國會大廈內的圓頂彩繪壁畫,亦有 72顆五角星約束72天使/惡魔,被稱為“華盛頓的尊奉為神”。奧巴馬亦作出這神秘的評論對那些知道的:
“We will even point out how Obama, like George Bush before him, sent the appropriate signal to those who were meant to understand it, when he acknowledged this mystical value ‘72,’ saying he would complete his first 100 days ‘…in 72 days. And on the 73rd day, I will rest.’" source
我們甚至指出奧巴馬如何,像他之前的布殊, 發出適當的訊號給那些為了理解它的人,當他承認這神秘值'72,'說他將完成他的第一個 100天 '... 在72天,和在第73天,我會休息。"
72 stones in 13 columns to the pyramid on the Great Seal! This will become very important later.
72塊石頭在 13列對住大印章上的金字塔!之後這將成為非常重要的。
Now the key to the cipher (the reverse of the Seal) is the Mayan calendar, which is clearly encoded within the reverse seal.
Below the pyramid, depicting 72 stones in 13 rows, is the date of 1776 in Roman numerals at the base of the pyramid. This date just so happens to have great significance in the Mayan calendar, along with the year 2012, as 1776 is the start date of the final cycle of 13 Katun, leading to the final Katun 2012, hence the importance of the number 13, which had special significance, not only to the founders, but also to the Maya. Clearly, the numbers and dates for the founding of the “New Atlantis” were chosen carefully, and not by accident.
金字塔的下面,描繪了72塊石頭在 13行,日期是羅馬數字1776年在金字塔的底部。這個日期恰好在瑪雅日曆有很大的意義隨著 2012年,因為 1776年是13卡吞的最後週期的開始日期 ,引領至 最後的卡吞2012年,因此數字的重要性是13,它有特殊意義,不僅是對創始人,而且亦對瑪雅。清楚地,數字和日期對建立“新亞特蘭蒂斯”被仔細選擇,而不是偶然的。
But something else that I found ciphered within the reverse of the Great Seal is the year 2033, which was mentioned by Protoplasmic Traveler in one of his excellent threads on All Roads Lead to Rome. He found this picture (not sure where he got it, but it looks like Masonic literature of some kind) and confirmed the information and date with other insider sources that he has.
但還有一些東西,我發現在大印章背面的加密是2033年,它被Protoplasmic Traveler 提及在他其中一條出色的線程在條條大路通羅馬上。他發現這圖片(不知道他在那裡得到它,但它看起來像某種共濟會文學),並以他有的內幕消息來源確認那信息和日期。
Where’s the connection to 2033? Well, the 13 steps of the pyramid represent 13 ages or cycles that must be completed before the final cycle, or the great architect appears to complete the “great work,” represented by the eye of Horus that sits as the capstone (apex stone) of the pyramid. These ages or cycles were prophesied by the Maya as 13 final Katuns, starting with Katun 1776 and ending with Katun 2012, however, a Katun is approximately 19.7 years, so the final Katun 2012, is cut off and not completed. If you take 12 Katuns times the 19.7, and then add that to the year 1776, you get 2012! If you take 13 Katuns times 19.7 years, and then add that to 1776, you get 2032.1.… So very close to 2033! Most of the scholars that worked on this ended the cycle with 2012 because it was the end of the Mayan Long Count, and thus seen as the end of the calendar, but if you take the math all of the way through and count all of the 19.7 years of all 13 Katuns, you will get so very close to 2033, the date that Proto has found to be very important to the powers that be. And all of this was verified years ago by scholars that happened upon it purely by accident.
2033年的連繫在哪裡?好的,金字塔的13級代表13代或週期,在最後的週期之前必須完成,或偉大建築師出現去完成那“偉大工程,”由荷魯斯的眼代表,它處於金字塔的頂點(頂點石)。這些代或週期被瑪雅預言為最後 的13卡吞,由 1776年卡吞開始及結束以2012年卡吞,但是一卡吞大約是19.7年,因此最終的卡吞2012年是被切斷和尚未完成。如果你將12 卡吞乘以 19.7,然後加它在1776年之上,你得到2012年!如果你將13 卡吞乘以 19.7,然後加它在1776年之上,你得到2032.1...所以非常接近2033年!大多數研究這的學者用2012年結束週期,因為它是瑪雅長數的完結,從而被視為日曆的完結。但如果你全程計一下數和數算所有13個卡吞的所有19.7年 ,你會非常接近2033年,那日期布圖發現對掌權的人是非常重要的。而這一切多年前已被學者驗證,發生在它之上純屬偶然。
One of these was Dr. Luxton:
The most remarkable connection between these dates is that the Maya themselves recognized a direct link between the number thirteen and the years 1776 and 2012 in cycles and illustrations in a way that academic Richard N. Luxton found to be similar to prophecies of the "Christian Last Judgment." He translated and annotated The Book of Chumayel: The Counsel Book of the Yucatec Maya 1539–1638, and noted on katun 13 Ahau:

The dates that accompany the illustrations approximate real counts. Katun 13 Ahau ended in 1539 and began in the Colonial Count in 1776.… The traditional theme of agreement as the end of the eastern katun cycle in 13 Ahau is intermingled here with elements of the Christian Last Judgment. Whether this paradigm was also intended for the end of the Long Count in 2012 is open to question.[4]

Religious ceremonies and prophecies accompanied Mayan katuns, and Luxton’s connection to the "Christian Last Judgment" and the thirteen katuns (a katun is approximately 19.7 years) between 1776 and 2012 is drawn from the prophecies of the Mayan prophet Chilam Balam. Written down in about the year 1595, the oracular Chilam Balam, or "jaguar" shaman, said the end of this period would witness the judgment of God in the form of social collapse, epidemics, plagues, and famine. The same period would see the coming of two great prophets, one after the other, according to the Mayan prophecy. Is this the False Prophet paving the way for the Antichrist?
宗教儀式和預言陪同著瑪雅卡吞,和拉克斯頓的聯繫由“基督徒的最後審判”至13卡吞(一卡吞約 19.7年)從1776年至2012年之間,是來自瑪雅先知Chilam巴拉姆的預言。寫在1595年左右,玄妙的Chilam巴拉姆,或“美洲虎”巫師,說這時期的結束將見證上帝的審判,在社會崩潰、流行病、瘟疫和飢荒的形式中。同期將看到兩位大先知的來臨 ,一個接一個,根據瑪雅預言。這是否那假先知為敵基督鋪路?
It is no coincidence that the start and ending dates of the final thirteen katuns of the Mesoamerican Mayan Long Count calendar are reflected in the thirteen steps of the pyramid on the United States’ Great Seal. That the steps of the pyramid were intended to convey units of time has been an open secret for many years. Though he was not sure what to make of it himself, Paul Foster Case wrote many years ago that:
它不是偶然的,中美洲瑪雅長數日曆的最後的 13卡吞的 開始和結束日期,被反映在美國大印章的金字塔的13級。金字塔的梯級是為了傳達時間單位,已經是公開的秘密多年了。雖然他不肯定他自己該怎麼做出它,保羅福斯特案例許多年前寫:
Since the date, 1776, is placed on the bottom course of the pyramid, and since the number thirteen has been so important in the symbolism of the seal, it is not unreasonable to suppose that the thirteen courses of the pyramid may represent thirteen time periods. [5]
自那日期1776年被放置在金字塔的底部路線,及由於數字 13對印章的象徵意義是如此重要的,它不是不合理去假設,在金字塔的13條跑道可能是代表13個時間段。 [5]
John Kehne made an even more intriguing observation, directly coupling the Great Seal’s trestleboard date, 1776, and the Mayan ending date 2012:

This Seal shows a thirteen-step pyramid with 1776 in Roman numerals.… [The year] 1776 was not only the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed, but was also a special year in the Mayan calendar. Just as the last katun in the Great Cycle is "katun 2012," the first katun in the cycle of thirteen was "katun 1776." In fact, the katun ended thirty-three days before the signing. So 1776 is the bottom level of the pyramid, where the date is actually inscribed—the top of the pyramid is therefore 2012. source[6]

As readers of my upcoming book will discover, early Freemasons and America’s founding fathers were very much aware of the significance of these dates—1776, 2012, and 2016 respectively—and while the thirteen steps of the unfinished pyramid on the Great Seal account for the timeframe 1776–2012 using the slightly less than twenty-year periods (19.7) of the katun, the Gregorian twenty-year cycle produces 1776–2016, both of which fit perfectly within the trestleboard dating on the U.S. Great Seal cipher and the first Masonic tracing board, as we will reveal.”

Another apparent correlation can be found, again, at the Capitol Building, where a series of murals were commissioned starting in 1817 by Constantino Brumidi, who also worked at the Vatican. Brumidi was commissioned in 1854 to go to Mexico and make a detailed sketch of the Aztec Sun Stone (Aztec Calendar stone), which is probably based on and very similar to the Mayan calendar, for its peculiar inclusion within this mural scene of Cortez and the Aztec Temple. It is interesting that they went to all of that trouble for an artifact that should have had very little to do with the Capitol of the United States. But as we have seen, it is more to do with the founding of this country than some yet realize.

So in summation, we have the very important American dates of 1776 and the number 13, which also have special importance to the Mayan and their calendar, encoded within the cipher of the Masonic Great Seal of the United States of America. This date and number relate to the final 13 Katuns in the Mayan calendar, which begins with Katun 1776 and ends with Katun 2012, but if we add all of the last Katun in the 13 Katun cycle, we get the approximate year of 2033, which relates to the picture that Proto found above. Could some major world event in 2012 bring about the prophesied end of the “great work” in 2032/33?
因此在總結中,我們有非常重要的美國日期1776年和數字 13,也具有特別重要性對瑪雅人和他們的日曆,編碼在阿美利堅合眾國的共濟會大印章的密碼內。這日期和數字關係到瑪雅日曆內最後 的13 卡吞,它開始於1776年卡吞和完結以2012年卡吞,但如果我們加起13卡吞週期的所有最後卡吞,我們得到約莫的年汾2033,它涉及到布圖上面發現的圖片。一些在2012年的重大世界大事可否帶往“偉大工程”預言的 終結在2032/2033年?
What should be clear is that The Powers That Be have been trying to bring some great event about for hundreds of years, and apparently planned the construction of the New World to culminate in the independence of 13 colonies to become the prophesied New Atlantis of Francis Bacon. For what purpose? Well, it appears that they are preparing for the return of their prophesied God Osiris/Horus/Apollo or what is referred to in the Bible as the anti-Christ. Whatever they are preparing for, it is reflected in Egyptian ceremonies and Roman/Greco/Egyptian temples, the Syblline prophecy “Novus Ordo Seclorem, and monuments, which I discuss extensively here.
應該清楚的是,掌權者已數百年一直試圖把一些大事件帶出,和顯然地計劃新世界的建造,去結束13個殖民地的獨立變成弗朗西斯培根預言的新亞特蘭蒂斯。為什麼目的?哦,它看來是他們正準備預言的神奧西里斯 /荷魯斯 /阿波羅或在聖經中提到的敵基督的返回。無論他們正在準備什麽,它在埃及的儀式和羅馬 /希臘 /埃及廟宇中反映,那Syblline預言“Novus Ordo Seclorem和古蹟,我在這裡作廣泛討論(click上面here)。


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