Private Corporation Building Detention Camps Across America

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, May 27, 2010

The shadowy design firm that was behind the infamous Hardin Montana jail is pushing to build detention camps across America, with the latest proposal centering around a fifty acre, five hundred bed facility in Italy, Texas, part of a program that many Americans fear is based around a plan to intern political dissidents in the event of a national emergency.
在臭名昭著的哈丁蒙大拿州監獄背後的影子設計公司,在推動建立全美國的拘留營,以最新的建議圍繞一個 50畝、500床位的設施在得克薩斯州的意大利,許多美國人擔心的一個項目的一部分,建基於一項計劃圍繞去拘留持不同政見者,在國家緊急情況的事件時。
Private prison development firm Corplan Corrections, headed up by an individual called James Parkey, is working with underwriter Municipal Capitol Markets Group, along with prison “consultant” Richard Reyes from Innovative Government Strategies, an outfit that works with state and local government, to oversee multiple projects concentrated in different states including Arizona and Texas.
私營監獄開發公司Corplan Corrections,由叫詹姆斯帕基作個人領導,正與承銷商市國會大廈市場集團工作,以及來自政府創新策略的監獄“顧問”理查德雷耶斯,一個團體與國家和本地政府工作,去監督多個在不同州全力以赴的項目,包括亞利桑那州和得克薩斯州。
Their latest project is focused around constructing a “detention center for illegal immigrants” based in Italy, Texas. The Italy City Council heard Parkey’s proposals last week to build a “gorilla proof facility with a fence,” that would be used as a “processing center”.
The company was also behind the infamous internment facility in Hardin Montana, which attracted national media attention when responsibility for its security was handed to a mysterious paramilitary organization called American Police Force, which was fronted by career criminal and a convicted fraudster Michael Hilton, who operated under no less than 17 different aliases.
公司亦在臭名昭著的拘留設施哈丁蒙大拿州的背後,它吸引全國媒體的關注,當它的安全責任被交給一個神秘的準軍事組織稱為美國警察部隊,它是由職業罪犯和被判有罪的騙子邁克爾希爾頓作門面,邁克爾曾在不低於 17個不同的別名下行動。
The group was also behind controversial plans to build a detention facility on Tohono O’odham Nation land near Sahuarita, Arizona.
集團亦在有爭議性的計劃背後,在亞利桑那州薩瓦里塔附近的托霍諾 O'odham國家土地上興建一所拘留設施。
Parkey also attempted to convince the Benson City Council to build a detention camp in that part of Arizona earlier this month.
Parkey’s efforts to oversee three separate jail deals with Texas counties failed following insufficient funds being made available to run the facilities, and in 2005, “Three Texas county commissioners were convicted on bribery charges in connection to one of those Parkey-led projects,” reports TPM.

The only stumbling block that Parkey has repeatedly run into when trying to convince local authorities to accept his proposals to build the camps is the lack of prisoners to fill them . Indeed, critics have accused him of fleecing desperate small communities with promises of jobs and economic development that never come to fruition, leaving empty jails and financial black holes.

But should the federal government and Homeland Security activate its “ENDGAME” scenario in response to a declared national emergency, illegal aliens, as well as “potential terrorists” will be rounded up and imprisoned in detention camps that the Feds themselves, not just private companies, have been building over the course of the last decade.

Back in January 2006, we reported on how Homeland Security had awarded Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root a $385 million dollar contract to construct detention and processing facilities in the event of a national emergency.

The language of the preamble to the agreement veils the program with talk of temporary migrant holding centers, as is the case with the Corplan proposals, but it is made clear that the camps will also be used “as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency.”

The stated purpose of the detention camps, to hold illegal aliens, is routinely cited, yet continuity of government plans clearly indicate that the facilities will have a dual purpose – to hold political dissidents and American citizens in the event of a declaration of martial law.

Veteran author Peter Dale Scott characterized the Halliburton contract as another step towards martial law. As Scott points out, the camps will also be used to “support the rapid development of new programs,” which more specifically relates to a longer term Homeland Security operation entitled ENDGAME, which sets its goal as the removal of not only illegal aliens but also “potential terrorists”.

As we have illustrated, in documents like the MIAC report and a plethora of others, federal authorities define American citizens who are even mildly political, own guns, or support third party candidates as potential terrorists.

“The contract calls for a response to “an emergency influx of immigrants, or to support the rapid development of new programs” in the event of other emergencies, such as “a natural disaster.” “New programs” is of course a term with no precise limitation. So, in the current administration, is ENDGAME’s goal of removing “potential terrorists,” writes Scott, adding that former Attorney General John Ashcroft called for the construction of internment camps for American citizens deemed to be “enemy combatants”.

Other agencies of the federal government have also been busy trying to build detention camps over the course of the last decade. In 2002, FEMA sought bids from major real estate and engineering firms to construct giant internment facilities in the case of a chemical, biological or nuclear attack or a natural disaster.

In February 2003, Okanogan County Commissioner Dave Schulz went public with his contention that his county was set to be a location for one of the camps.

Alex Jones has attended numerous military urban warfare training drills across the US where role players were used to simulate arresting American citizens and taking them to internment camps.

Whether these detention camps will be bossed by private paramilitary security forces, agents of the federal government, or a combination of the two is largely immaterial. What should concern all Americans is the fact that the camps are being constructed at all and that under new legal arguments being re-applied by President Obama, Americans can be abducted and held without trial in such facilities under the enemy combatant designation.


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